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Datasheets starting 2SK-1 in part number
2SK1934 datasheet
2SK1936-01 datasheet
2SK1937-01 datasheet
2SK1938-01R datasheet
2SK1939-01 datasheet
2SK1940-01 datasheet
2SK1941-01R datasheet
2SK1942-01 datasheet
2SK1943-01 datasheet
2SK1944-01 datasheet
2SK1945-01L datasheet
2SK1945-01S datasheet
2SK1946-01MR datasheet
2SK1947 datasheet
2SK1948 datasheet
2SK1954 datasheet
2SK1954-Z datasheet
2SK1958-T1 datasheet
2SK1958-T2 datasheet
2SK1959 datasheet
2SK1959-T1 datasheet
2SK1959-T2 datasheet
2SK1960 datasheet
2SK1960-T1 datasheet
2SK1960-T2 datasheet
2SK1961 datasheet
2SK1968 datasheet
2SK1969-01 datasheet
2SK1971 datasheet
2SK1981-01 datasheet
2SK1982-01MR datasheet
2SK1983-01 datasheet
2SK1984-01MR datasheet
2SK1985-01MR datasheet
2SK1986-01 datasheet
2SK2000-R datasheet
2SK2002-01MR datasheet
2SK2003-01MR datasheet
2SK2004-01L datasheet
2SK2004-01S datasheet
2SK2007 datasheet
2SK2008 datasheet
2SK2010 datasheet
2SK2011 datasheet
2SK2012 datasheet
2SK2018-01L datasheet
2SK2018-01S datasheet
2SK2019-01 datasheet
2SK2020-01MR datasheet
2SK2021-01 datasheet
2SK2022-01M datasheet
2SK2023-01 datasheet
2SK2024-01 datasheet
2SK2025-01 datasheet
2SK2027-01 datasheet
2SK2028-01MR datasheet
2SK2028-01S datasheet
2SK2029-01L datasheet
2SK2029-01S datasheet
2SK2034 datasheet
2SK2035 datasheet
2SK2036 datasheet
2SK2040 datasheet
2SK2040(JM) datasheet
2SK2040-Z datasheet
2SK2040-Z-E1 datasheet
2SK2040-Z-E1(JM) datasheet
2SK2040-Z-E2 datasheet
2SK2040-Z-E2(JM) datasheet
2SK2043 datasheet
2SK2044 datasheet
2SK2045 datasheet
2SK2046 datasheet
2SK2048-L datasheet
2SK2048-S datasheet
2SK2049 datasheet
2SK2050 datasheet
2SK2051-L datasheet
2SK2051-S datasheet
2SK2052-R datasheet
2SK2053 datasheet
2SK2054 datasheet
2SK2055 datasheet
2SK2058 datasheet
2SK2059(L) datasheet
2SK2059(S) datasheet
2SK2070 datasheet
2SK2071-01L datasheet
2SK2071-01S datasheet
2SK2072-01L datasheet
2SK2072-01S datasheet
2SK2074 datasheet
2SK2075 datasheet
2SK2076 datasheet
2SK2081-01 datasheet
2SK2082-01 datasheet
2SK2083 datasheet
2SK2084(L) datasheet
2SK2084(S) datasheet
2SK2085 datasheet
2SK2090-T2 datasheet
2SK2091 datasheet
2SK2094 datasheet
2SK2096 datasheet
2SK2097 datasheet
2SK2098-01MR datasheet
2SK2099-01L datasheet
2SK2099-01S datasheet
2SK2100-01MR datasheet
2SK2101-01MR datasheet
2SK2103 datasheet
2SK2108 datasheet
2SK2109 datasheet
2SK2110 datasheet
2SK2111 datasheet
2SK2114 datasheet
2SK2115 datasheet
2SK2116 datasheet
2SK2117 datasheet
2SK2118 datasheet
2SK212 datasheet
2SK2123 datasheet
2SK2124 datasheet
2SK2125 datasheet
2SK2126 datasheet
2SK2128 datasheet
2SK2129 datasheet
2SK213 datasheet
2SK2130 datasheet
2SK2131 datasheet
2SK2132-T datasheet
2SK2134 datasheet
2SK2134-Z datasheet
2SK2135 datasheet
2SK2135(JM) datasheet
2SK214 datasheet
2SK2141 datasheet
2SK2141(JM) datasheet
2SK2144 datasheet
2SK2148-01 datasheet
2SK2148-01R datasheet
2SK215 datasheet
2SK2151 datasheet
2SK2152 datasheet
2SK2154 datasheet
2SK2157 datasheet
2SK2157-T1 datasheet
