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Electronic component:Description:Manuf.PackagePinsT°minT°maxDatasheet
BSP51NPN Darlington transistorsPhilips-SemiconductorsSOT223---47 K
BSP51NPN Darlington transistorsPhilips-SemiconductorsSOT223---47 K
BSP51NPN silicon darlington transistorInfineon-formely-Siemens-4--152 K
KSP5179High frequency NPN transistor, 2000 MHz, collector-emitter=12V, collector power dissipation=300 mWFairchild-Semiconductor-3-55°C150°C26 K
SGSP516N-channel power MOS transistor, 250V, 6ASGS-Thomson-Microelectronics-3-55°C150°C2 M
SGSP517N-channel power MOS transistor, 200V, 6ASGS-Thomson-Microelectronics-3-55°C150°C2 M
SP514CFWAN multi-mode serial tranceiversSipex-CorporationQFP800°C70°C505 K
SP516CF20Mbps 7 driver,7 receivers multiprotocol serial transceiver with termination disableSipex-CorporationQFP800°C70°C499 K
TISP5150H3BJ Single Unidirectional Transient Voltage SuppressorsPower-InnovationsSMB---299 K
USP5172Amplifier transistor. Vcbo = 25V, Vceo = 25V, Vebo = 5V, Ic = 100mA, Pc = 625mWdistributor-30°C150°C70 K
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