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Simple version. Full version located here

55W (Originally 75W) Power Amplifier

Sony (models: D-190, D-191, D-191SR, D-192CK, D-193) schematics

Sony CFS-B7SMK2 schematics

LG FFH-150 schematics

Sound Blaster Preamp - Fixes that well known problem and needs no batteries

Tape Head Demagnetizer Cassettes - Demagnetizer cassettes contain a battery powerd circuit

Dynamic Microphone Preamp - These are often found inside old 2way radio microphones

Audio Graphic Equaliser

Simple Surround Sound Decoder

Tone Control

Reverse RIAA Equaliser

Expandable Graphic Equaliser

Hi-Fi Preamplifier

Audio preamplifier circuits

Updated 60-100W Hi-Fi Power Amplifier

DPA 880 schematic

DPA 440 schematic

DPA 220 schematic

300W Subwoofer Power Amplifier

55W (Originally 75W) Power Amplifier

50 Watt Amplifier

25 Watt MosFet Audio Amplifier

Stereo Radio Cassette Recorder 350K

Stereo Radio Cassette Recorder CFS-W 430L

Stereo Radio Cassette Recorder ICF-C26 / ICF-C26A

Stereo Radio Cassette Recorder GF9090/GF9090X

Stereo Radio Cassette Recorder SH760

Stereo Radio Cassette Recorder SH202

Stereo Radio Cassette Recorder EK560

Stereo Radio Cassette Recorder EK460

Stereo Radio Cassette Recorder EK205

Stereo Radio Cassette Recorder EK105

Stereo Radio Cassette Recorder EC710K

Stereo Radio Cassette Recorder AT490

Stereo Radio Cassette Recorder AM1006

Stereo Radio Cassette Recorder AM1004

RIC. Power Amp, Preamp.

Rane. Real-Time spectrum analyzer, Compressor, Swiss army mixer, Active crossover, Crossover, Graphic equalizer, Headphone controller, Microphone amplifier, Microphone equalizer, Mixer.

Outline. SHD 5000

Marshall. JCM 2000 Super Lead Standard, JCM 900, JCM 800.

Ibanez. Sonic Distortion

Hughes & Kettner. Guitar Amps: Tube Factor, Tube Man II, Redbox Pro, Club Reverb, Tour Reverb. Bass Amps: Bass Force L.

Gibson. GA-15, 20, 25, 30b

Fender. Bandmaster mod., Bandmaster reverb mod., Bassman mod., 75w lead amp with reverb, Frontman reverb: schematic, layout

Epiphone. Electar Tube 10, 30.

Electro-Harmonix. Soul Preacher

DOD. 525 Compressor limiter. Death Metal

Crest. LT/ST Switching amplifier

Boss. Heavy Metal HM-2, Metalzone

Ampeq. Scrambler schematic, pcb, layout


300W - MOS power amp


70W-power amp (2)

QUAD - 405. QUAD power amplifier

QUAD - 34. QUAD power amplifier

QUAD - 306. QUAD power amplifier

70W-power amp

94W-power amp

150W-power amp

90W-power amp

200W-power amp

240W-power amp

265W-power amp

350W-power amp

400W-power amp

300W-power amp

Sound filters 45-90Hz


Soft start for PA

200W - Power amp

300W - Subwoofer

600W - Power amp

HI-FI sistem (BG)

Sound control, volume, balance, treble and bass.

VU Meter 5 with UAA180

Mini audio spectrum analyzer

VU Meter 4 with LM3915 [10 Led] for Power Amp.

VU Meter 3 with LM3915 [10 Led]

VU Meter 2 with LM3915-LM3916 [19 Led]

VU Meter 1 with transistor. It is a simple circuit of optical index of level of sound signals, adapted in various needs of user.

Audio Peak Indicator

Tube power amplifier 8W with EL84

Tube Power amplifier 3W with 6BX7

Tube Power Amplifier Dynaco ST-70 with 2xEL34

Tube Power Amplifier 35W with EL34

The Audio Note Conquest 300B parallel single ended power amplifier

Tube Line Preamplifier Progect 1

Three Tube PHONO (RIAA) Preamplifiers with ECC83

Hampton Tube Preamplifier for moving coil pick-up cambrige with ECC88

Headphone amplifier in Class A [2]

Mini power amplifier for headphone in Class A

Headphone amplifier with TDA2004

Graphic Equalizer 10 Band [B]

Graphic Equalizer 10 Band [A]

Graphic Equalizer 6 Band

Graphic Equalizer 5 Band with tranzistor.

