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Simple version. Full version located here

TWIN-T AUDIO SINE WAVE OSCILLATOR. This circuit produces a clean sine wave signal ideal for audio testing, or wherever a good-quality sine voltage source is required. It uses only one integrated circuit which is a common dual operational amplifier, the Texas Instruments TL072CP. The values shown provide an output frequency of about 1000 Hertz. This frequency may be varied over a wide range, using the formula shown in the schematic.

AUDIO SWEEP OSCILATOR. This circuit was designed for a sound effect, but may serve other useful purposes when a basic, swept-frequency audio source is required. It produces both square and triangular wave outputs that ascend from about 80 to 730 Hertz in a repeating cycle of about 12 seconds. Appropriate component-value substitutions will yield variations in these parameters.

ECHO TONE OSCILLATOR. This simple circuit amplitude-modulates a single tone in such a manner to approximate the echo effect one might obtain, for instance, with sonar apparatus. Any reader who has been on a sonar-equipped vessel will realize that some imagination is required to appreciate the similarities among this simple scheme and the "real thing." However, this circuit might adjunct a small model (of a submarine, perhaps) to add the dimension of sound.



DIGITAL NOISE GENERATOR. This circuit produces a repeating sequence of serial data that contains attributes useful for emulating audible noise.


Intermittetly Pulse Generator

WIEN Bridge Oscillator - 1KHZ

10MHZ to 1MHZ Frequency Converter with crystal.

Frequency generator with 7 standard step

Collection of three Clock Generators

Zener oscillators (simple)

SCR oscillator. Silicon controlled rectifiers (SCR) can easily oscillate if there is an inductor (a speaker coil in this case) which gives just enough extra voltage to completely switch off the sustain current. (simple)

Highvoltage generator. Easy to build, this high voltage generator is capable of generating up to 50KV but the breakdown voltage of the coil limits the voltage to a value somewhat lower. (simple)

Zero crossing AC switch oscillator (simple)

Noise generator (simple)

Reversebias oscillator (simple)

Sweep Generator - Oscilloscope

Signal generator

Sine Wave Generator Project

Function Generator. This kit is limited to < 100 kHz and has an output impedance of 600 ohms.

Reverse Bias Oscillator

Precision 1Hz Clock Generator using Chip-on-Board


Up/Down Pulse Separator

PcGenerator. Turn your PC into a low frequency signal generator. Frequency range from 0.5-25000 Hz

Flasher Ideas

Universal Flasher Circuit (15k) This trouble-free two-wire flasher is indespensible.

Flasher Circuit (16k) This two-transistor, two-wire circuit finds numerous applications.

Audio Phase-shift Oscillator with Amplitude (10k)

Constant Reactance Voltage (article RF Design magazine)

A Low Power RF ID Transponder (article RF Design magazine)

New Oscillators Reach for (article RF Design magazine)

Low Frequency (article RF Design magazine)

New Topology Multiplier (article RF Design magazine)

Bootstrapped PLL Improves Oscillator Performance (33k)

Cockcroft-Walton Diode Voltage Multipliers (36k)

Low Distortion Crystal Oscillator (19k)

Tiny Crystal Oscillator (13k)

Audio Noise Sources for Generating Phase Noise (22k)

Simple Divide-By-N using 161s (9k)

Frequency Tripler using the CA3028 (15k)

Choosing a Frequency Multiplier"s Waveform (32k)

HCMOS Gates Make Frequency Multipliers (27k)

Unusual Frequency Dividers (35k)

Switching Diode Frequency Doublers (66k)

Waveform Conversion Sine to Square/Square to Sine

VHF Oscillator and Multiplier AM Noise

Low Phase Noise Systems - Hints and Tips

Phase Noise, Harmonics and Sub-Harmonics

Low-Cost Phase Noise Measurement

PLLs using ULN Oscillators

Phase Locking and Tuning

Two Diode Odd-Order Multiplier

Generating -5VDC from +5VDC

Low Frequency Sinewave Generator

Tacho generator feedback circuit

Precision Metronome and Pitch generator. Precision Frequency generator 1 to 999 Hz. Precision Metronome 1 to 999 beats per minute

Self-powered Sine to Square wave Converter. Converts sine to square waves without a power-source

Oscillator circuit to find value of transistor ft


Ultrasonic transducer oscillator circuit

FM Oscillator

Crystal Oscillator

Crystal 32.768KHz CMOS Oscillator

CMOS Oscillator

A very STABLE 40khz generator (IR LEDs)

555 IC Oscillator

Blocking Oscillator

Wien Bridge Oscillator

Wien Bridge oscillator

Waveform generator circuits

Twin-T oscillator

Staircase generator

Staircase generator

Ramp generator (separate + & - ramps)

Quadrature (sine/cosine) oscillator (voltage controlled)

Generating a Delayed Pulse With a dual 555 Timer

555 Tone Generator (8 Ohm Speaker)

Triangle and Squarewave Generator

PIC logic probe with pulser

Budget timer

Long period timer

555 time delay circuit

Low frequency clock

Countdown timer with relay

DDS using AD9835

1 Second Time Base From Crystal Osc.

Power-On Time Delay Relay Circuit

Low Voltage , High Current Time Delay Circuit

Power-Off Time Delay Relay Circuit

Generating a Delayed Pulse With a dual 555 Timer

Timed beeper

Time Delay Relay

Time Delay Relay

Wide-swing Variable Crystal Oscillator

Circuit that momentarily closes a pair of contacts at long intervals

Onboard Fogger Timer

Colpitts 1 to 20 MHz Crystal Oscillator

Divide By 1-1/2 Circuit

Simple sinewave generator

Two Transistor Sine Wave Oscillator

10 Hz to 10 Khz VCO with Square and Triangle wave

Line powered 60Hz clock generator (PDF)

Micro-power pulse generator (PDF)

Darkroom camera shutter timer

Divide by 1.5 counter (PFD)

High-output square wave generator (PDF)

D Flip-flot one-shot circuits (PDF)

Clock divider

Clock doubler

CMOS oscillator

Crystal 32.768KHz CMOS Oscillator

Crystal oscillator

Cheap 40KHz clock

Stable 40KHz clock

Switch debounce using 555

Square wave to sine wave converter

Day / Night / 24 Hour Select Sensor

One transistor timer

Variable timer

Micropower pulse generator (PDF)

Square wave oscillator

Triangle wave oscillator

Sawtooth wave oscillator

Sine/Cosine wave oscillator

555 timer

555 oscillator

Stable multivibrator (IC)

Stable multivibrator (Transistor)

Push Button Switch Debouncer

Square wave oscillator

5 to 30 Minute Timer

NE555 Basic Monostable

Mini DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis)

AD9852 DDS schematic

A GPS receiver based frequency standard

Monostable multivibrator

Clock generator

555 Timer Tutorial + Circuits

Versatile electronic timer

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