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Electronic component:Description:Manuf.PackagePinsT°minT°maxDatasheet
AD10242Dual Channel, 12-Bit, 40 MSPS MCM A/D Converter with DC-Coupled Analog Input Signal Conditioning (AD9042 Core ADC)Analog-Devices----251 K
ADM1024Reconfigurable Remote Temperature Sensor and Supply Voltage Monitor, Fan Control, Chassis Intrusion with Serial InterfaceAnalog-Devices----285 K
CXG1024NHigh-Frequency SPDT Antenna SwitchSony-Semiconductor----94 K
HAT1024R(D)Power switching MOSFETdistributor----53 K
KTA1024PNP transistor for high voltage applicationKorea-Electronics-Co--Ltd--3-55°C150°C384 K
LT1024Dual, Matched Picoampere, Microvolt Input, Low Noise Op AmpLinear-Technology----719 K
M27C10241 MBIT (64KB X16) UV EPROM AND OTP EPROMSGS-Thomson-Microelectronics----102 K
MAZ1024Silicon planer type zener diodePanasonic---Semiconductor-Company-of-Matsushita-Electronics-Corporation----77 K
TZA1024T/N1Data amplifier and laser supply circuit for CD audio and video optical systems (ADALAS)Philips-SemiconductorsSOT108---134 K
TZA1024T/V2Data amplifier and laser supply circuit for CD audio and video optical systems (ADALAS)Philips-SemiconductorsSOT108---134 K
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