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Electronic component:Description:Manuf.PackagePinsT°minT°maxDatasheet
NTE2325Silicon NPN transistor. High voltage switch.distributor-30°C150°C23 K
NTE2327Silicon NPN transistor. High voltage, high speed switch.distributorTO12630°C150°C20 K
NTE2328Silicon complementary NPN transistor. Audio power output.distributor-30°C150°C22 K
NTE2329Silicon complementary PNP transistor. Audio power output.distributor-30°C150°C22 K
NTE233Silicon NPN transistor. Video IF, oscillator.distributor-30°C150°C20 K
NTE2330Silicon NPN transistor. High gain amp w/internal zener diode.distributor-30°C150°C20 K
NTE2331Silicon NPN transistor. Color TV horizontal deflection output w/damper diode.distributor-30°C150°C22 K
NTE2332Darlington silicon NPN transistor. w/Internal damper & zener diode.distributor-30°C150°C23 K
NTE2333Silicon NPN power transistor for switching power applications.distributorTO22030°C150°C29 K
NTE2334Silicon NPN transistor. Darlington driver, w/internal damper and zener diode.distributorTO22030°C150°C23 K
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