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Electronic component:Description:Manuf.PackagePinsT°minT°maxDatasheet
2SA1203Silicon PNP transistor for audio frequency amplifier applicationsToshiba-3-55°C150°C156 K
2SA1204Silicon PNP transistor for audio frequency amplifier applicationsToshiba-3-55°C150°C153 K
2SA1213Silicon PNP transistor for power switching and power amplifier applicationsToshiba-3-55°C150°C203 K
2SA1356Silicon PNP transistor for audio power amplifier applicationsToshiba-3-55°C150°C154 K
2SA1357Silicon PNP transistor for strobe flash applications and audio power amplifier applicationsToshiba-3-55°C150°C151 K
2SA1358Silicon PNP transistor for audio frequency power amplifier applicationsToshiba-3-55°C150°C155 K
2SA1620Silicon PNP transistor for audio frequency amplifier applicationsToshiba-3-55°C150°C136 K
2SA1621Silicon PNP transistor for audio frequency amplifier applicationsToshiba-3-55°C150°C140 K
2SA1680Silicon PNP transistor for power amplifier and power switching applicationsToshiba-3-55°C150°C165 K
2SA1887Silicon PNP transistor for high current switching applicationsToshiba-3-55°C150°C82 K
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