2SK2157-T2 datasheet
2SK2158 datasheet
2SK2158(M) datasheet
2SK2159 datasheet
2SK216 datasheet
2SK2160 datasheet
2SK2161 datasheet
2SK2165-01 datasheet
2SK2166-01R datasheet
2SK2168 datasheet
2SK2169 datasheet
2SK217 datasheet
2SK2170 datasheet
2SK2171 datasheet
2SK2177 datasheet
2SK2178 datasheet
2SK2179 datasheet
2SK2180 datasheet
2SK2181 datasheet
2SK2182 datasheet
2SK2183 datasheet
2SK2184 datasheet
2SK2185 datasheet
2SK2186 datasheet
2SK2187 datasheet
2SK2188 datasheet
2SK2189 datasheet
2SK2190 datasheet
2SK2191 datasheet
2SK2192 datasheet
2SK2193 datasheet
2SK2194 datasheet
2SK2195 datasheet
2SK2196 datasheet
2SK2197 datasheet
2SK2198 datasheet
2SK2199 datasheet
2SK2202 datasheet
2SK2207 datasheet
2SK2208 datasheet
2SK2209-01R datasheet
2SK2211 datasheet
2SK2212 datasheet
2SK2213-01L datasheet
2SK2213-01S datasheet
2SK2215-01L datasheet
2SK2215-01S datasheet
2SK2218 datasheet
2SK2219 datasheet
2SK222 datasheet
2SK2220 datasheet
2SK2221 datasheet
2SK2223-01R datasheet
2SK2224-01R datasheet
2SK2225 datasheet
2SK2226-01L datasheet
2SK2226-01S datasheet
2SK223 datasheet
2SK2248-01L datasheet
2SK2248-01S datasheet
2SK2249-01L datasheet
2SK2249-01S datasheet
2SK2250-01L datasheet
2SK2250-01S datasheet
2SK2251-01 datasheet
2SK2252-01L datasheet
2SK2252-01S datasheet
2SK2253-01M datasheet
2SK2253-01MR datasheet
2SK2254-01L datasheet
2SK2254-01S datasheet
2SK2255-01MR datasheet
2SK2256-01 datasheet
2SK2257-01 datasheet
2SK2258-01 datasheet
2SK2259-01MR datasheet
2SK2260 datasheet
2SK2272-01R datasheet
2SK2273 datasheet
2SK2292-01L datasheet
2SK2292-01S datasheet
2SK2312 datasheet
2SK2313 datasheet
2SK2314 datasheet
2SK2315 datasheet
2SK2316 datasheet
2SK2317 datasheet
2SK2318 datasheet
2SK2328 datasheet
2SK2329(L) datasheet
2SK2329(S) datasheet
2SK2333 datasheet
2SK2339 datasheet
2SK2340 datasheet
2SK2341 datasheet
2SK2347 datasheet
2SK2348 datasheet
2SK2349 datasheet
2SK2353 datasheet
2SK2354 datasheet
2SK2355 datasheet
2SK2355-Z datasheet
2SK2356 datasheet
2SK2356-Z datasheet
2SK2356-Z-E1 datasheet
2SK2357 datasheet
2SK2358 datasheet
2SK2359 datasheet
2SK2359-Z datasheet
2SK2360 datasheet
2SK2360-Z datasheet
2SK2361 datasheet
2SK2362 datasheet
2SK2364 datasheet
2SK2365 datasheet
2SK2365-S datasheet
2SK2366 datasheet
2SK2366-Z datasheet
2SK2367 datasheet
2SK2368 datasheet
2SK2369 datasheet
2SK2370 datasheet
2SK2371 datasheet
2SK2372 datasheet
2SK2373 datasheet
2SK2374 datasheet
2SK2375 datasheet
2SK2379 datasheet
2SK2380 datasheet
2SK2383 datasheet
2SK2393 datasheet
2SK2394 datasheet
2SK2395 datasheet
2SK2397-01MR datasheet
2SK2406 datasheet
2SK2408 datasheet
2SK2409 datasheet
2SK2410 datasheet
2SK2412 datasheet
2SK2413 datasheet
2SK2414 datasheet
2SK2414(JM) datasheet
2SK2414-Z datasheet
2SK2414-Z-E1 datasheet
2SK2414-Z-E1(JM) datasheet
2SK2414-Z-E2 datasheet
2SK2414-Z-E2(JM) datasheet
2SK2414-Z-T1 datasheet
2SK2414-Z-T2 datasheet
2SK2415 datasheet
2SK2415(JM) datasheet
2SK2415-Z datasheet
2SK2415-Z-E1 datasheet
2SK2415-Z-E2(JM) datasheet
2SK2415-Z-T1 datasheet
2SK2415-Z-T2 datasheet
