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220V live wire-in-wall scanner

Example: Infrared control system
Electronic circuits archive 

220V live wire-in-wall scanner


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Garage Door Opener Scanner

Wall Clock Governor Drivers - These were common before the advent of quartz controlled stepping motor clocks.

Bathroom Deoderizer Control - That box you see on the wall in public washrooms. This is the type that has a little DC motor fan positioned above a small container containing a deoderant liquid or jelly, and runs off a D cell. The photocell turns off the fan when it gets dark. The LED flashes if the battery is good.

Rechargeable Led Flashlight. This is the project of rechargeable flashlight using a high intensity red Jumbo Led. The main idea is to have a moderate source of light that will be ever at hand, without batteries to replace or light bulbs to change. It may be left plugged in the 110 vac wall outlet, ready for use.

Infrared gate 2. This is an infrared gate with two sensors planned to use in the wall in the way behind a door.

220V live wire-in-wall scanner

Wall Wart Information

Garage Door Opener Scanner

Universal Flasher Circuit (15k) This trouble-free two-wire flasher is indespensible.

Flasher Circuit (16k) This two-transistor, two-wire circuit finds numerous applications.

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