Graphic Equalizer 3 Band

Equalizer with Parametric Mid

PLL Stereo Decoder with LM1800 [4]

Stereo Multiplex Decoder with CA3090Q [2]

Multiplex decoder with TDA1578 [1]

Stereo Audio mini MIXER MIC-LINE for PC Audio Card

Bridge (Stereo to Mono), Power amplifier converter with electonic Balance input

DC Protection and Delay time for P.Amp. - Loudspeaker 1

Collection of little Bridge Power Amplifier

Power amplifier 12W with MOS FET transistor

Power Amplifier with STK40xx series module IC

Electrocompaniet - The 2 Channel Audio Power Amplifier

Power Amplifier 100W with V-MOSFET transistor [1]

HAFLER DH-200 - Power amplifier 100W with V-MOSFET

High Power amplifier 300W

Power Amplifier 60W / 8 Class AB

Power Amplifier 40W Class A By Nelson Pass

Power Amplifier 60W Class A

High Power amplifier 170W in 8 ohms

Protection 2 for Power Amplifier and Loudspeakers

Power amplifier for Loudspeaker 6.5W 8R

Power amplifier 2X5W in 4ohms with TDA1516Q

Power amplifier 2X18W in 4ohms with TDA1516Q

Power amplifier 35W with LM391

Power amplifier 45W with HEXFET

Power amplifier 60W /8ohm Class AB

Power amplifier 65W with HEXFET

Power amplifier 30W

2-Way Active Loudspeaker

3-Way Active Loudspeaker

Electronic Balance Input to Electronic Balance output

Electronic 3 Way Crossover -24dB/oct.

Auto Fade for Audio signals

Speetch filter- Band pass (300HZ to 3KHZ)

Module 1 Line amplifier in Class A

Audio Peak Indicator (overload)

Electronic Balance input with Gain and Volume

Mic-Line electronic balance input, with Gain -filter

Symmetrical class A Line amplifier 2

Symmetrical class A Line amplifier 1

Class A Buffer preamplifier module

Class A preamplifier module with IC

Remove common signal from Stereo sound

Audio modular MIXER with 6 and up channel

Variable High-Pass 20HZ to 200HZ Filter

Stereo Preamplifier with elect. adjustment Volume-Balance-Treble-Bass

Audio Preamplifier with Digital Volume

Surround Sound Decoder

Hi-Fi RIAA Phono Preamplifier for moving magnet cartridge. Part 2

Hi-Fi RIAA Phono Preamplifier for moving magnet cartridge. Part 1

Moving Coil Head pre-preamlifier

Audio SONY: A490, HCD_H450

Tubesaurus Rex, J.C.Morrison

Single-Ended vs Push-Pull. (Scott Francland) part 2

Single-Ended vs Push-Pull. (Scott Francland) part 1

Life in a Vacuum. (EL34, RB300)

TDA8199 ( Volume, Stereo )

TDA8196 ( Volume, Selector, Mono )

M51523L ( Volume, Balance, Stereo )

M51133P ( Volume, Balance, Stereo )

LA1362 ( Volume, Mono )

Silver Crown RX-22 (50 Kb) tapre recorder

Technics RS-AZ7 Schematics

Technics RS-AZ6 Schematics

Technics RS-TR575 Schematics

Technics RS-TR474 Schematics

Technics RS-TR373 Schematics

Amplifier TL 25+ (lamp)

Amplifier SDS EL84

Amplifier RCA 6082

Amplifier Rickenbacker M11

Amplifier Rickenbacker B9A

Amplifier Rickenbacker M8E

Amplifier Rickenbacker M8

Amplifier Quad II (lamp)

Amplifier Flutterman (lamp)

