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Electronic component:Description:Manuf.PackagePinsT°minT°maxDatasheet
ILC7536USB dual power control switchesdistributorSOIC8--42 K
ILC7536-IK USB dual control switchesdistributorSO8-40°C85°C62 K
ILC7536-IN USB dual control switchesdistributorDIP8-40°C85°C62 K
LC753662-channel electronic volume controlSANYO-Electric-Co--Ltd-DIP2020-40°C85°C244 K
LC75366M2-channel electronic volume controlSANYO-Electric-Co--Ltd-MFP2020-40°C85°C244 K
LC7536LHSHigh-voltage, 2-channel electonic attenuatorSANYO-Electric-Co--Ltd-DIP30S30-40°C85°C126 K
LC7536MSerially controlled elctronic volume control that handles high voltagesSANYO-Electric-Co--Ltd-MFP30S30-30°C75°C107 K
LC7536RHigh breakdown voltage serial control electronic volume controlSANYO-Electric-Co--Ltd-DIP30S30-30°C75°C111 K

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