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Electronic component:Description:Manuf.PackagePinsT°minT°maxDatasheet
2SK1298Power switching MOSFETdistributor----48 K
IDT61298SA12YCMOS static RAM 256K (64K x 4-bit)Integrated-Device-Technology-Inc-SOJ280°C70°C67 K
IDT61298SA15YCMOS static RAM 256K (64K x 4-bit)Integrated-Device-Technology-Inc-SOJ280°C70°C67 K
KTA1298PNP transistor for low frequency power amplifier and power switching applicationsKorea-Electronics-Co--Ltd--3-55°C150°C248 K
LG1600FXH1298Clock and data regeneratordistributor-660°C70°C492 K
LG1600KXH1298Clock and data regenerator.distributor-680°C70°C486 K
LH1298High voltage, solid state relay optocouplerInfineon-formely-SiemensDIP66-40°C85°C24 K
LTC1298Micropower Sampling 12-Bit A/D Converters In S0-8 PackagesLinear-Technology----418 K
TSC1298Input voltage range:93-138V/185-264V, 50/60Hz, output voltage 220V (0.8A) DC/DC converterdistributor6U height module--20°C75°C334 K
uPC1298V50 to 80 W power amplifier driverNEC-Electronics-Inc-SIP14-20°C75°C300 K
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