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Electronic component:Description:Manuf.PackagePinsT°minT°maxDatasheet
AD800PLL-Based Clock Recovery Circuit, for Data Rates <90 Mbps, Nominal Loop Bandwidth Of 0.1% of the Center FrequencyAnalog-Devices----253 K
AD8006V; clock recovery and data retiming phase-locked loopAnalog-DevicesSOIC20-55°C125°C192 K
AD8006V; clock recovery and data retiming phase-locked loopAnalog-DevicesCERDIP20-55°C125°C192 K
AD8001800 MHz, 50 mW Current Feedback AmplifierAnalog-Devices----222 K
AD8002Dual 600 MHz, 50 mW Current Feedback AmplifierAnalog-Devices----351 K
AD8004Quad 3000 V/µs 35mW Current Feedback AmplifierAnalog-Devices----271 K
AD8005Ultralow Power, High-Speed Amplifier With a Wide Signal Bandwidth of 170 MHz and Slew Rate of 280 V/µsAnalog-Devices----183 K
AD80091 GHz, 5,500 V/µs Low Distortion AmplifierAnalog-Devices----229 K
EPD8000ELAN RISC II series MCU is 8 bit uc based data processor ICELAN-Microelectronics-Corp--208--1 M
MTD800Integrated fast ethernet controllerdistributorPQFP128-40°C125°C350 K
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