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Simple version. Full version located here

LC filter design

Visor cradle serial interface

Electronic coin tosser

Electronic craps game

First response monitor

Video ping pong game

MBC5/CPLD for the GameBoy

GameBoy Camera Parallel Port Interface

Mobile robot (PDF)

PSX controler to PC MIDI converter

Dreamcast PC serial adapter

GameBoy Cart Programmer

Memory game

Project: NES to Atari 2600 controller interface

Battery Meter for Pinball Machines

Pine Racecar Victory Judge

Interfacing Sony control stick to Empeg

Electronic Nicad glow plug driver

April Fools LEDs

Pinewood Derby logic

Quiz Master

GameBoy Schematic

GameBoy LCD schematic

GameBoy Power & Cartridge schematic

GameBoy ROM+RAM+MBC1 Cart Schematic

GameBoy MBC1 circuit equivalent

Super GameBoy schematic

Quiz show indicator

Dreamcast interface

Bingo!!! (on your tv)

Slot car TV cronograph

Furby reverse-engineered circuit

Sanyo 20EZ monitor Arcade Game (300k ZIP)

Burger Time Arcade Game (500k ZIP)

Dig Dug Arcade Game (800k ZIP)

Frogger Arcade Game (500k ZIP)

Galaga Arcade Game (542k ZIP)

Gyrus Arcade Game (800k ZIP)

Junior Pacman Arcade Game (400k)

Ladybug Arcade Game (335k ZIP)

Mappy Arcade Game (470k ZIP)

Moon Cresta Arcade Game (300k ZIP)

Mr.Do Arcade Game (554k ZIP)

PacLand Arcade Game (316k ZIP)

Pengo Arcade Game (313k ZIP)

Q*Bert Arcade Game (600k ZIP)

Qix Arcade Game (476k ZIP)

Scramble Arcade Game (600k ZIP)

Xevious Arcade Game (450k ZIP)

Magic Wand Conjuring Trick

Quiz game circuit

E.S.P. Conjuring Trick

DIT shutterglasses controller

Tic-tac-toe game using PIC16F628

Archery timer

Magic lamp, IR remote control jammer and other fun circuits (PDF)

Lego Mindstorms Double Rotation Sensor

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