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Electronic component:Description:Manuf.PackagePinsT°minT°maxDatasheet
2SD1616ATransistor. Audio frequency power amplifier medium speed switching. Collector-base voltage Vcbo = 120V. Collector-emitter voltage Vceo = 60V. Emitter-base voltage Vebo = 6V. Collector dissipation Pc(max) = 0.75W. Collector current Ic = 1A.distributor-30°C150°C47 K
HSD1616AEmitter to base voltage:6V 1A NPN epitaxial planar transistor for audio frequency power amplifier and medium speed switching applicationsdistributor-3--39 K
PJD1616ACT120V; 1A; NPN epitaxial silicon transistordistributor-3-20°C85°C220 K
PJD1616ACX120V; 1A; NPN epitaxial silicon transistordistributor-3-20°C85°C220 K

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