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Simple version. Full version located here

DIGITAL NOISE GENERATOR. This circuit produces a repeating sequence of serial data that contains attributes useful for emulating audible noise.


Electronic Siren

Electronic Switch ON-OFF touch or with push button

Electronic Dice [1]

Digital ping - pong [2]

Digital ping-pong [1]

Acoustic Tone by command

Digital Roulette with Display

Frequency Multiplier X100 with Noise Rejection for low frequency

Electronic Security door key 2

Electronic Security door key 1

Melody Door Ringer

Frequency Divider [Divide factor 2 until 10] with 7490

Programmable Frequency Divider with 7490

Frequency doubler with 4011

Frequency doubler with 4069

Electronic DICE [2]

Frequency Divider [T-type Flip-Flop]

Digital Clock with MM5314N

SamClock [Digital Clock]

SamGordon Digital Clock

Smart relay (12C508A) device for controlling the ligts in a disco club, using a PC

Bachelor project. Computerised house control. Room control. Wide physical dimension measuring range (temperature measuring range from –10 to +50 0C, light intensity measuring range from dark to high brightness)

PIC Theory (BASIC vs Assembly Code; 10 Tricks for 508A ; Programming PIC Chips; PIC12c508A Instruction-Set; 508A Hex Addresses; Performing MATHS; Library of Routines...)

"In-Circuit" Electrolytic Tester (PIC)

Multi-Chip Programmer

5x7 Display (PIC)

PIC Logic Probe with Pulser

Full-duplex doorphone with 3 wires connection.

(RF) remote control encoder/decoder (PIC projects)

Automatic door opener (PIC projects)

Electronic door codelock (PIC projects)

300MHz AM RF Remote Controls. RF remote control parts kits & schematics. How to Build a 300MHz AM, RF Remote Control System.

The Fire-Stick. The ULTIMATE infrared remote control system, with up to (100-Foot) operating range.

PicBasic Experiments With The PIC16F877. Your First PicBasic Project: The old blinking LED thing that you just knew was going to turn-up here somewhere....!

Controlling LCD Modules With PicBasic.

Robotics & Remote Control: Building an RF Remote Control System For Robotics Control. How to build a 9600 baud, serially controlled, RF remote control system for your robotics applications using the TWS-434/RWS-434 RF modules with PicBasic.

Using 1-Wire Devices: PicBasic Experiments With The PIC16F877. Using the Dallas DS1820, 1-Wire™ Digital Thermometer. This application shows how to communicate with the DS1820, and helps you to implement them in your designs.

How to Build a 10-Key Serial Keypad. Creating & Using Asynchronous Serial Solutions: How to create your own "Serial Keypads". This project uses PicBasic Pro, and the PIC16C620A microcontroller to build a 10-key serial keypad. The PIC16C620A only costs $2.50 each in single quantities, and the keys are simple normally-open, push-button switches. Build a user input keypad for your next basic stamp or PIC design and use a single I/O-pin for the interface.

Controlling Hobby Servo Motors: Controlling hobby servo motors with PicBasic through the PC serial port. This project uses the PIC16F84 to interface to the PC serial port, and includes FREE Visual Basic software to control up to 7 hobby servo motors attached to your PC.

Building a Serial Servo Motor Controller. Controlling Hobby Servo Motors: Servo-Commander. This article shows how to program the PIC16F84 to control up to 8 hobby servo motors with the PIC and PC serial port. This article includes the complete PicBasic code and full Visual Basic "Servo-Commander" software.

Controlling Hobby Servo Motors: How to build your own addressable serial servo controllers using the 8-pin PIC12C671. Control a ton of servo motors with a single I/O-pin, and ad the ability to move many servos at the exact same time with one serial command line.

PicBasic Experiments With The PIC16F877. Analog to Digital & Using The 8-Pin PIC: Using the PIC16F877 A/D Converter. This example displays 3-channels of analog input on an LCD display.

8-Pin, 8-Bit CMOS Microcontroller with A/D Converter. Analog to Digital & Using The 8-Pin PIC: Using the 8-Pin PIC12C671 with PicBasic.

