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PDA interface and schematic

Simple version. Full version located here

Casio interface circuits

SHARP palm-top/hand-held to RS232 serial converter

Interfacing ultrasonic range finder to BrainStem

Hamamatsu UVTron Interface to a BrainStem

Casio organiser hardware

MIDI interface for Palm computers

MIDI interface for Palm cradle

MIDI interface for Visor USB

MIDI-USB Cradle for Visor (Deluxe, Platinum)

Casio datalogger

Interfacing ADXL202 accelerometer to PalmPilot

PalmPilot audio interface

PalmPilot cradle to modem adapter

PalmPilot connector pinouts

PalmPilot serial port interface

PalmPilot memory schematics

Aladin interface

PalmPilot turbo boost guage interface

IBM PC keyboard to PalmPilot interface

Aladin interface using op-amp

Wireless local network for PalmPilot (large PDF)

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