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High Voltage

Simple version. Full version located here

Highvoltage generator. Easy to build, this high voltage generator is capable of generating up to 50KV but the breakdown voltage of the coil limits the voltage to a value somewhat lower. (simple)

HVAG - High Voltage Advanced Generators

HVCD - High Voltage Flyback Generators


Capacitor Discharge

Neon Sign Transformers- Power (XFMR's)- Tesla Coil

TV Flyback Transformers- Power (XFMR's)- Tesla Coil

Static Gaps- Tesla Coil

Tesla Coil

Low Current, High Voltage Power Supply

High Voltage Generator for Low Current Applications (16k)

High Voltage Generator for Flash and Geiger Tubes (24k) Features very low battery current

Barry's Coilgun Mark II (coil gun)

Barry's Coilgun Mark I (coil gun)

HV supply 12VDC in, 12KV out

Introduction to Tesla Coils - Postscript

High Voltage High Current Power Supply

Solid State Tesla Coil/High Voltage Generator

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