Amplifier 7242

Amplifier 6336A

Amplifier McIntosh C275

Amplifier McIntosh C240

Amplifier Marantz T1

Amplifier Marantz model 9

Amplifier Marantz model 8

Amplifier Marantz model 5

Amplifier Manley 35W

Amplifier Fairchild model 25

Amplifier Fender "Bandmaster" model AB763

Reverb Amplifier Fender "Bandmaster" model AA1069

Amplifier Fender "Bandmaster" model 6G7

Amplifier Fender "Bandmaster" model 5E7

Amplifier Fender "Bassman" model 5F6A

Amplifier Fender "Bassman" model 5F6

Amplifier Fender "Bassman" model 5E6A

Amplifier Fender "Bassman" model 5B6

Amplifier Fender "Bassman" model 135

Amplifier Esoteric RCA801A/RCA801A

Amplifier Esoteric 46/RCA801A

Amplifier Esoteric WE VT-52/45

Amplifier Esoteric RCA801A/RCA50

Amplifier Audio Note P4

Amplifier Audio Note Ankoru

Amplifier Audio Note 300B kit 1

Amplifier Audio Note Conquest

Electronic attenuator (simple)

Sound triggered flash. If you wish to take a picture of a fleeting event which generates a sound, you can do it with this sound activated trigger. (simple)

Low-Frequency Amplifier LA4558 (2x2,4W) amp

Low-Frequency Amplifier LA4555 (2x2,3W) amp

Low-Frequency Amplifier TA8215H-A (60W) amp

Low-Frequency Amplifier LA4183 (2x2,3W) amp

Low-Frequency Amplifier LA4182 (2x2,3W) amp

Low-Frequency Amplifier KA22061 (2x2,3W) amp

Low-Frequency Amplifier TA8210 (2x19W) amp

Low-Frequency Amplifier KA2206 (2x2,3W) amp

Low-Frequency Amplifier KIA6210 (2x18W) amp

Low-Frequency Amplifier LA4550 (2x2,1W) amp

Low-Frequency Amplifier TA8205 (2x15W) amp

Low-Frequency Amplifier LA4180 (2x1W) amp

Low-Frequency Amplifier KIA6205 (2x15W) amp

Low-Frequency Amplifier LM12 (150 W) amp

Audio-video switch. This is an 8-input x-output audio/video switch module to be controlled from a computer, for example from the parallel port.

Low impedance microphone amplifier

Ultrasonic receiver

High power 12v amplifier

80w 1 chip audio amp

Low level audio amp

RIAA phono amp

Ultrasonic generator

Wireless microphone

Telephone recording circuit

Electronic Whistle

Underwater microphone

Audible metronome

Three channel "snap"

