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Simple version. Full version located here

Versatile electronic timer

Wireless microphone

XTAL locked tone transmitter

AM oscillator for wireless microphones

Wireless microphone

1W CW Transmitter

433MHz transmitter using SAW resonator

A 3m (100 MHz) small bug

Basic FM Transmitter

Micro Power AM Broadcast Transmitter

FM Beacon Transmitter (88-108 MHz)

1 valve CW transmitter

250mW HF CW transmitter

2 valve CW transmitter

Transmitter using LM317

5 Watt HF CW transmitter

Simple FM microphone

FM bug

High power FM bug

QRP HF transmitter

Spark gap transmitter

QRP SSB transmitter

FM transmitter

Two Valve 40m CW Transmitter

Frequency agile 80m CW QRP transmitter

80 metre DSB transmitter

One Valve CW transmitter

Simple Low FER Transmitter

7Mhz AM/CW Amateur Radio Transmitter

VHF FM transmitter

Simple FM transmitter

Wireless microphone

Shortwave radio transmitter

175KHz inductive pulse transmitter (PDF)

7MHz QRP transmitter

Small Radio Transmitter

FM Telephone Transmitter

Tracking transmitter

5W PLL Transmitter

Miniature FM transmitter

Sensitive FM transmitter

Simple RF transmitter

1.5 volt tracking transmitter

Tracking transmitter

Micro Power FM Broadcasting Circuits

Low Power FM Transmitter

RF/SS Handie Hopper Transmitter Schematic

30-Meter QRP Transmitter for Morse Code

Miniature FM Transmitter #1

Miniature FM Transmitter #2

Miniature FM Transmitter #3

Light sensing RF transmitter

Micro-Spy with FETs

Micro-Spy with USW

Micro-Spy with TTL

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