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Simple version. Full version located here

LED boost switcher - Single AA cell powers two LEDs at constant current

LED buck PFM - Powers LED with constant current starting at 100mV over Vf

Constant Brightness LED Stroboscope - For measuring the speed of small motors

Stud Sensor Automatic - This is the old discrete component design, now superceded by a PIC.

Unusual Radar Detector - This unique anchient design uses a chopper amplifier

Flashlight Timers - Children's flashlights often have timers to preserve battery life

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller - These emit noise to confuse or agitate insects or animals

Photo Flashes at 1.5 volts

Sound Activated Toys

Wall Clock Governor Drivers - These were common before the advent of quartz controlled stepping motor clocks.

Tiny RC Cars TX and Charger

Simple RC Cars - Single channel Transmitters and Super Regenerative Receivers at 27MHz and 49MHz

Four/Five Channel RC Cars - TX and RX circuits using metal gate CMOS instead of custom chips.

Bathroom Deoderizer Control - That box you see on the wall in public washrooms. This is the type that has a little DC motor fan positioned above a small container containing a deoderant liquid or jelly, and runs off a D cell. The photocell turns off the fan when it gets dark. The LED flashes if the battery is good.

Ceiling Fan Speed Control - For one of those 3 or 4 blade decorative fans.

Color Organ Light - Flashes coloured christmas type lightbulbs to music. This circuit works REALLY well. Notice how it will fire even in complete silence. This provides a sort of automatic gain control.

Delayed Off Light Switch - Rated for use with incadescent loads. This is an unusual design in that it uses plain metal gate CMOS logic instead of the usual PIC or a custom chip. The 22uF capacitor charges up during one half of the ac cycle, and supplies trigger current to the triac on both halves.

Deoderizer Fan Pushbutton Timer - A battery operated fan blows air accross a stinky pad. For use in a bathroom or car. I've seen similar circuits used in plastic pot-pourri containers.

Digital Timer Light Switch

Hand Clap Lamp Control

Lamp Dimmers

Radio Controlled 3way Light Switch

Air Ionizer (Negative ion Generator)

8 Relay module

Baby Watch out

Electronic selector for 10 sources with Display 7-segment

Electronic selection for 8 sources

Electronic selection for 8 sourses with 2 push buttton [Up/Down]

Electronic On/Off Touch Switch

Voltage window switch

Temperature window switch

Signal and Tone Activated Relay Switch

Over and under voltage switch with relay

Electronic Touch Dimmer

Light sensitive and differedial temperature switch

Digital ping - pong [2]

Digital ping-pong [1]

Acoustic Tone by command

Digital Roulette with Display

Melody Door Ringer

Timer with Buzzer and Optocupler

Wide rage auto turn OFF timer

Relay timer switch

Digital Clock with MM5314N

SamClock RINGER and drive external load

SamClock [Digital Clock]

SamGordon Digital Clock

Bachelor project. Computerised house control. Room control. Wide physical dimension measuring range (temperature measuring range from 10 to +50 0C, light intensity measuring range from dark to high brightness)

A frequency meter metal detector. We have designed the metal detector, the principle of operation which one differs from the classic schemes (BFO, transmit-receive known as "two-boxes" metal detector, inductive). Our device has a simple design and one has the quite good characteristics.

Electronic relay (simple)

Long delay timer (simple)

220V mains monitor. With this circuit you will be able to monitor the quality of the mains. (simple)

Basic infrared TX-RX (IR) (simple)

ElectronicI Ching. This circuit is the electronic emulation of the I Ching, a form of divination originating in China. (simple)

Sound triggered flash. If you wish to take a picture of a fleeting event which generates a sound, you can do it with this sound activated trigger. (simple)

Whistle Switch. Remote control by whistling. Turn appliances off and on.

Bootstrp/ PLL ( Phase Locked Loop) (Metal detector theory) (33 Kb)

Cheesemd2 (Metal detector theory-BFO) part2 (328Kb)

Cheesemd1 (Metal detector theory-BFO) part1 (181 Kb)

Aircore (Metal detector theory) (162 Kb)

Metal Detector Description James Trevelyan (Metal detector theory)

BFO Theory (Metal detector theory) (59 Kb)

1.5 Volt Strobo with a Kodak Max Disposable Camera. How to modify a Kodak Max Disposable Camera Flash Circuit and build a 1.5 volt supply STROBO. (Yes! just using a 1.5 volt AA alkaline battery!!)

Underground Radio - How to use conductive soil (underground water table) to transmit audio or radio signals. During World War II there were situations were conventional radio was useless, either because enemy jamming or just for hidding purpouses; thus, radio operators forced off the air, tried a different aproach... underground radio. Although it's obviously a less efficient system, it works perfectly well if we find a good conductive sheet beneath.

Infra Red Vision System for a Toy Car

Rechargeable Led Flashlight. This is the project of rechargeable flashlight using a high intensity red Jumbo Led. The main idea is to have a moderate source of light that will be ever at hand, without batteries to replace or light bulbs to change. It may be left plugged in the 110 vac wall outlet, ready for use.

