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Simple version. Full version located here

Flickering Fire Light - LED or Bulb flicker shimmer randomly like candle flame or fire

Photo Flashes at 1.5 volts

Color Organ Light - Flashes coloured christmas type lightbulbs to music. This circuit works REALLY well. Notice how it will fire even in complete silence. This provides a sort of automatic gain control.

Delayed Off Light Switch - Rated for use with incadescent loads. This is an unusual design in that it uses plain metal gate CMOS logic instead of the usual PIC or a custom chip. The 22uF capacitor charges up during one half of the ac cycle, and supplies trigger current to the triac on both halves.

Digital Timer Light Switch

Flashing Road Barricade

Hand Clap Lamp Control

Lamp Dimmers

Radio Controlled 3way Light Switch

Flasher with 2 LED

Electronic Touch Dimmer

Light sensitive and differedial temperature switch


Design of Resonant Electronic Ballast for HID Lamps

Smart relay (12C508A) device for controlling the ligts in a disco club, using a PC

Light show. Computer parallel port can be used for many purposes. One of them could be user circuit control, for example light effect.

Single led flasher (simple)

Power flasher (simple)

Multipleled flasher (simple)

1.5 Volt Strobo with a Kodak Max Disposable Camera. How to modify a Kodak Max Disposable Camera Flash Circuit and build a 1.5 volt supply STROBO. (Yes! just using a 1.5 volt AA alkaline battery!!)

Laser Link / Transmitting audio or data over a laser beam (105 kHz carrier) !!!

Keychain Laser Driver / circuit description

Light Chaser - A Modified MOVIT Robot: it seeks the brightest light and runs towards it! It has two motors (left & right) in order to make the turns; on top two light sensors (photodiodes) separated by a PC board in order to simulate "a nose".

Rechargeable Led Flashlight. This is the project of rechargeable flashlight using a high intensity red Jumbo Led. The main idea is to have a moderate source of light that will be ever at hand, without batteries to replace or light bulbs to change. It may be left plugged in the 110 vac wall outlet, ready for use.

Power supply 20Wt for fluorescent tube

Electronic "snap"

LED flasher

LED Christmas lights

Electronic level

Light beam receiver

Led flasher with audio

Darkness monitor

Laser diode driver circuit

Electronic coin tosser

Led flasher

Fibreoptic receiver

Fibroptic transmitter (Experimental Data Transmitter for Fiber Optics)

Neon Sign Transformers- Power (XFMR's)- Tesla Coil

Dome Lamp Dimmer

Motor/Light Controller (Dimmer)

Flashing Heart

Led Flasher

Light Switch

Miniature Strobe Light

Smart Phone Light


Programmable LED Indicator

Automatic Emergency Torch

Magic Lights

Neon Desklamp

Electronic Night Light

Light Detector Circuit

Dark Activated Switch or Porch Light Switch

Disco running light project for the 16C84 microcontroller (complete programmable 8-channel light system, Pic Project)

Peak Power Indicator

Backup Lamp (11k) Don't get caught in the dark again!

Dome Lamp Dimmer (16k) Efficiently dim the car's dome or map light.

Lantern Flasher/Dimmer (12k) Add this circuit to an existing lantern or build your own and your batteries will last much longer.

Galloping Neons (20k) Build a line-powered array of blinking neon lamps.

Experimental laser data link

Lightning Activated Camera Shutter Trigger

LED Display controller

Touch Activated Lamp

Varying Brightness AC Lamp

AC Line Powered LEDs

10 Stage LED Sequencer

16 Stage Bi-Directional LED Sequencer

Expandable 16 Stage LED Sequencer

Light Activated Relay

Varying Brightness AC Lamp

12 Volt Lamp Dimmer

Flash Slave Trigger

Light/Dark Detector

LASER Transmitter/Receiver

Adjustable Strobe Light

Colour (Sound) Organ

Black Light

Three Level Audio Power Indicator. Battery-operated 3 LED display

RR LED flasher (alternating)

Info on CO2 lasers

Adjustable flashing LED

7 Segment LED Counter

LED Chaser

Infa-Red Remote Control

LASER Transmitter/Receiver

Adjustable Strobe Light

12VDC Fluorescent Lamp Driver

Simple Colour Organ

TRIAC Light Dimmer

Strobe Light

Fantastic Atom Expander

LASER Power Supply

Plasmaball effect experiment

Mini pocket stroboscope

12V stroboscope

LED Battery Condition Indicator

Fading Red Eyes

LED Photo Sensor Circuit

1.5 Volt LED Flashers

Two Transistor LED Flasher

Sequencing Neons (NE-51 / NE-2)

Flashing Neons (NE-51 / NE-2)

Lego Mindstorms Double Rotation Sensor

IR detector

Infrared body heat detector

Stereo IR audio receiver

General purpose IR receiver

Wireless IR headphone transmitter

Wireless IR headphone receiver

Infrared remote control shutter release system

Infrared transmitter for locomotives

Infrared gate for door

Infrared circuits for remote control

Serial port controller infrared transmitter (PIC16F628)

IR Receiver (Amplitude Modulated IR)

