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Electronic component:Description:Manuf.PackagePinsT°minT°maxDatasheet
MMBT390640V; 200mA PNP small signal surface mount transistor. Ideal for medium power application and switchingdistributor-3-55°C150°C60 K
MMBT3906Vce=1.0V transistordistributor----96 K
MMBT3906SMALL SIGNAL PNP TRANSISTORSGS-Thomson-Microelectronics----58 K
MMBT390640 V, PNP small signal surface mount transistordistributorSOT3-55°C150°C202 K
MMBT390640 V, PNP small signal surface mount transistordistributor-3-55°C150°C202 K
MMBT3906LT140 V, PNP general purpose transistordistributor-3-55°C150°C226 K
MMBT3906T40V; 200mA PNP small signal surface mount transistordistributor-3-55°C150°C55 K
MMBT3906WT160 V, PNP general purpose transistordistributor-3-55°C150°C455 K
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