Led flasher with audio

Two tone siren

Electronic siren

Mega phone circuit 9v

Parabolic dish mic amplifier

2-input mixer

2-transistor amplifier

Some BJT's suitable for power amplifiers

Symmetrical amplifier without differential first stage

Symmetrical amplifier

Discrete power amplifier with current-mirror

Yet some more schematics of power amps

Transistor power amplifier schematics



Simple transistor headphone amplifier

Simple headphone amplifier on OP amp

Pioneer KEH-1450 Audio Auto

Pioneer KEH-1400 Audio Auto

Pioneer KEH-1311 Audio Auto

Pioneer KEH-1300 Audio Auto

Pioneer KEH-1150 Audio Auto

Pioneer KEN-5400 Audio Auto

Pioneer KEH-1100 Audio Auto

Panasonic CQ-R30GLEE Audio Auto

Panasonic CQ-RD45LEN Audio Auto

Panasonic CQ-R35LEE Audio Auto

Panasonic CQ-R30LEE Audio Auto

Panasonic CQ-RD40LEN Audio Auto

LG-TCC2510 Audio Auto

LG-TCC2010 Audio Auto

LG-TCH70 Audio Auto

Panasonic CQ-J03LEE Audio Auto

Sony CDX-1150 Audio Auto

LG-TCC2515 Audio Auto

Aiwa CT-X418 Audio Auto

Aiwa CT-X218 Audio Auto

Aiwa CT-X208 Audio Auto

Panasonic CQ-R35VEG Audio Auto

Panasonic CQ-R30VEG Audio Auto

Aiwa CDC-X155 Audio Auto

Aiwa CDC-X175 Audio Auto

Aiwa CDC-X1750 Audio Auto

Aiwa CDC-R136 Audio Auto

Panasonic RC-X160 Audio

Panasonic RX-FT570 Audio

Panasonic RX-DT600 Audio

Panasonic RX-DT30 Audio

Panasonic RX-DS15 Audio

Panasonic RX-CT900 Audio

Panasonic RX-CT870 Audio

Panasonic RX-CT820 Audio

Panasonic RX-FS470 Audio

Aiwa CS-131 Audio

Aiwa CS-130 Audio

Technics SU-V620 Audio

Technics AZ7 Audio

Technics AZ6 Audio

Technics ST-GT350 Audio

Technics SU-A700MK2 Audio

Technics SL-PG480A Audio

Technics RS-575 Audio

Technics RS-474 Audio

Technics RS-373 Audio

Samsung MAX-960 Audio

Samsung MM16 Audio

Samsung MAX-980 Audio

Samsung MAX-805 Audio

Samsung MAX-920 Audio

Samsung MAX-900 Audio

Samsung MAX-445 Audio

Samsung MAX-800 Audio

Samsung MAX-555 Audio

Panasonic SA-CH32 Audio

50 Watt Audio Amplifier

25 Watt MosFet Audio Amplifier

DPA 880 schematic

DPA 440 schematic

DPA 220 schematic

Tone Control

Audio Graphic Equaliser

Audio preamplifier circuits

Hi-Fi Preamplifier

Perfect DAC

Silver DAC / V 3.5 DAC

Crystal DAC

Audio power amplifier TDA2025

Audio power amplifier STK40*

Service Manual. CD Mechanism 4ZG-1. Basic CD Mechanism KSM-2131FAM, 3ZG-2 E1/ E2/ E3. AIWA. 2138Kb

Radio Cassete Recorder FIRST ?556

Player FIRST

Vox Top Boost Preamp/ Tube Preamplifier

Vox Berkeley Preamp/ Tube Preamplifier

Mesa/Boogie Mark I Preamp/ Tube Preamplifier

David Hafler DH100 Transistor Preamplifier (part 2)

David Hafler DH100 Transistor Preamplifier (part 1)

Rane DA216a distribution amplifier/ Transistor Preamplifier

Marshall JCM 900 Preamp/ Tube Preamplifier

Rane VP 12 - VOICE PROCESSOR/ Transistor Preamplifier

Marshall Master Volume Preamp/ Tube Preamplifier


Rane MS 1 - MICROPHONE PREAMPLIFIER/ Transistor Preamplifier


Vox (Thomas) Normal Channel Preamp. Transistor Preamplifier

Danelectro Silvertone 1484 Preamp. Tube Preamplifier

Vox (Thomas) Brilliant Channel Preamp. Transistor Preamplifier

AML+ Diagrams Tube Preamplifier

Vox (Thomas) Bass Channel Preamp. Transistor Preamplifier

Blaupunkt frankfurt rcm82

Blaupunkt granada sqr 49


Midi adapter for soundcard, with indicators. by george shepelev 2:461/124@fidonet

Upgrade player Panasonic rq-p45

Amplifier on the integral circuit TDA7294

Amplifier on three transistors

Audio power amplifier, Application Diagram: mPC1288v

Application Diagram: TDA1524

Audio power amplifier, Application Diagram: uPC1335

Audio power amplifier, Application Diagram: TA8215H-A ( 2x60 W )

Audio power amplifiers, Application Diagram: A2000V, A2005V, LM2005, TDA2004, TDA2005, MPC2005

Audio power amplifiers, Application Diagram: KA2206, KA22061, LA4180, LA4182, LA4183, LA4550, LA4555, LA4558

Stereo Car CD Receiver AIWA CDC-Z106- Service Manual (Schematic diagrams)

Telephone amplifier

Digital Volume Control

Speech Recorder

Auto Volume Control

CD-ROM Drive as Digital-audio CD-Player





Speaker Microphone Circuit- allows you to use a cheap loudspeaker as a microphone.

Audio Perimeter Monitor

12 Volt 30 Amp Power Supply

Doorphone Intercom

Peak Reading Audio Level Meter

Electronic Canary

Hi-Fi Preamplifier

6 Input Mixer 3 Mic inputs, 3 Line Inputs

Audio Notch Filter for audio frequencies 100Hz - 10KHz

TDA2030 8 Watt amplifier

Stereo Line Driver

Tone Controls

2 Watt low distortion amplifier using discrete components

Crystal Radio Amplifier (16k) An unusual amplifier that gives room-filling volume with a few parts.

Audio Amplifiers for Small Speaker Applications (32k) Two high gain amplifiers for adding audio to many projects.

Computer Speaker Amplifier (12k) This three-transistor amplifier delivers about 2 watts to an 8 ohm speaker.

