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Motor controls

Simple version. Full version located here

Glow Plug driver for model engines

Bridge head

PWM motor controller

Transistor relay driver

Latching relay driver

Relay delay circuit

Touch switch

Low voltage DC motor speed controller

Flashing neon christmas lights

Three input first response monitor

Switch-on delay circuit

Electronic thermostat

LM3911 temperature controller

Programmable light-activated relay

Simple 10 Stage Control Box

One component stepper motor driver

Dual Stepping motor drivers using UDN2540

PWM DC motor control with SG3525

Stepper Motor Driver using TEA3718/3717

Microstepping with PBM3960 and TEA3718

DC Motor Driver with L6203

Stepper Motor Driver using L298 and L297

Several stepper motorol control circuits

Wireless RF PWM dual motor controller

H Bridge Motor Control Circuits

Motor speed controllers

Ceiling fan speed control

Delayed off light switch

Deoderizer fan timer

Electronic Thermostat Relay Circuit

Interfacing 5 volt CMOS to 12 volt loads

Light Activated Relay

CMOS Toggle Flip Flop With Relay(CD4013)

555 Timer Monostable Circuit Using Pushbutton

Dual Channel Servo Pulse to H-Bridge Interface

Current loop interface

Switching solenoid driver

Modular relay system

Light/dark detector

Pulse Width Modulation DC Motor Control

Stepper motor controller

Touch switch

Pump controller

H-Bridge motor controller (5 amps, 100 watts)

Dual Channel Servo Pulse to H-Bridge Interface

Servo pulse to PWM converter

12V Sump Pump Control

Rolling code 4-channel UHF remote control

DC Motor Speed Controller

3 Phase Brushless DC Motor Xtal Based Controller

DC motor controller

Garden moisture controller

Overload Voltage Protection with Automatic Reset

Pulse Width Modulator

Pulse Width Modulator Motor Speed Control

Pushbutton one-shot and latch (PDF)

Charge coupled bi-directional power MOSFET relay (PDF)

Finger touch activated switch (PDF)

Machine vibration triggers hour meter (PDF)

Solid state relay (PDF)

Line-powered Xenon flash transmitter (PDF)

9V Xenon photoflash controller (PDF)

AC switching with TRIAC from TTL

Control 120VAC relay with TTL

Driving a relay with a CPU

Power-line Appliance Controller

Simple Switched Servo Driver

Combination-controlled, fully customizable RF remote control

Thermoelectic controller (scriptable thermometer)

Stepper motor positioner

Stepper motor driver


Frequency switch

PIC16F84 RF remote controller

H-Bridge shematic

DS1821 programmable thermostat

Hot Water Tank Indicator

Temperature monitor

Cold activated switch

Voltage comparator switch

Dark activated switch

DC Push Button Motor Control Circuit

Light detector

DC Motor Reversing Circuit

Sound operated switch

LDR light/dark activated relay switch

Touch Switches

6090 digital decoder schematics

Assorted relay control circuits

Adjustable Voltage motor controller

Serial servo controller

DC Motor-Driver H-Bridge Circuit

PWM Motor Speed Controller / DC Light Dimmer

Constant Temperature Circuit

PWM DC Motor Speed Control

Solenoid starter

CO2 controller for planted tanks

Light activated relay

Delayed shutter control for Kodak DC-20

Gasoline generator automatic throttle controller

Block power switching module

MOSFET H-BRIDGE schematic and theory

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