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Electronic component:Description:Manuf.PackagePinsT°minT°maxDatasheet
EM83050HKeyboard encoderELAN-Microelectronics-Corp-DIP400°C70°C116 K
EM83053AHKeyboard encoderELAN-Microelectronics-Corp-DIP400°C70°C210 K
EM83053BHKeyboard encoderELAN-Microelectronics-Corp-DIP390°C70°C210 K
EM83055HKeyboard encoderELAN-Microelectronics-Corp--390°C70°C197 K
FDR8305N Dual N-Channel 2.5V Specified PowerTrench® MOSFETFairchild-Semiconductor----215 K
MV8305SUPER BRIGHT T-1 3/4 (5mm) LED LAMP - Water ClearFairchild-Semiconductor----125 K
MV8305Led Lamp. T-1 3/4 Super Bright Clear Lensdistributor----96 K
RTL8305S5-port 10/100 MBPS single chip switch controllerdistributorPQFP1280°C70°C417 K
SC830534.5-5.5V keyboard encoder for IBM PC AT and all compatible machinesdistributor-39--483 K
TDA8305ASmall signal combination IC for colour TVPhilips-Semiconductors-28-25°C65°C716 K

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