IR Transmitter for Audio (Amplitude Modulated IR)

Digibox interface

IR remote control

Long Range Infrared Remote

iRDA to TTL interface

40KHz light receiver (PDF)

40KHz TV-VCR repeater (PDF)

Micro based PIR to IR remote converter

IR-related ASCII Schematics V1.00

Infrared remote transponder

Build an Infrared night scope

Decoding IR Remote Controls

IR detector

PC IR Remote Control Hardware

PC IR Remote Control

An Ambient-Light-Ignoring Infrared Active Motion Detector

Infrared Transmitter and Receiver schematic diagrams

Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor

Minimal Infrared transmitter for PC

Simple IR transmitter circuit

Simple infra-red detector

Infra Red Switch

IR remote control extender

IR Remote Control Extender Circuit (Mark 2)

IR Remote Control Extender Circuit (Mark 3)

IR Link

IR remote control tester

40khz IR Tester

555 timer 40khz IR Oscillator

IR detector / emitter

Fire-Stick infrared remote control

Simple infrared remote control

Infrared / Ultrasonic beacon

Implementing Infrared Object Detection

IR detector for robotics

Computerized Infrared Remote

Computerized Infrared Remote

Light beam receiver for laser pistols

12V supply for He-Ne laser

Laser diode transmitter

Laser power supply

Laser transmitter/receiver

Laser Telephone Receiver Circuit

Fiber Optic Voice Communications

Efficient Laser Supply

20MHz VCSEL 3mW laser test circuit (PDF)

10MHz to 20MHz laser light detector (PDF)

Micro-power 40KHz burst laser diode driver (PDF)

40KHz laser burst detector (PDF)

Modulated laser diode tester (PDF)

Ar/Kr Ion Laser Power Supply

Laser diode power supply circuits

HeNe laser power supply

Diode Laser Power Supplies

Laser bug circuit

RS-232 Laser Transceiver

Experimental laser data link

Ar/Kr Ion Laser Power Supply Design

Simple laser communicator

Simple laser communicator

LED Flasher

LED pulser with audible output

IR Illuminator

Flashing Christmas LED display

ICL7660 LED flasher

LM3909 replacement using discrete components

Color fade

LEDs shimmer randomly as though on fire

LED power supplies for AA cells

1.5 Volt LED Flashers

AC Line Powered LEDs

Astable Multivibrator

9 Second Digital Readout Timer

9 Second LED Relay Timer

16 Stage Bi-Directional LED Sequencer, other sequencer and flaser circuits

10 Stage LED Sequencer

28 LED Clock Timer

Fading Red Eyes

Two Transistor LED Flasher

16 Stage Bi-Directional LED Sequencer

Expandable 16 Stage LED Sequencer

LED Photo Sensor Circuit

LED chaser

7 Segment LED Counter

7 by 10 LED Moving Sign ( 27C512 EPROM)

Sequencial LED Flasher with Reversable Direction

Tri Color LED Controller with Serial Interface

1.5V LED flasher B (PDF)

Low current LED flasher (PDF)

1.5V LED flasher A (PDF)

Flashing LED advertising badge (PDF)

Flashing LED advertising badge (PDF)

Pulsed LED test circuit (PDF)

Low battery voltage flasher (PDF)

Adjustable flashing LED

PWM white LED drivers

Heart of LEDs

Christmas Star

Christmas tree

LED Counter

PIC16F84 LED chaser

PIC16F84 LED signboard

PIC16F84 LED signboard 2

White LED circuits

Assorted LED circuits

LED Mood Light

LED Audio VU Meter

Robot Beacon rotating light using PIC12C508

LM3909 LED flasher

Animated LED signboard (PIC16C84)

Picxie 2 - 8x8 Animated LED Signboard

Picxie 2 - 8x8 Animated LED Signboard

Garden light switch

DMX lighting and special effects

Microcontroller Multichannel Light Dimmer

Digital timer light switch

Hand clap lamp control

Radio controlled light switch

Disco style Strobe Light

Varying Brightness AC Lamp

12 Volt Lamp Dimmer

120VAC Lamp Chaser Using Solid State Relays

Flashing Neons (NE-51 / NE-2)

Sequencing Neons (NE-51 / NE-2)

Touch Activated Lamp

220V Flashing lights

Bedside lamp timer

TRIAC light dimmer

12VDC Fluorescent Lamp Driver

Strobe light

Adjustable Strobe Light

RHINO8 EL Sequencer

Light Sequenced Candelabra

Light timer

5W Fluorescent light intensity modulator (PDF)

1W Fluorescent lamp night light (PDF)

Low-voltage light dimmer

Light chaser

4-channel dimmer rack

PIC16F873 light controller

Disco light controller

Neon desklamp

Electronic night light

Neon lamp dimmer

LED Mood Light

LX-800 Lighting system

Xenon Strobe Light

Lamp flasher/dimmer

Analogue light controlling desk

Four channel dimmer rack

Mini pocket stroboscope

Simple light bulb flasher

Strobo controller

Strobo controlling with PC using RS-232 port

Stroboscope trigger circuits

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