Using the Onboard 8-Bit A/D Converter of the PIC12C67X. Analog to Digital & Using The 8-Pin PIC:

Designing a 4-Channel A/D Application with the PIC12C671. Analog to Digital & Using The 8-Pin PIC: How to build a 4-channel A/D converter using the PIC12C671. This application is excellent for building robotic guidance systems using light to control robotic behavior, serial volt-meters, hobby servo positioning systems, using arrays with PicBasic, you name it...! Lots of possibilities with this project.

"Serial Relay Controller" with the PIC12C671. Analog to Digital & Using The 8-Pin PIC: Designing a simple I/O expander or serial relay controller using the inexpensive, 8-pin, PIC12C671.

433.92 MHz RF Remote Control. Use the BASIC Stamp or PicBasic serout commands to control the transmitter and serin for the receiver to create powerful communications links, robotics control applications, you name it -- With an operating range up to 400+ feet, these tiny RF modules make the addition of RF remote control or wireless data communications very affordable, and they are incredibly simple to use. The TWS-434 & RWS-434 TX/RX combination can be used with direct asynchronous serial data, and are an excellent choice for BASIC Stamp, PIC, 8051 applications, and home remote control systems. Build remote data-logging applications, or robot colonies that communicate via RF links..

Silver DAC / V 3.5 DAC

Smart lock (12C508A). The base sends a data sequency (the password) which is recognized by the key. The key checks the sequency and -if it recognises it -sends to the base another data sequency, as an answer to the password. At the time when the base gets a correct answer (which means that the key has been introduced), the relay is put into action, and it can command a number of consummers.

Dynamic lights (12C508A) (Christmas)

Watch on PIC.

Simple Programmers PIC 16x84

Programmer COMPIC

PIP Programmer (PROCheap)

ProFLASH. (Atmel Flash Micro Programmer) by Peter Dannegger

PIC 16C84 Serial mode programmer.

Basic PIC 16C84 programmer for PC parallel port by David Tait

Programmer. ByteBlasterMV. For Alter chips. (3.5k)

Programmer. ByteBlaster. For Alter chips. Schematics (3.5k)

Simple Programmer. AVRProg. for 1200 series (23k)

Programmer. PICProg by Bryan J. Rentoul. Version 3.0. Schematics+documentation. (50k)

Programmer. ComPIC. 16C61/62x/71x/8x/64/65/74, 14000. Software. part 3

Programmer. ComPIC. 16C61/62x/71x/8x/64/65/74, 14000. Schematics. part 2

Programmer. ComPIC. 16C61/62x/71x/8x/64/65/74, 14000. Schematics. part 1

Programmer. Turbo 6. adapter M.

Programmer. Turbo 6. adapter K.

Programmer. Turbo 6. schematics (390k)

Programmer. Turbo 6. soft version 6.67 (180k)

Programmer. Turbo 6. soft version 6.67 (190k)

Programmer. BiDiPro. version 1.2a. Produced by Eduard Panchenko. Design & PCB routing by (part3) soft (15k)

Programmer. BiDiPro. version 1.2a. Produced by Eduard Panchenko. Design & PCB routing by (part2) (277k)

Programmer. BiDiPro. version 1.2a. Produced by Eduard Panchenko. Design & PCB routing by (part1) schematics (160k)

Programmator turbo v3.36.20. soft


Digital Volume Control

PC-Based 7-Segment Rolling Display

Digital Switching System



Programmable LED Indicator

Accurate Electronic Stop-Watch

Programmable door-bell with flashing LEDs

Digital Dice With Numeric Display

Satellite Supplies (Hardware)

Pic24C programmer. Pic 16C/F84 ,24Cxx and 12C508 Combi programmer. Full mouse support, user friendly interface with pulldown menu, HEX save, Bin save, all popular programming interfaces supported PicBust option

Disco running light project for the 16C84 microcontroller (complete programmable 8-channel light system, Pic Project)

EpromProgrammer HardwareTester

Simple Divide-By-N using 161s (9k)

Frequency Tripler using the CA3028 (15k)

Choosing a Frequency Multiplier"s Waveform (32k)

HCMOS Gates Make Frequency Multipliers (27k)

Digital to analogue converters for PC parallel port

RS-232 serial line surge protectors

Simple RS-232 serial port buffer circuit

Experimental laser data link

Analogue to digital converter for PC serial port

Parallel port interfacing made easy

Lightning Activated Camera Shutter Trigger

Cheap 40KHz clock

The Multivibrator Circuit

Clock Divider Circuit

32 Bit Serial Receiver (57.6 K Baud TTL & CMOS)

10 Stage LED Sequencer

16 Stage Bi-Directional LED Sequencer

Expandable 16 Stage LED Sequencer

Astable Multivibrator

Monostable Flip Flops (one shot)

