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Electronic component:Description:Manuf.PackagePinsT°minT°maxDatasheet
2SC5013-T1/-T2NPN epitaxial-type silicon transistorNEC-Electronics-Inc-----52 K
5962-88705013A10-Bit D Flip-Flop with TRI-STATE OutputsdistributorLCC28--163 K
HA5013Triple, 125MHz Video Amplifier FN3654.4Intersil-Corporation----175 K
IDT79R4650133MSEmbedded 64-bit orion risc microprocessorIntegrated-Device-Technology-Inc-MQUAD2080°C85°C113 K
IDT79RV4650133MSEmbedded 64-bit orion risc microprocessorIntegrated-Device-Technology-Inc-MQUAD2080°C85°C113 K
MIC5013Protected High- or Low-Side MOSFET Driverdistributor----153 K
PCD5013H/F1FLEX roaming decoder IIPhilips-SemiconductorsSOT358---270 K
PVI5013RPhotovoltaic isolatorInternational-RectifierDIP8-40°C85°C143 K
PVI5013RSPhotovoltaic isolatorInternational-RectifierDIP8-40°C85°C143 K
SLA5013MOS FET Array For Motor DriveSanken-Electric-Co-----30 K
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