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Electronic component:Description:Manuf.PackagePinsT°minT°maxDatasheet
5962-89747012A HEX INVERTERSTexas-InstrumentsFK20-55°C125°C65 K
AD747010-Bit, 2.7 V to 5.25 V, 1.75 MSPS Low Power ADCAnalog-Devices----197 K
LA7470M2-channel microphone amp for video cameraSANYO-Electric-Co--Ltd-MFP24S24-10°C65°C112 K
LA7470V2-channel microphone amp for video cameraSANYO-Electric-Co--Ltd-SSOP2424-10°C65°C112 K
LC7470Character and pattern display control IC for TV screenSANYO-Electric-Co--Ltd-DIP22S22-30°C70°C343 K
M37470E4-XXXSPSingle-chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer. ROM 8192 bytes, RAM 192 bytes, EPROM modeMitsubishi-Electric-Corporation-Semiconductor-GroupPlastic SDIP32-20°C85°C646 K
M37470E8-XXXSPSingle-chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer. ROM 16384 bytes, RAM 384 bytes, EPROM modeMitsubishi-Electric-Corporation-Semiconductor-GroupPlastic SDIP32-20°C85°C646 K
MAZ7470Silicon planer type zener diodePanasonic---Semiconductor-Company-of-Matsushita-Electronics-Corporation----58 K
PRC207470K/330MAC termination networkCalifornia-Micro-Devices-30°C70°C37 K
PRC207470K/470MAC termination networkCalifornia-Micro-Devices-30°C70°C37 K
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