Discrete Bistable Flip Flop

Descrete Set/Reset Flip Flop

Schmidt Trigger: an unusual circuit

Logic circuits using discretes

Infra Red Remote Transponder

Switch De-bouncer Using a 555

Log A-D Converter: Part 2 (analog-to-digital)

Log A-D Converter: Part 1 (analog-to-digital)

CMOS RC timing

Z80 core #1- Z80 CPU and memory

Z80 core #2- Z80 CTC and SIO

Z80 core #3- RS-232 drivers for the SIO

7 Segment LED Counter


Joystick Interfaces

Generating a Delayed Pulse With a dual 555 Timer

555 Timer Monostabe Circuit Using Pushbutton

CMOS Toggle Flip Flop With Relay(CD4013)

Respiration system

PIC based packet radio encoder (PDF)

RS485-Version of the SAB80C535-Microcontrollerboard

PC IR receiver based on PIC16F84

Record and play fast 1-bit sound on a PIC micro

AT89C2051/4051scanning 7-segment display and keypad

AT89C2051/4051 Driving dot LED

AT89C2051/4051stepper motor interface

AT89C2051/4051connecting dumb terminal

Simple RS232C Level Converter using Transistors

C-52 EVB Robot Controller

Mains clock controller using AT89C2051

AT89C2051/4051 Easy-Downloader

AT89C51/52/55 Easy-Downloader

PIC16F84 programmer

PIC16F84 miniature real-time controller

Isolated RS232 for PIC16F84

PIC16F84 debugging terminal


Atmel 89C Series Flash Microcontroller Programmer

AT89C2051 real-time controller

PIC12C508 Night-light saver

AT89C2051 Night light saver

Atmel 8051 Flash Based-Microcontroller Programmer

AT89C2051 Digital thermometer and clock

PIC16F84 CW decoder (PDF)

80C31 stepper motor controller

Build a PIC controlled DDS VFO, 0 to 6 MHz

PIC controlled DDS VFO, 0 to 6 MHz

Basic Stamp Lightning Activity Monitor

PIC16F84 line following robot

PIC16C505 IR / wireless remote control

Automatic door opener with PIC12C508

RS485-like multi-drop bus with half duplex serial protocol

50 MHz frequency counter, voltage meter & SWR/PWR indicator

Programmer PIC16F84,12C50x and EEPROM 24Cxx

RDS Encoder - digital part

PIC programmer for serial port

Fully functional PS/2 mouse based on the PIC16F84

PIC 18 programmer (PIC18F458, PIC18F452, PIC18C252, PIC16C745, PIC18F6620, PIC18F6720)

Freign vocabulary recollector

Illuminate holiday destinations on a world map

Embedded system to send e-mails (small TCP/IP stack)

Speaking clock using PIC & ISD device

Speaking doorbell using PIC & ISD device

Whistle detector using 8-pin PIC


PIC16F877 to IDE interface

68HC11 stepper motor control

POCSAG encoder/decoder

Network Time Protocol AVR Clock

DS1820 Temperature Sensor Readout Unit

Rotating Sprocket Wheel Generator (PIC16F84)

Talking PIC - based on SP0256

Serial to parallel converter using the AT89C2051

AT89C2051 serial COMs to LED driver

PIC16F877 Programmer And Development System

DS1820 Arbiter V2.00 Schematic

Microchip PIC ICSP implementation

101 AT Keyboard to ASCII Decoder using 68HC705J1A MCU

LCD Serial Terminal

Propellor clock (PIC16F84)

Optical sensor using PIC12C508

Interfacing S-7800A to PIC16F877

A Scenix (and PIC) Programmer

MMC to PIC16F876 circuit diagram

8088 maximum mode SBC

EZ80 single board computer schematic (Z80)

Voice recording and message retrieval system

Long-period watchdog timer

PIC16F84 Range Finder Project

Generate video signals in real-time using a PIC16F84


PIC Project #1 - RS232 to I2C Interface

Galvanic decoupling of I2C bus

Programmer PIC16F84,12C50x and EEPROM 24Cxx

Graphic LCD interface

FSK modem with PIC16C84

Talking YODA project (PIC16C84)