2SK2419 datasheet
2SK242 datasheet
2SK2420 datasheet
2SK2421 datasheet
2SK2422 datasheet
2SK2423 datasheet
2SK2425 datasheet
2SK2426 datasheet
2SK2431 datasheet
2SK2440 datasheet
2SK2441 datasheet
2SK2446-L datasheet
2SK2446-S datasheet
2SK2462 datasheet
2SK2463 datasheet
2SK2464 datasheet
2SK2469_01MR datasheet
2SK2470-01MR datasheet
2SK2473-01 datasheet
2SK2475 datasheet
2SK2476 datasheet
2SK2477 datasheet
2SK2478 datasheet
2SK2479 datasheet
2SK2480 datasheet
2SK2481 datasheet
2SK2482 datasheet
2SK2483 datasheet
2SK2485 datasheet
2SK2486 datasheet
2SK2487 datasheet
2SK2488 datasheet
2SK2489 datasheet
2SK2490 datasheet
2SK2491 datasheet
2SK2492 datasheet
2SK2493 datasheet
2SK2494-01 datasheet
2SK2496 datasheet
2SK2497 datasheet
2SK2498 datasheet
2SK2503 datasheet
2SK2504 datasheet
2SK2510 datasheet
2SK2511 datasheet
2SK2512 datasheet
2SK2514 datasheet
2SK2516-01L datasheet
2SK2516-01S datasheet
2SK2517-01L datasheet
2SK2517-01S datasheet
2SK2518-01MR datasheet
2SK2519-01 datasheet
2SK2520-01MR datasheet
2SK2521-01 datasheet
2SK2522-01MR datasheet
2SK2523-01 datasheet
2SK2524-01MR datasheet
2SK2525-01 datasheet
2SK2526-01 datasheet
2SK2527-01MR datasheet
2SK2528-01 datasheet
2SK2529 datasheet
2SK2530 datasheet
2SK2538 datasheet
2SK2539 datasheet
2SK2541 datasheet
2SK2541(M) datasheet
2SK2541(M)-T datasheet
2SK2541-T/JM datasheet
2SK2541/JM datasheet
2SK2553(L) datasheet
2SK2553(S) datasheet
2SK2554 datasheet
2SK2559 datasheet
2SK2560 datasheet
2SK2561-01R datasheet
2SK2562-01R datasheet
2SK2563 datasheet
2SK2564 datasheet
2SK2568 datasheet
2SK2569 datasheet
2SK2570 datasheet
2SK2571 datasheet
2SK2573 datasheet
2SK2586 datasheet
2SK2590 datasheet
2SK2593 datasheet
2SK2597 datasheet
2SK2616 datasheet
2SK2623 datasheet
2SK2624LS datasheet
2SK2625LS datasheet
2SK2627 datasheet
2SK2631 datasheet
2SK2632LS datasheet
2SK2638-01MR datasheet
2SK2639-01 datasheet
2SK2640-01MR datasheet
2SK2641-01 datasheet
2SK2643-01 datasheet
2SK2645-01MR datasheet
2SK2646-01 datasheet
2SK2647-01MR datasheet
2SK2648-01 datasheet
2SK2649-01R datasheet
2SK2651-01MR datasheet
2SK2652-01 datasheet
2SK2653-01R datasheet
2SK2654-01 datasheet
2SK2655-01R datasheet
2SK2662 datasheet
2SK2663 datasheet
2SK2664 datasheet
2SK2665 datasheet
2SK2666 datasheet
2SK2667 datasheet
2SK2668 datasheet
2SK2669 datasheet
2SK2670 datasheet
2SK2671 datasheet
2SK2672 datasheet
2SK2673 datasheet
2SK2674 datasheet
2SK2675 datasheet
2SK2676 datasheet
2SK2677 datasheet
2SK2679 datasheet
2SK2684(L) datasheet
2SK2685 datasheet
2SK2687-01 datasheet
2SK2688-01 datasheet
2SK2688-01 datasheet
2SK2689-01MR datasheet
2SK2690-01 datasheet
2SK2691-01R datasheet
2SK2695-01 datasheet
2SK2698 datasheet
2SK2701 datasheet
2SK2702 datasheet
2SK2703 datasheet
2SK2704 datasheet
2SK2705 datasheet
2SK2706 datasheet
2SK2707 datasheet
2SK2708 datasheet
2SK2709 datasheet
2SK2710 datasheet
2SK2715 datasheet
2SK2723 datasheet
2SK2723(JM) datasheet
2SK2724 datasheet
2SK2725 datasheet
2SK2726 datasheet

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