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Cellular communication

Simple version. Full version located here

Panasonic GD-70 schematics

Unlock Siemens

Motorola/Polaris Compatibility Chart

GSM Unlock Box By GeNeSys V1.0

Service Manual Cellular phone Samsung SGH2200

Service Manual Cellular phone Panasonic GD70

Service Manual Cellular phone Motorola M3588

Service Manual Cellular phone Sony Z1

Service Manual Cellular phone Ericsson PF768

Service Manual Cellular phone Nokia 6210

Service Manual Cellular phone Siemens C25

Nokia 3210 MBUS Interface

Ericsson A1018

Bosch C-BUS Interface 508 509 607 608 718 738

Cable- Panasonic Interface GD-90. Connector Pin-Out.

Panasonic EB-GD70 Cellular phone

SAMSUNG Pager for POCSAG Block Diagram

SAMSUNG Pager for FLEX Block Diagram

Nokia FBus cable: For the special DAU-4S cable (DAU for MBUS): put the RX and TX data lines from the MAX 232 IC together to the MBUS pin of the Nokia connector.

Cellular phone Ericsson 6xx/7xx Cable to RS232

Secret Codes for Other Ericsson Phones

Secret Codes for Cellular phone Ericsson DH336, DH338, DH343 and DH353

MOTOROLA Pager Programming Interface

NEC Pager Programming Interface

Phone Panasonic EB-GD70

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