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Electronic component:Description:Manuf.PackagePinsT°minT°maxDatasheet
100341DC Low Power 8-Bit Shift RegisterFairchild-SemiconductorCerdip24--94 K
100341MD8Low Power 8-Bit Shift Registerdistributor----150 K
100341MW8Low Power 8-Bit Shift Registerdistributor----150 K
100341PC Low Power 8-Bit Shift RegisterFairchild-SemiconductorMDIP24--94 K
100341SCX Low Power 8-Bit Shift RegisterFairchild-SemiconductorSOIC24--94 K
100343DMQBLow Power 8-Bit LatchdistributorCerdip24--155 K
100343FMQBLow Power 8-Bit LatchdistributorCerquad24--155 K
100344DMQBLow Power 8-Bit Latch with Cut-Off DriversdistributorCerdip24--170 K
100344FMQBLow Power 8-Bit Latch with Cut-Off DriversdistributorCerquad24--170 K
CX20034REC/PB AmplifierSony-Semiconductor----495 K
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