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Article in electronics
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Mac Serial Port (RS-422 DIN-8) to RS-232 DB-25
Midi adapter for soundcard, with indicators. by george shepelev 2:461/124@fidonet
MIDI Interface for Soundblaster compatible cards
Midibox 64
Modem AT Command Set
Modem Rockwell model 4A144IM int
Modem Rockwell RCV336/ACF model V1433VQR ext.
Modem Rockwell RCV336/ACF model V1433VQR ext.
More accurate PC/AT clock
More accurate PC/AT clock
Null Printer Adapter
NullModem 25-25pin (COM-COM)
NullModem 9-25pin (COM-COM)
NullModem 9-9pin (COM-COM)
Parallel (Printer) Port Interface
Parallel (Printer) Port Interface
Parallel port ADC based on MAX147
Parallel port dongle (12C508A) By using the PIC 12C508 MCU from Microchip, we can make a cheap and simple hardware protection key (dongle).

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