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Electronic component:Description:Manuf.PackagePinsT°minT°maxDatasheet
BA3306Dual preamplifier with ALCROHMSIP99-25°C75°C95 K
BA3308Dual preamplifier with ALCROHMSIP99-25°C75°C172 K
BA3308FDual preamplifier with ALCROHMSOP1414-25°C75°C172 K
BA3308FVDual preamplifier with ALCROHM-14-25°C75°C172 K
BA3311LDual preamplifier with ALCROHMZIP1212-25°C75°C64 K
BA3313LDual preamplifier with ALC detector circuitROHMZIP1212-25°C75°C66 K
BA3314FDual preamplifier with ALC detector circuitROHMSOP1414-25°C75°C66 K
BA336Mute detector ICROHMSIP9-20°C75°C107 K
BA338Mute detector ICROHMSIP9-20°C75°C107 K
BA338LMute detector ICROHMZIP9-20°C75°C107 K

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