Simple circuit to connect telephone equipment to audio mixer

20 Watt IC Power Amp- LM1875

Condenser microphone hookup

Microphone Preamp

Midi Passthrough Circuit

Paradoxical sound synthesizer

Simple Microphone Amplifier

Low Power Op-Amp - Audio Amp (Intercom)

3 Transistor Audio Amp (50 milliwatt)

Tone Control

Microphone Mixer

FET Audio Mixer

Directbox - "10 to one voltage divider" for direct input

tonnects - Equalizer

DOD Envelope Filter440 - Equalizer

brighten - Equalizer

3tone - Equalizer

3btoner - Equalizer

voxtbp - amplifier

Swiss army preamp

Rickenbacker B9A - amplifier

On Board Guitar Preamps


Mic Preamp

Mic Preamp

Master Volume for Tube Amps

hpreg - amplifier

hpreb - amplifier

Gibson GA-30b - tube amplifier

Gibson GA-25 - tube amplifier

Gibson GA-20 - tube amplifier

Gibson GA-15 - tube amplifier

B16A, B16AD - tube amplifier

B16, B16D - tube amplifier

Dual Pre-Amp & A/B Box

8 watts amplifier

50 watts amplifier

90 watts audio power amplifier

68 watt audio power amplifier (LM3886) and bipolar power supply

Three Level Audio Power Indicator. Battery-operated 3 LED display

Self-powered Sine to Square wave Converter. Converts sine to square waves without a power-source

Precision Audio Millivoltmeter. Measures 10mV to 50Volt RMS in eight ranges

Phono Preamplifier. Simple circuitry for moving magnet cartridges

Decoding IR Remote Controls

Phone Line to Audio

IR Detector

100W RMS Amplifier

Op Amp Power supply- Dual +/- power supply.

Audio Tone Control- Shelving bass and treble tone controls.

Simple DAC

Op amp circuit #1- Basic inverting and non-inverting circuits.

Op amp circuit #2- Simple op amp differential amplifier ("balanced" input).

Op amp circuit #3- True balanced / instrumentation style input circuit.

Op amp circuit #4- Simple 4-input mixer stage.

Op amp circuit #5- Single supply op amp circuit.

Op amp circuit

Mic Preamp- Based on SSM-2017

JE-990 Discrete Op amp

Simple Discrete Op amp- made with common transistors

Audio Oscillator- Modified Wein Bridge

Audio Buffer

Sound Level Meter

Digital Volume Control

22 Watt Audio Amplifier

8 Note Tune Player

50 Watt Amplifier

Transistor Organ

8 Watt Audio Amp

Voltage controlled amplifier

Preamplifiers, audio

Microphone preamplifiers

Gyrator - used in graphic equaliser

Audio Signal Generator

Audio level LED meter

Audio amplifier, very low THD

Audio preamplifiers

555 Tone Generator (8 Ohm Speaker)

Simple microphone preamplifier

Speaker signals to line level inputs

Use amplifier phono input as line level input

Simple line mixer

Audio line isolator

300W Subwoofer Power Amplifier

Updated 60-100W Hi-Fi Power Amplifier

50 Watt Amplifier

Headphone distribution amp

1.5W Audio amplifier

Spatial Distortion Reduction Headphone Amp

50W Amplifier

Low-level audio amp

Headphone amplifier

10W amplifier

20W Amplifier

2W amplifier

Portable headphone amplifier

Single Ended Class A2 SV811-10 Stereo Amp

Bi-Directional 2.4 GHz One Watt Amplifier

80W amplifier

4W amplifier

2-Channel Power Amplifier

Personal stereo audio amp

Headphone amplifier

Two transistor audio amplifier

Low power RFID transponder

25W MOSFET amplifier

HeadBanger Headphone Amp

TDA2030 8 Watt amplifier

8 watt audio amp

Push-Pull Class A 2A3 Stereo Amp

Headphone monitor amp

Audio amplifier output relay delay

2W Amplifier

100W RMS Amplifier

LM383 12V Amplifier

Push-Pull Class A Amp using type 5687 dual triodes

Single Chip 50 Watt / 8 Ohm Power Amplifier

20 Watt GaAaFET Power on 2.3 GHz

300W Subwoofer Power Amplifier

Soft-Start Circuit For Power Amps

Audio Amp Output Power Limiter

El-Cheapo - A Really Simple Power Amplifier

Hi-Fi Headphone Amplifier

8 Watt amplifier

Death of Zen (DoZ) - A New Class-A Power Amp

Power amp schematic (PDF)

