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Electronic component:Description:Manuf.PackagePinsT°minT°maxDatasheet
2SD1402NPN tripple diffused planar silicon transistor. Color TV horizontal output applications(no damper diode)Wing-Shing-Electronic-Co----manufacturer-of-power-semiconductors-3--68 K
2SD1403NPN silicin diffused power transistor. Horizontal deflection circuites of color TVWing-Shing-Electronic-Co----manufacturer-of-power-semiconductors-3--81 K
2SD1407PNP epitaxial silicin transistor. Power amplifier vertical deflection outputWing-Shing-Electronic-Co----manufacturer-of-power-semiconductors-3--69 K
2SD1407ASilicon NPN triple diffused type transistor for power amplifier applicationsToshiba-3--150 K
2SD1409Silicin NPN darlington transistor. General purpose amplifier, switching and motor control applicationsWing-Shing-Electronic-Co----manufacturer-of-power-semiconductors-3--71 K
BD14060V NPN silicon transistordistributor-3-55°C200°C139 K
BD140Plastic medium power silicon PNP transistorMotorola-3-55°C150°C104 K
BD140-10Plastic medium power silicon PNP transistorMotorola-3-55°C150°C104 K
DD1400Fast switchihg high voltage Si rectifierDiotec-Elektronische-2-50°C150°C88 K
SD1400-02RF NPN TransistorMicrosemi-CorporationM118---610 K
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