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Electronic component:Description:Manuf.PackagePinsT°minT°maxDatasheet
NTE99Silicon NPN transistor. Darlington w/base-emitter speed-up diode.distributorTO32-65°C200°C27 K
NTE990Integrated circuit. Dual audio power amplifier.distributorDIP140°C70°C24 K
NTE992Integrated circuit. Quad, single supply operational amplifier.distributorDIP14-40°C85°C28 K
NTE995MIntegrated circuit. Frequency-to-voltage converter.distributorDIP8-40°C85°C30 K
NTE996Linear integrated circuit. Operational transconductance amplifier.distributorDIP80°C70°C23 K
NTE997Integrated circuit. Quad operational amplifier.distributorDIP14-55°C125°C24 K
NTE998Integrated circuit. 1.22V reference diode.distributorTO9230°C70°C19 K
NTE999Integrated circuit. Adjustable precision shunt regulator.distributorTO9230°C70°C22 K
NTE999MIntegrated circuit. Programmable precision reference. Output voltage to 36VdistributorDIP80°C70°C25 K
NTE999SMIntegrated circuit. Programmable precision reference. Output voltage to 36Vdistributor-80°C70°C25 K

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