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Simple version. Full version located here

Wireless weater station

Galaxy Noise Filter

Low-pass active filter

Filter Circuit for the Earthworm Seismic Data Acquisition System

Active 2nd Order Filters

RC Notch Filter (Twin T)

Multiple Feedback Bandpass Filter

CW filters

Self-tune filter

SSB AF filter

Helical Resonator Notch Filter

3KHz low-pass filter plus audio amp (PDF)

Active bandpass filters

Bandpass filters

Butterworth filters

Narrow band audio bandpass filter

Bandpass filters

Chebyshev / Butterworth filters

Biquad Active Bandpass Filter Schematic

"A" Weighting Filter For Audio Measurements

Digital signal processor (DSP) for radio communications

29.85 MHZ bandpass filter schematic

29.85 MHZ notch filter schematic

LC filter design

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