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Article in electronics
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AT PC Power Supply 3
AT PC Power Supply 4
AT PC Power Supply 5
Audio-video switch. This is an 8-input x-output audio/video switch module to be controlled from a computer, for example from the parallel port.
Barcode scanner
Basic PIC 16C84 programmer for PC parallel port by David Tait
Basic Stamp I & PC Relay Controller
Baycom Terminal Diagram (modem)
BIPOLAR STEPPER MOTOR CONTROL CIRCUIT. In this circuit, a potentiometer controls both the speed and direction of a small bipolar stepping motor like those found in many 5 1/4" floppy disk drives. Note that the bipolar motors are distinguished from "unipolar" types, in that bipolar units have two coils instead of four, and four wires instead of five. With the potentiometer at the extreme counterclockwise position, the motor runs counterclockwise at the maximum speed. Rotating the potentiometer toward the center slows the motor, until it stops. Continuing potentiometer rotation clockwise, the motor starts to run clockwise, increasing in speed to the maximum clockwise position.
Build logic gates using discrete parts
Build your own iRDA SIR Transceiver (Dongle) using MCP2120
Commodore 64 24-bit parallel port interface with 8255
Compter microphone
Computer controlled IR device (hardware/software)
Computer power supply 2
Computer power supply 1
Computer Speaker Amplifier (12k) This three-transistor amplifier delivers about 2 watts to an 8 ohm speaker.
Computerised Morse code generator/transmitter
Computerize Your Room/Home
Connect other circuits to PC joystick port

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