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Simple version. Full version located here


SQUARE WAVE TO TRIANGLE WAVE CONVERTER. This circuit converts a square waveform to a triangle waveform while automatically maintaining a constant triangle amplitude for a wide range of input frequencies. Although originally designed for application in a communications system, the idea is readily adaptable for certain electronic music applications where waveform conversion is desired.

RF amplifier Wide Band -40MHZ

PLL Stereo Decoder with LM1800 [4]

FM Stereo Demodulator with MC1310P [ 3]

Basic RDS Encoder Unit

FM Transmitter

Mains frequency meter (simple)

Ultra low frequency receiver. The frequency covered is from 0.1Hz to 10Hz and useful signals are received up to 16Hz. (simple)

Baluns and coaxial aerials. If you are dealing with radiofrequency aerials you might like to experiment with the configurations proposed. (simple)

Windscreenloop aerial. If you do not like the whip antenna on your car, you may try this alternative circuit. (simple)

Modified Howland Current Source. A Constant Current Source for a Grounded Load using a Single Op-Amp. (Theory)

Bartlett's Bisection Theorem. Modify passive filters for unequal terminations. (Theory)

The 180 Degree Hybrid Junction (180 RF Hybrid) (Tutorial)

Quad-Detector. Varactor diode provides temperature stability for FM quadrature demodulator.

Using mixers in radio communications. (The Linear Diode Detector for AM Demodulation/ The Product Detector for SSB, DSB, and CW Demodulation/ The Quadrature Demodulator/ Costas Loop for Demodulating a BPSK Signal/ Costas Loop for Demodulating a QPSK Signal/ The Filter Method of SSB Generation/ The Phasing Method of SSB Generation/ The Weaver Method of SSB Generation/ The Filter Method of Image Rejection/ The Phasing Method of Image Rejection/ The Weaver Method of Image Rejection)

Introduction to Mixers (RF)

The magic-T and its applications (an alternative to the 6 dB power splitter)

Introduction to Gilbert cells (a cross-coupled differential amplifier)

An Adjustable 4/9:1 - 9:1 Impedance Transformer

RF Directional Couplers. The design and analysis of wirewound toroidal directional couplers.

SDSL Chip Set. xDSL- chip set's

Underground Radio - How to use conductive soil (underground water table) to transmit audio or radio signals. During World War II there were situations were conventional radio was useless, either because enemy jamming or just for hidding purpouses; thus, radio operators forced off the air, tried a different aproach... underground radio. Although it's obviously a less efficient system, it works perfectly well if we find a good conductive sheet beneath.

Supreg 27Mhz receiver. Superregenerative receiver. This is a simple RF receiver mainly for low-distance digital radio receiver application.

FM bug

Economy short-wave radio

Wireless IR h"phone transmitter

Crystal radio

AM Radio

FM stereo decoder

FM transmitter

Short-wave scanner converter

Two band radio

Crystal radio with amplifier

Crystal radio

4W FM transmitter

2-transistor FM transmitter

EXTERNAL TRACKING GENERATOR from 100kHz to 1000MHz (sweep analyzer)

Test generator for 144 MHz with FM

RF detector for 0.001 MHz-1500 MHz

PLL synthesizer-2

PLL synthesizer-1

Block diagram for PLL synthesizer

RF oscillator for 1420-2250 MHz

RF oscillator for 144-146 MHz with FM-2

RF oscillator for 1.2 GHz-2.4 GHz

RF oscillator for 144-146 MHz with FM-1

RF oscillator for 15-25 MHz

RF oscillator for 350-1000 MHz

Measurement results for RF oscillator 1000-1500 MHz

RF oscillator for 1000-1500 MHz

RF divider by 10/11 with SP8695

RF divider by 64/128/256 with NEC506

RF divider by 64/128/256 with MB506

RF divider by 4 with K193IE7

RF divider by 10 with K193IE2

Radio Cassete Recorder FIRST ?556

Player FIRST

Stereo Receiver 22AH777 part 6

Stereo Receiver 22AH777 part 5

Stereo Receiver 22AH777 part 4

Stereo Receiver 22AH777 part 3

Stereo Receiver 22AH777 part 2

Stereo Receiver 22AH777 part 1

Fm radio

Radiostation ALINCO DJ-S41(300Kb)

Baycom Terminal Diagram (modem)

N-888. Programming Instructions. BMP- 663kb.

N-888. BMP - 872kb

CP-50. Clone Schematics - DjVu - 19kb

CP-50. Programming Instructions. DjVu - 228kb.