Infrared gate 2. This is an infrared gate with two sensors planned to use in the wall in the way behind a door.

220V live wire-in-wall scanner

Full-duplex doorphone with 3 wires connection.

(RF) remote control encoder/decoder (PIC projects)

Automatic door opener (PIC projects)

Ultrasonic receiver

Touch switch

Relay delay circuit

Latching relay driver

Transistor relay driver

Heartbeat transducer

Visual metronome

Strain gauge sensor

ELF monitor

Solar power supply

Programmable light relay

Negative ion generator

LED Christmas lights

Electronic lock

Time delay circuit

Switch on delay circuit

Electronic Whistle

Morse practice oscillator

Solar power battery charger

General IR receiver

Three channel "snap"

Ultrasonic motion detector

Long period timer

Event counter

ECG amplifier


Solar sun tracker

Air flow detector

Low frequency clock

Mega phone circuit 9v

Microwave Oven Transformers- Power (XFMR's)- Tesla Coil (includes A Typical Microwave Oven Schematic)

Fool's day

Dynamic lights (12C508A) (Christmas)

Wall Wart Information

Nifty Original Ideas: / Test Probes Too Big? / Wristwatch Hell / Phone Line Indicator

Watch on PIC.

Low drop linear voltage regulators (article from National Semiconductors)

IBM PC joystick

Soft Musical Telephone Ringer

Infrared Remote Control

Flashing Heart

Digital Switching System

Precision 1Hz Clock Generator using Chip-on-Board

Electronic Scoring Game

Ultra Low Drop Linear Regulator

High and Low Voltage Cutout with Delay and Melody

Automatic Room Power Control

Telecom Headset

Auto Reset Over/Under Voltage Cut-Out

IC Controlled Emergency Light with Charger

Wiper Speed Controller

Time Switch




Phase Failure Relay

Variable Frequency Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Radio Controlled Remote Control

Soft-touch Bi-directional Motor Driver

Metal Detector





Appliance Timer



Simple Intercom Circuit

Ramp Controlled Light

Fire Alarm

IR Remote Control

Intelligent switch

Accurate Electronic Stop-Watch

Clap Switch

Programmable door-bell with flashing LEDs

Sensitive Temperature Switch

Single-ic Decoy Switch

Touch-Sensitive Musical Bell with Timer

Magic Wand Conjuring Trick

Neon Desklamp

Hot Water Tank Indicator

Temperature Monitor

ConjuringTrick- "Domino Box"

Sound Operated Switch

Electronic Night Light

Digital Combination Lock

Doorbell with Counter

Remote Doorbell Indicator

Press Button Switch Debouncer

DC Push Button Motor Control Circuit

Light Detector Circuit

Dark Activated Switch or Porch Light Switch

Frost Alarm or Cold Activated Switch

Infra Red Remote Control Extender (IR)

Doorphone Intercom

Backup Lamp (11k) Don't get caught in the dark again!

Dome Lamp Dimmer (16k) Efficiently dim the car's dome or map light.

Battery Saver (161k) Automatically turns off flashlights, toys and other devices operating on voltage as low as 3 volts.

Five projects for April Fools Day! (77k) Build a mysterious lamp, maddening dripper, TV remote control blocker, rattle box, and a truly smelly project.

Shower Stopper (24k) By request! This gadget throws cold water on long showers.

Deer Repellent (18k) This seismic sensor can detect and frighten away intruders.

Fridge Alarm (9k) Alerts you when the refrigerator door is left open.

Galloping Neons (20k) Build a line-powered array of blinking neon lamps.

TV Scavenger Hunt Game A "game show timer" is at the heart of this fun TV watching game.

Rain Detector (15k) Stick this out the window instead of your hand. Weather Circuits.

Timed Beeper. Beeps for 7.5 seconds after a presetted time. Adjustable time settings: 15 sec 30 sec 1 min 2 min and others

Plants Watering Watcher. Varying brightness LED signals the necessity to water a plant. Very low consumption, 3V

Fridge door Alarm. Beeps if you left open the door over 20 seconds. 3V battery operation, simple circuitry

Bedside Lamp Timer. 30 minutes operation. Blinking LED signals 6 last minutes before turn-off

Headlight Reminder Circuit

Cheap 40KHz clock

Control 120VAC relay with TTL

Garage Door Opener Scanner

Clock Divider Circuit

A Clock Doubling Circuit (500KHz) for CMOS logic

The microwave oven

Power-Off Time Delay Relay Circuit

Touch Activated Lamp

9 Second Digital Readout Timer

9 Second LED Relay Timer

28 LED Clock Timer

Electronic Thermostat Relay Circuit

Time Delay Relay Circuit

Light Activated Relay

Generating Long Time Delays

Time Delay Relay II

Pine Racecar Victory Judge

Computerize Your Room/Home

Time Delay Relay

Touch Switch

Robot wars: start here!

Touch operated changeover switch

Timer: pulse output

Timer: delay on energise

Timer: delay on de-energise


Thermometer and thermostat for Room temperatures

Domestic heating control circuit

Asymetrical Timer

Periodic Timer

5 to 30 minute Timer

555 Monostable Circuit

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