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Electronic component:Description:Manuf.PackagePinsT°minT°maxDatasheet
TDA9102FH/V PROCESSOR FOR TTL V.D.USGS-Thomson-Microelectronics----127 K
TDA9178T/N1YUV one chip picture improvement based on luminance vector-, colour vector- and spectral processorPhilips-SemiconductorsSOT137---227 K
TDA9605H/N1Audio processor with head amplifier for VHS hi-fiPhilips-SemiconductorsSOT307---244 K
TDA9614H/N1Audio processor for VHS hi-fi and linear audioPhilips-SemiconductorsSOT319---570 K
TDA9615HAudio processor for VHS hi-fiPhilips-Semiconductors----263 K
TDA9725/V2Y/C automatic adjustment processor (VHS standard)Philips-SemiconductorsSOT247---337 K
TDA9901TS/C1Wideband differential digital controlled variable gain amplifierPhilips-SemiconductorsSOT266---90 K
TDA996212-bit, 3.0 V, 20 Msps analog-to-digital interface for CCD camerasPhilips-Semiconductors----109 K
TDA996412-bit, 3.0 V, 30 Msps analog-to-digital interface for CCD camerasPhilips-Semiconductors----109 K
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