High quality exponential VCA

2304 and 3456 MHz Power Amplifiers

55W (Originally 75W) Power Amplifier

20 Watt Class-A Power Amplifier

Bi-Directional 900Mhz One Watt Amplifier

2.3 GHz Power Amplifiers

100W Guitar Amplifier

16 Watt amplifier

1 Watt 2.3 GHz RF Amplifier Using a MRF2001

Thermo-Fan To Keep Your Amp Cool

20 Watt / Channel Stereo Power Amplifier

Mini bench amplifier (LM386)

Multi-chip programmer

Electronic siren

Two-tone siren

Underwater microphone

Code practice oscillator

Noise generator

Electronic whistle

Twin-T Audio Sine Wave Oscillator

1.5V Audio Amplifier

Low Power Op-Amp - Audio Amp (Intercom)

555 Tone Generator (8 Ohm Speaker)

3 Transistor Audio Amp (50 milliwatt)

Low Frequency Sinewave Generator

Automatic Charger for Battery Operated Hi-Fi Preamps

Audio level indicator

Room noise detector

Amplifier timer

Bell ring generator

Amplified ear

Precision audio millivoltmeter

Six-channel Mixer and Amplifier

Audio Signal Source

Analog VU meter

Voltage controlled amplifier

Audio graphic equaliser

Intercom preamp

FET audio mixer

Microphone mixer

Tone control

Digital volume control

Sound level meter

CMOS IC audio oscillator

Three band Active Tone Control

Automatic gain control (AGC) circuits

Audio frequency meter

Bull Horn

Sound Mixer/Amplifier

Very loud beeper (PDF)

Digital noise generator (PDF)

Tone display system

Tube amplifier

Condenser microphone hookup

Phase shifter

Paradoxical Sound Syntheizer

Various tube crossover circuits

Bias circuits

Audio line isolator

Dynamic microphone to electret microphone input

Line level signal to microphone input adapter

Simple two line output combiner

Electret microphone powering circuits

Use amplifier phono input as line level input

Speaker signals to line level inputs

Spring reverb unit

Sine wave generator

Simple amplifier

3-Band equalizer

6-Input mixer

Doorphone intercom

Stereo line driver

Audio notch filer

Peak reading audio level meter

Tone control

Speaker Microphone Circuit

Electronic canary

Electronic siren

Microphone phantom power supply

Voltage Controlled Mixer w/Modulator

Dual Voltage Controlled Oscillator w/Modulator

Dual Voltage Controlled Filter w/Modulator

Stereo Ducker

MS Stereo Decoder

MS Stereo Microphone

RIAA Equalized Stereo Phono Preamp

Tube active crossover

Improved PL tone decoder

Magnetic cartridge amplifier

LM358 preamp

Sound detector

Tone detector

Tone generator


Voltage Controlled Panner

Low Noise Microphone Preamplifier

Bridging Adapter For Power Amplifiers

Simple Surround Sound Decoder

Simplest Ever Amplifier Bridging

Stereo Width Controllers

Power Amplifier Clipping Indicator

Phono Preamps For All

Digital Delay Unit For Surround Sound

Parametric And Sub-Woofer Equaliser

High Quality Sound Mixer

Loudspeaker Protection and Muting

Direct Injection Box for Recording & PA Systems

Minimalist Discrete Hi-Fi Preamp

Signal Detecting Auto Power-On Unit

Load Sensing Automatic Switch

Amplifier thermal protection

Active Sub-Woofer and Controller

Balanced Line Driver & Receiver

VU And PPM Audio Metering

Variable Amplifier Impedance

Linkwitz Cosine Burst Generator

Low Noise Balanced Microphone Preamp

Fast Audio Peak Limiter

Subwoofer Equaliser

Surround Sound Decoder Mk2

Audio mixer

25 Watt MosFet Audio Amplifier

Audio Circuits

Audio Level Meter

Audio Notch Filter

Audio Voice-Over Circuit

Audio VU Meter

Peak Reading Audio Level Meter

Quadraphonic Amplifier

Soft Switching Amplifier with Tone Controls

TDA 2030 Amplifier

Computer Microphone

2 Watt Amplifier

Tone Controls

Dynamic Microphone Preamplifier

Doorphone Intercom

Stereo Line Driver

ECM Mic Preamplifier

Headphone Amplifier

Hi-Fi Preamplifier

6 Input Mixer

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