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Electronic circuits
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Article in electronics
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Digital/Microcontrollers | Electronic circuits

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Electronic circuits archive 

Electronic circuits -> Digital/Microcontrollers

Rotating Sprocket Wheel Generator (PIC16F84)
RS 485-RPT Schematic
RS-232 serial line surge protectors
RS232 Display - A text display implemented on the virtual game system.
RS485-like multi-drop bus with half duplex serial protocol
RS485-Version of the SAB80C535-Microcontrollerboard
SamClock [Digital Clock]
SamGordon Digital Clock
Satellite Supplies (Hardware)
ScanMate audio activated recorded
Schmidt Trigger: an unusual circuit
Ser-Key 10-Key Serial Keypad Encoder
Serial eeprom programming using I2c protocol
Serial to parallel converter using the AT89C2051
Servo Pulse to Dual H-Bridge interface performs vital control functions needed for propulsion and steering of a Уfighting robotФ.
Servo Pulse to PWM converter connects an H-Bridge to radio control receivers or robotic circuits.
Silver DAC / V 3.5 DAC
Simple Divide-By-N using 161s (9k)
Simple Programmer. AVRProg. for 1200 series (23k)
Simple Programmers PIC 16x84

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