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Electronic component:Description:Manuf.PackagePinsT°minT°maxDatasheet
NTE161Silicon NPN transistor. VNF-UNF amplifier, mixer/osc.distributor-3-65°C200°C24 K
NTE1610Integrated circuit. B/W TV video detector amplifier, IF AGC circuit.distributorSIP9-20°C70°C19 K
NTE1611Integrated circuit. Video and FM sound modulator/carrier, oscillator for VCR.distributorDIP16-10°C70°C24 K
NTE1612Integrated circuit. AF PO, 0.7W for battery use.distributorSIP9-10°C65°C18 K
NTE1615Integrated circuit. B/W TV tuner bandswitch circuit.distributorSIP9-20°C70°C18 K
NTE1616Integrated circuit. TV sound IF amp/detector, driver.distributorDIP14-20°C75°C20 K

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