GP-68. Service Manual. DjVu, 278kb.

DJ-182 - 1.1mb.

HX-242. Programming Instructions. DjVu - 1mb.

HX-240. Programming Instructions. DjVu - 91kb

HX-240. Programming Instructions. BMP - 456kb

IC-V68. Programming Instructions. BMP - 1mb.

IC-706mk2G. Service menu - 35kb

Standard radiostation HX-240 - DjVu-186kb

Standard radiostation HX-240 - 615kb

Motorola radiostation CP-50 (pcb) DjVu-288kb

Motorola radiostation CP-50 (UHF) (sch) DjVu-47kb

Motorola radiostation CP-50 (sch) DjVu-48kb

Motorola radiostation GM-350 (pcb) - DjVu-145kb

Motorola radiostation GM-350 (pcb) - 886kb

Motorola radiostation GM-300 - DjVu-148kb

Motorola radiostation GM-300 - 474kb

Motorola radiostation GP-300 - DjVu-111kb

Motorola radiostation GP-300 - 395kb

Motorola radiostation GM-350 sch - DjVu-218kb

Motorola radiostation GM-350 sch - 872kb

Yaesu , Vertex radiostation FT-840 - 2.1mb

Yaesu , Vertex radiostation VX-1R - DjVu-404kb

Yaesu , Vertex radiostation VX-1R - 1.8mb

Yaesu , Vertex radiostation VX-300 -DjVu-163kb

Yaesu , Vertex radiostation VX-300 - 437kb

Yaesu , Vertex radiostation VX-10 - DjVu-138kb

Yaesu , Vertex radiostation VX-10 - 385kb

Yaesu , Vertex radiostation FC-800 - DjVu-52kb

Yaesu , Vertex radiostation FC-800 - 129kb

Yaesu , Vertex radiostation FT-8500 - DjVu-695kb

Yaesu , Vertex radiostation FT-8500 2.1mb

Yaesu , Vertex radiostation FT-5100 2.2mb

Yaesu , Vertex radiostation FT-2500 - DjVu-147kb

Yaesu , Vertex radiostation FT-2500 - 370Kb

Yaesu , Vertex radiostation FT-51 2.4m

Yaesu , Vertex radiostation FT-50 1.1m

Yaesu , Vertex radiostation FT-40 - DjVu-48kb

Yaesu , Vertex radiostation FT-40 - 115kb

Yaesu , Vertex radiostation FT-26 - 298Kb

Yaesu , Vertex radiostation FT-11R -DjVu-123kb

Yaesu , Vertex radiostation FT-11R - 271Kb

Yaesu , Vertex radiostation DjVu-197kb

Yaesu , Vertex radiostation FT-10R - 632Kb

Kenwood radiostation TS-870 (5) DjVu-148kb

Kenwood radiostation TS-870 (5) 0.7mb

Kenwood radiostation TS-870 (4) 1.9mb

Kenwood radiostation TS-870 (3) DjVu-568kb

Kenwood radiostation TS-870 (3) 2.2mb

Kenwood radiostation TS-870 (2) DjVu-583kb

Kenwood radiostation TS-870 (2) 2.2mb

Kenwood radiostation TS-870 (1) DjVu-380kb

Kenwood radiostation TS-870 (1) 1.6mb

Kenwood radiostation TH-22 - DjVu-163kb

Kenwood radiostation TH-22 - 512kb

Kenwood radiostation TM-733 - DjVu-258kb

Kenwood radiostation TM-733 - 725kb

Kenwood radiostation TM-251 - DjVu-152kb

Kenwood radiostation TM-251 - 447kb

Icom radiostation IC-V68 - DjVu-157kb

Icom radiostation IC-V68 - 445kb

Icom radiostation IC-756 2.3m

Icom radiostation IC-706 2.2m

Icom radiostation IC-229 - DjVu-171kb

Icom radiostation 466kb

Icom radiostation ICF3/F4 1.8m

Icom radiostation IC-2SAT - DjVu-128kb

Icom radiostation IC-2SAT - 393kb

Alinco radiostation DX-701 - 2.9m

Alinco radiostation DJ-F1 - DjVu-157kb

Alinco radiostation DJ-F1 - 377kb

Alinco radiostation DR-605 1.2m

Alinco radiostation DR-599 2.9m

Alinco radiostation DR-140 - DjVu-182kb

Alinco radiostation DR-140 - 542kb

Alinco radiostation DR-130 - 302kb

Alinco radiostation DJ-580 - DjVu-181kb

Alinco radiostation DJ-580 2.3mb

Alinco radiostation DJ-S4- DjVu-176kb

Alinco radiostation DJ-S41- 464kb

Alinco radiostation DJ-S11 DjVu-142kb

Alinco radiostation DJ-S11 400kb

Alinco radiostation DJ-G5 3.1m

Alinco radiostation DJ-G1 414kb

Alinco radiostation DJ-195 DjVu-75kb

Alinco radiostation DJ-195- 237Kb

Alinco radiostation DJ-191 DjVu-179kb

