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Electronic circuits
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Article in electronics
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Electronic circuits archive 

Electronic circuits -> Digital/Microcontrollers

Programmer. ByteBlaster. For Alter chips. Schematics (3.5k)
Programmer. ComPIC. 16C61/62x/71x/8x/64/65/74, 14000. Software. part 3
Programmer. ComPIC. 16C61/62x/71x/8x/64/65/74, 14000. Schematics. part 2
Programmer. ComPIC. 16C61/62x/71x/8x/64/65/74, 14000. Schematics. part 1
Programmer. PICProg by Bryan J. Rentoul. Version 3.0. Schematics+documentation. (50k)
Programmer. Turbo 6. adapter M.
Programmer. Turbo 6. adapter K.
Programmer. Turbo 6. schematics (390k)
Programmer. Turbo 6. soft version 6.67 (180k)
Programmer. Turbo 6. soft version 6.67 (190k)
Propeller clock a few light emitting diodes spin, precisely controlled by a PIC microprocessor, giving the illusion of a larger array.
Propellor clock (PIC16F84)
R310 LPH7754 LCD Pinouts
R320 LCD Pinouts
R320 LCD source code for PIC16F84A
R600 LCD Pinouts
RDS Encoder - digital part
Record and play fast 1-bit sound on a PIC micro
Respiration system
Robotics & Remote Control: Building an RF Remote Control System For Robotics Control. How to build a 9600 baud, serially controlled, RF remote control system for your robotics applications using the TWS-434/RWS-434 RF modules with PicBasic.

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