Microcontroller interface for 5KW microwave oven

Using an I2C Serial EEPROM with a Basic Stamp 2

PIC16F84 Based Morse Code Reader

AVR-Based Serial Port IR Receiver

Interfacing piezo elements to a microcontroller

Victoria TAFE programmer (based on AT89C2051)

JDM programmer

PIC micro programmer

Speech recognition using HM2007

PIC microcontroller servo motor interface

PIC micro multiple servo motor interface

PIC16F84 countdown timer

PIC16F873 ultrasonic range meter

PIC16F873 Digital clock

PIC16F873 remote display

PIC16F84 stepper motor controller

Way small web server

PICADC - a free, PIC based "intelligent" A/D converter

PIC-Programmer 2

Connecting PIC12C508 8 to 93AA46 serial eprom

KD7LMO Micro Beacon (PIC18F252)

GPS LCD Display Project

PIC16F84 LED chaser

PIC micro LED projects

AT89C2051 line-follower robot

Night light saver (PIC12C508)

Basic stamp interface circuits

Microcontroller sensor and actuator interfaces

Giant money counter (PIC16F876)

PIC12C509 logic gate replacement for nitrogen filler

PIC demo board

PIC12C509 Gym Timer

PIC LCD and Keypad driver

PIC12C508 Phase Controller for 2kW heater

PIC16F84 TRIAC / IGBT brightness phase controller

PIC16F84 pulse monitor with date/time output (ZIP)

Programmer for the 68HC705C8 MicroController

27c801 EPROM Programmer Project

LCD to PIC16C54 schematic

68HC11 based RDS decoder

Acceleration monitor using ADXL202 and AVR

40+ MHz 5-digit frequency counter with an AVR 2313

Interfacing DRAM to AT90S8515

Temperature monitor/controller: AVR 2313 / DS1621

PIC micro to ISA bus interface

PIC16C84 VT-52 Emulator for Linux

Tony Nixons Pocket Programmer (PIC)

PicoWeb V5.1 (AT90S8515) tiny web server

8051 Development System Circuit Board

8051 Development System Circuit Board

Temperature controlled based on AT89CX051

AFSK 1200 Modem based on PIC16C620

PicCon - Hidden Radio Transmitter Controller

PIC16F84 tone generator with source code

PIC16F84 tone generator

PIC16F84 tone generator (6-Bit)

AVR Beacon Super Keyer

AVR Digital Voltmeter

AVR Signal Generator

Ser-Key 10-Key Serial Keypad Encoder

2-wire LCD interface using PIC16CF84

PIC16F84 Serial I/O-expander with PicBasic

RS 485-RPT Schematic

Low cost Atmel in-system programmer

Ultra low-cost programmer for AT90S family

AVR to USB interface

Programable LCD counter with memory backup based on Atmel AT90S1200A

Connecting AT90S2313 with LCD display 2x16 char and 4x4 keypad

Atmel AVR RCEN fuse bit programmer

GSM SMS remote control using AVR microcontroller

128x64 LCD Driver for AT90S2313 (ZIP file)

Connecting LED to PIC Micro I/O pins (PDF)

Microprocessor RS-232 Reset

AT90S8515 experimenter board

Multi-chip programmer for PIC microcontrollers

Buffered PIC chip interface

ScanMate audio activated recorded

PIC vacuum fluorescent display interface

PIC18F252 bootloader schematics

PIC16F876 Datalogger

GPS Repeater

Kodak DC-20 camera interface (PIC12C509)

Kodak DC-20 camera interface (PIC16F84)

PIC programmers for parallel port

Wisp628 ISP Microchip PIC Programmer

Nixie clock (PIC16F876)

Zilog Z80 thermostat embedded web server

Picxie 2 - 8x8 Animated LED Signboard (PIC16F84)

10 tricks for interfacing to the PIC16C508

Interfacing the PIC16C508

PIC 5x7 display

Analog to digital conversion notes

Multi-chip programmer

Control and Interfacing

Infra Red remote control extender

Infra Red Remote Control Extender Mark 2 Version

Infra Red Remote Control Extender Mark 3 version

Infra Red Remote Control Extender Mark 4 version

Multi Rocket Launcher

Model Rocket Lauch Controller

Infra Red Switch

Modulation Detector for IR Remote Controls

QuickBuilder: A visual tool for creating PIC projects

miSim DE 2.1 is a highly praised, powerful development environment that makes writing and debugging software for microcontrollers dramatically easier