Alinco radiostation DJ-191 629kb

Alinco radiostation DJ-182 389kb

Alinco radiostation DJ-180 428kb

Alinco radiostation DJ-160 1.1m


SSTV modems

HammComm 3.0 (Comparator) Receive Circuit also for use with JVFAX and PKTMON- WB5NBQ

Sound Card Interfacing for RTTY, PSK31, and SSTV

TS-870. Manual - 4.3Mb.

SWR - Meter

Slinky Beverage


Electronic Attenuator

FM Transmiter 4W

Fm Transmit

Transmiter Detector

40-Metre Direct Conversion Receiver


FM Transmitter For Channel Changer

Short Wave AM Transmitter

7MHz CW/AM QRP transmitter

Computerised Morse code generator/transmitter

4 Transistor Transmitter

FM Transmitter

SW Receiver using the ZN414

ZN414 Portable AM Receiver

4 Band Double Tuned Preselector

Q- Multiplying Loop Antenna

MW Preamplifier

Curious C-Beeper

Crystal Radio Amplifier (16k) An unusual amplifier that gives room-filling volume with a few parts.

Constant Reactance Voltage (article RF Design magazine)

A Low Power RF ID Transponder (article RF Design magazine)

New Oscillators Reach for (article RF Design magazine)

Low Frequency (article RF Design magazine)

New Topology Multiplier (article RF Design magazine)

Bootstrapped PLL Improves Oscillator Performance (33k)

Morse Code Beacon Keyer

Active 2nd Order Filters

FM Beacon Transmitter (88-108 MHz)

3 Watt FM Transmitter

Circuit of rf impedance bridge

Noise bridge measuring both R and X

Circuit diagram of the noise bridge

A sensitive crystal diode checker of field-strenght meter using an af transistor as dc amplifier

High-gain field-strength meter by WA4DXP

Circuit diagram of the meter swithing for a mounted reflectometer

Circuit of coupler unit

Circuit of in-line rms/p.e.p. wattmeter

Method of measuring p.e.p output in relation to mean output with two-tone source

Method of using thermal converter for higher powers

Method of application of rf to the bridge

A thermistor bridge

Suitable two-lamp comparator

Rush Converter for the Car. Tune in WRNO at 15.42 MHz and hear a famous talk show!

WWV Converter for the Car. Receive WWV at 10 MHz and other shortwave broadcasts as you drive.

Aircraft Receiver. A passive receiver for listening to the pilot!

One Watt Class-C Amplifier

FM Band Preamplifier. This low noise amplifier will bring in those low-power stations.

Measuring RF Voltages with a VOM

RF Isolator Uses Differential Amplifiers

Antennas! Here are a few notes regarding receiver antennas for AM, shortwave, and scanner frequencies.

Micropower AM band radio station. This simple transmitter offers surprisingly good signal quality.

FM Band Monaural Transmitter. Varactor diode gives high quality modulation.

FM Oscillator

Small Radio Transmitter

RF Sniffer <.5 to >500 MHz

Build a Yagi-Uda Antenna

Active Antenna

Micro Power FM Broadcasting Circuits

Crystal Radio

Op Amp Radio

FM Transmitter

Radio Control Interface

TV/Radio antenna wire isolator

RC Notch Filter (Twin T)

Simple Op-Amp Radio

Active 2nd Order Filters

Op-Amp Basics

Micro Power AM Broadcast Transmitter

Long Loopstick AM Radio Antenna

UHF oscillator

Economoy short-wave radio

Linearized RF detector

Two-band radio

Shortwave conveter for scanners

FM Bug

AM Radio

Toroidal coil RF shortwave receiver

Crystal radio


TRF AM Receiver circuit

WLW 500KW Transmitter Schematic

AM-Receiver for Aircraft communication (118.250MHz)

AM receiver for aircraft communications

80 Meter CW ARDF receiver

Four channel RF remote control

CW zero beat indicator (PDF)

