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Article in electronics
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Security | Electronic circuits

Example: Infrared control system
Electronic circuits archive 

Electronic circuits -> Security

Enhanced 4 Digit Alarm Keypad
Enhanced 5 Digit Alarm Keypad
Enhanced Alarm Keypad
Fire Alarm
Flashing Flashlight - Meant for use as an emergency flashlight for your glove compartment.
Flashing Road Barricade
Flickering Fire Light - LED or Bulb flicker shimmer randomly like candle flame or fire
FM bug
FM Telephone Bug
FM Telephone Bug
FM Transmitter
Fridge Alarm (9k) Alerts you when the refrigerator door is left open.
Fridge door alarm
Fridge door Alarm. Beeps if you left open the door over 20 seconds. 3V battery operation, simple circuitry
Frost Alarm or Cold Activated Switch
Garage Door Opener Scanner
Gate Alarm
Gate alarm circuit
Gate Alarm Circuit

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