A clock-timer on PIC16F628

Spiffy PIC Stuff

Frequency-meter based on PIC 16F84

Stepper motor smart interface

Serial eeprom programming using I2c protocol

Knight rider light using internal eeprom of Pic16F84A

I2c Tools with Pic16F84

DS 1820 Checker

DS1820 based digital thermometer with pic16f84

How to drive a GA628 LCD with the PIC16F84A microcontroller

A1018, T18s, T20, T28, T29 LCD source code for PIC 16F84A

T10, T18, R310 LCD source code for PIC16F84A

R320 LCD source code for PIC16F84A

A2618 / A2628 LCD source code for PIC16F84A

GH337, GH688, CH388 LCD source code for pic 16f84

T20, T28, T29 LCD Pinouts

T10, T18, T18s LCD Pinouts

T39 LCD Pinouts

A1018 LCD Pinouts

GA628 LCD Pinouts

GH337 LCD Pinouts

GH688 and LPH3800 - CH388 LCD Pinouts

A2618 & A2628 LCD Pinouts

R310 LPH7754 LCD Pinouts

R320 LCD Pinouts

R600 LCD Pinouts

T68 LCD Pinouts

T610 LCD

P800 LCD

V2282 / V2288 LPH9007 LCD Pinouts

Optus / Diga LPH7455 LCD Pinouts

How to drive a Nokia LCD, type LPH7779, LPH7677 or LPH7366 with PIC16F84A

Nokia7110 LCD, type P313032901 , driving library

7210 LCD Pinouts

7650 LCD Pinouts

7110 LCD Pinouts

3510i LCD Pinouts

6310 LCD Pinouts

Alcatel BE4 model 301 / 302 lcd driving library

Alcatel 302 lcd pinouts

LCD Project

Propeller clock a few light emitting diodes spin, precisely controlled by a PIC microprocessor, giving the illusion of a larger array.

Stirling Prayer Engine built with simple parts and runs from the heat of a votive candle.

H-Bridge drives DC motors forward and backward.

Servo Pulse to PWM converter connects an H-Bridge to radio control receivers or robotic circuits.

Servo Pulse to Dual H-Bridge interface performs vital control functions needed for propulsion and steering of a “fighting robot”.

PIC Programmer to download programs into PIC microprocessors.

Preamplifier suitable for guitar or microphone use.

LED Sign uses two LED arrays to form a 7 X 10 matrix. It produces moving messages or animations stored in an EPROM.

Casio QV-200 Digital Camera Cable. Lose your cable? Build it yourself and save $29. Fits many QV models.

Tektronix THS720 Screen Capture Software. Basic software, not like the fancy stuff that costs real money.

DTMF Tone Decoder hears touchtones and displays them as telephone numbers.

Oxygen Sensors. When they go bad your automobile runs poorly, learn about them and build a substitute for diagnostics or off-road use.

555 Timer as an A/D Converter. Measure voltages accurately with a microcontroller using this simple circuit. Includes sample program for the Parallax Basic Stamp.

BookPC MP3 Player. A small computer running Linux with 12 volt power supply and wired remote control makes a great sound system for a car.

Yet Another Mobile MP3 Player. This is an earlier player using a conventional PC motherboard, so the power supply I designed is quite compatible.

PIC Game system - Hardware description of the system that is running pong and tetris.

Pong - The classical tennis-games, implemented on the PIC16F84 system.

Howto - Info on howto generate videosignals with PIC-chips.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about the PIC-based video game system.

SX Game system - Hardware description of the system that is running pong and tetris.

Pong - The classical tennis-games, implemented on the SX game system.

Tetris - The classical russian game, implemented on the SX game system.

Howto - Info on howto generate videosignals in color using SX-chips.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about the SX-based video game system.

Virtual Game system - Hardware description of the mechanically scanned game system.

Pong - The classical tennis-games, implemented on the virtual game system.

Tetris - The classical russian game, implemented on the virtual game system.

Clock - A digital and "analog" clock implemented on the virtual game system.

RS232 Display - A text display implemented on the virtual game system.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about the mechanically scanned gamesystem.



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