Build your own VLF Receiver

Receiver building blocks

Simple wireless radio data link

RX3302 receiver module schematic

Superregenerative 27MHz receiver

49MHz walkie-talkie

Convert 2m VHF FM PMR transceiver Motorola Radius M110 into an amateur radio

Vibrating pocket bug detector

2MHz RF Oscillator

50-150MHz Overtone Oscillator

Simple Op-Amp Radio

UHF - 100W Transistorized amplifier

50MHz Converter

RF front-end for triple conversion GPS receiver

2M - 20M transverter

Improved CMOS RF PLL sythesizer

Harmonic oscillator

Direction finder system

One transistor regenerative receiver

Synthesized HF receiver

TBA120 narrowband FM receiver

TDA7000 receiver

ZN414 receivers

10W HF linear amplifier

500W HF linear amplifier

3W HF QRP linear amplifier

Phasing SSB exciter

500mW HF linear amplifier

Generic VHF power amplifier

10.7MHz FM detector

RTTY terminal unit


CMOS RF PLL sythesizer

3W FM Transmitter

Crystal radio

Op-Amp Radio

Car radio tunes the Amateur Bands

Crystal set that requires no antenna

80m Direct Conversion Receiver

A compact L-match ATU for portable use

Morse Adaptor for your VHF/UHF FM rig

An end-fed antenna, L-match coupler and resistive bridge for HF

AM Broadcast Band Regenerative Receiver

50 MHz to 146 MHz Converter

Hear Amateurs on your Shortwave Radio!

Compact 20 14 MHz direct conversion receiver

Hear Amateurs on your FM Radio!

RF actuated CW monitor

LF to HF Converter

Super 80 ultra-simple SSB receiver for 3.5 MHz

Class B series modulator

L-Band PHEMT LNA for GPS, Inmarsat etc

Advanced VHF power meter

The MRX-40 Mini Receiver

AM Broadcast Band Active Antenna

Active antenna with gain

Ham Band VFO

HF Signal generator

Simple AM Radio Receiver & Amplifier

Bug detector

175KHz inductive pulse receiver (PDF)

200-400 MHz voltage controlled oscillator

AM/FM/SW active antenna

RF Sniffer <.5 to >500 MHz

Demodulator Schematic/Design

AM BCB radio receiver

Regenerative shortwave receiver

DSBSC (Double Side Band Supressed Carrier)

Frequency Synthesizer

Digital Automatic Gain Control (AGC)

Four Channel Wireless Transmitter and Receiver

Talking receiver

PLL synthesizing oscillator (1)

PLL synthesizing oscillator (2)

PLL synthesizing oscillator (3)

2N2222 40 Meter CW/DSB Transceiver

Yaesu FT-736R doppler compensation

Phased lock loop schematic

30M PSK31 Transceiver

SOP receiver (PDF)

SOP direct conversion receiver


30m direct conversion receiver

Popcorn direct conversion receiver

40m direct conversion receiver

80m direct conversion receiver

136 kHz direct conversion receiver

One Watt 2.45 GHz Linear Amplifier

222 MHz Transverter

VFO from 2001 ARRL Handbook, page 17.74

VFO from 2001 ARRL Handbook, page 14.20

Assorted RF circuits

14MHz SSB 10mW Transceiver

Building a Simple LF Exciter

Yaesu band decoder schematic

VLF radio receiver schematic

5 watt, 80 meter QRP CW Transceiver

How to Build a 300MHz AM, RF Remote Control System

RF Modem Robotics Project

PLL FM transmitter

Improved FM Stereo Modulator

Smooth Tone Clickless CW Sidetone Generator

Variety of receiver converter projects

One transistor FM receiver

42 Mc Band to 88 Mc Band (retrofit converter) Project

Crystal radio circuits including diode performance comparison

50MHz Assistant (Preamp & Power Amp.)

Bug detector

Basic RF oscillator

Radio Control Electric Switch

56K RF Modem

80M ARDF direction finder

AM Transmitter Circuit

AM Receiver

ATL3 Loop Antenna

Band 2 VHF Amplifier

Field Strength Meter

FM Receiver using MPF102

FM Transmitter

Simple Field Strength Meter

Q-Multiplying Loop Antenna

MW Preamplifier

UHF Preamplier

ZN414 Portable AM Receiver

4 Band Double Tuned Preselector

rf Circuits

ZN414 SW Receiver

Surveillance Transmitter Detector

2 Transistor FM Transmitter

2 Transistor Transmitter

24 Hour Timer

4 Transistor Transmitter

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