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"CLONEPAC" memory module for Futaba 8UAF/8UAP
"Serial Relay Controller" with the PIC12C671. Analog to Digital & Using The 8-Pin PIC: Designing a simple I/O expander or serial relay controller using the inexpensive, 8-pin, PIC12C671.
0-10V control for RC servos
250-amp Speed Controller for RC cars
27Mhz toy car receiver
27Mhz toy car transmitter
300MHz AM RF Remote Controls. RF remote control parts kits & schematics. How to Build a 300MHz AM, RF Remote Control System.
433.92 MHz RF Remote Control. Use the BASIC Stamp or PicBasic serout commands to control the transmitter and serin for the receiver to create powerful communications links, robotics control applications, you name it -- With an operating range up to 400+ feet, these tiny RF modules make the addition of RF remote control or wireless data communications very affordable, and they are incredibly simple to use. The TWS-434 & RWS-434 TX/RX combination can be used with direct asynchronous serial data, and are an excellent choice for BASIC Stamp, PIC, 8051 applications, and home remote control systems. Build remote data-logging applications, or robot colonies that communicate via RF links..
8-Pin, 8-Bit CMOS Microcontroller with A/D Converter. Analog to Digital & Using The 8-Pin PIC: Using the 8-Pin PIC12C671 with PicBasic.
A dual alternating flashing light circuit
A dual tandem flashing light circuit powered by a 9 volt battery
A Receive Signal Decoder
Agregando voz y sonido a un ROBOT
Alarm buzzer. Sometimes RC model land into high grass and you can spend a lot of time, prior to find it. In such situation, alarm buzzer makes a great help...
Battery Indicator. This indicator is suited for live control of aicraft battery power.
Battery low voltage alarm
Battery low voltage alarm 2
Battery pack discharger
BIPOLAR STEPPER MOTOR CONTROL CIRCUIT. In this circuit, a potentiometer controls both the speed and direction of a small bipolar stepping motor like those found in many 5 1/4" floppy disk drives. Note that the bipolar motors are distinguished from "unipolar" types, in that bipolar units have two coils instead of four, and four wires instead of five. With the potentiometer at the extreme counterclockwise position, the motor runs counterclockwise at the maximum speed. Rotating the potentiometer toward the center slows the motor, until it stops. Continuing potentiometer rotation clockwise, the motor starts to run clockwise, increasing in speed to the maximum clockwise position.
Building a Serial Servo Motor Controller. Controlling Hobby Servo Motors: Servo-Commander. This article shows how to program the PIC16F84 to control up to 8 hobby servo motors with the PIC and PC serial port. This article includes the complete PicBasic code and full Visual Basic "Servo-Commander" software.

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