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Electronic component:Description:Manuf.PackagePinsT°minT°maxDatasheet
EP7211-CP-AHigh-performance, ultra- low-power system on chip with LCD controllerCirrus-LogicPBGA2040°C70°C2 M
EP7211-CV-AHigh-performance, ultra- low-power system on chip with LCD controllerCirrus-LogicPQFP2040°C70°C2 M
EP7212Ultra-low-power audio decoder system-on-chipCirrus-LogicLQFP2080°C70°C2 M
LNP721031GPanel display unit. Display Colors (FULL COLOR) , Size (480x480mm Type)Panasonic---Semiconductor-Company-of-Matsushita-Electronics-Corporation----139 K
LNP721041Panel display unit. Display Colors (FULL COLOR) , Size (640x640mm Type)Panasonic---Semiconductor-Company-of-Matsushita-Electronics-Corporation----234 K
LP72120 Watt, silicon gate enhancement mode RF power LDMOS transistordistributor-2-65°C150°C35 K
TISP7210H3SL Triple Symmetrical Overvoltage TISP for 3 Wire ISDN / Interwire ProtectionPower-InnovationsSL---283 K
TLP721PhotocouplerToshiba-4--108 K
TLP721FPhotocouplerToshiba-4--108 K
VTP7210Process photodiode. Isc = 7 microA(typ), Voc = 350 mV at H = 100 fc, 2850 K.distributor-2-40°C85°C26 K

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