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Power Suply

Simple version. Full version located here

Solar Engine Circuit - Utra Efficient circuit runs small DC motor in a poorly lit room

TV Power Supply Thomson,Telefunken 36MK18/MT19/MK10X, 51MT11/MT11X, GALAXY36K/KV, GALAXY40/KV

TV Power Supply Supra STV-1454/2054

TV Power Supply Sony KV-28WS4 (KIRARA BASO)

TV Power Supply Sony KV25, MIA, TIA, TIB, MID, TID, MIE, TIE, MIK, TIK, TIL, TIR, T1U (BE-3B)

TV Power Supply Sony G25M1/G25M11 (BG-1S)

TV Power Supply Sony KV-M2181KR (BE-4)

TV Power Supply Sony KV-M1431K (BE-2A)

TV Power Supply Sharp 21FN1

TV Power Supply Samsung CK5035Z/UEISX (P69SA)

TV Power Supply Salora 21K70/21K77, 24K70/24K77, 28K70/28K77

TV Power Supply Panasonic TC2150R, TC-2150RS, TC-2155R (MX-3C)

TV Power Supply Panasonic TX-14S1TCC, TX-21S1TSS (Z-5)

TV Power Supply Panasonic TX-25V70T, TC-25V70R

TV Power Supply Panasonic TX2170T, TC-2170R, TX-21F1T (MX-3)

TV Power Supply Nokia 7164VT (2B-F)

TV Power Supply JVC C-2155EM

TV Power Supply JVC C-140MU

TV Power Supply JVC AV-20ME

TV Power Supply JVC AVJ210T

TV Power Supply Hitachi CMT2130 (NP84C22)

TV Power Supply Grundig CUC5303, CUC5310, CUC5360, CUC5361

TV Power Supply Goldstar CF29C20J, CF25C32J/29C32J (PC33J)

TV Power Supply Goldstar CF25C36/29C36

TV Power Supply Goldstar CF25C44/29C44 (MC51A)

TV Power Supply Goldstar CF14E20B/20E20B/21E20B, CF-21D10Y (MC41)

TV Power Supply FUNAI MS14A-MKII, MS14A


TV Power Supply FUNAI

TV Power Supply FUNAI MS20

TV Power Supply DAEWOO DTY2590/2595/2599/2570/2890/2895/2999/2970, T594/T694, CTV2595/2895

TV Power Supply DAEWOO DTK-1418VM/2018VM, DTK-1413VM/2013VM (C-50NA)

Computer power supply 2

Computer power supply 1

4 TO 18 VOLT, 500 MILLIAMPERE D.C. POWER SUPPLY. This is a simple, general-purpose power supply intended for laboratory applications that require both a positive and negative current. The circuit uses commonly-available integrated circuit regulators that provide integral thermal overload protection as well as safe-area limiting.


Soft start for PA


Power supply for power amplifier 100W vmosfet [1]

Power Supply 0-30V / 0-2A variable with MC1466L

Mini power supply adj. 0V-15V /1A

Adjstable symmetrical power supply +/-1,25 V- 30V / 1A

Power supply 0-30V DC/2A Adj. [single]

Power Supply +50V 3A ,stabilised and regulated

Different out voltages from 12V Battery

Voltage Regulators with L200

Symmetrical from single voltage supply

12Vdc to 220Vac 50W Converter

Power supply +13.8V 5A with LM338

Discharge Idicator for 12V Battery (Lead Acid)

Stand by Battery

Car 12V Battery Charger

220V mains monitor. With this circuit you will be able to monitor the quality of the mains. (simple)

SCR inverter (simple)

CRT and Power Supply - Oscilloscope

Volt Dual Tracking Power Supply provides 0 to 15V and 0 to negative 15V

Power supply has 0-30 volts, 0-1 amp, output, with a constant current mode.

Battery Indicator. This indicator is suited for live control of aicraft battery power.

Kirlian power supply

Solar power supply

Battery condition indicator12v

Lead acid trickle charger

Cigarette lighter 9v adapter

Solar power battery charger

Lithium charger

Nicad battery charger

Adjustable power supply

Solar sun tracker

Battery charge indicator

Alkaline battery charger

LM317 variable power supply

Lantern flasher/dimmer

230V dimmer

Videorecorder power supply Distar DS-707

Videorecorder power supply Supra SV-T25

Videorecorder power supply Supra SV-T21

Videorecorder power supply Samsung VQ-306

Videorecorder power supply Sanyo VHR-220EE

Videorecorder power supply Sony SLV-116EE

Videorecorder power supply Sharp VC-6V3DR

Videorecorder power supply Toshiba V-93CE

Videorecorder power supply Sharp VC-A30B

Videorecorder power supply Samsung VK-1560

Videorecorder power supply Samsung VK-1260

Videorecorder power supply Samsung VK-1230

Videorecorder power supply Samsung VK-8220

Videorecorder power supply Samsung VB-910

Videorecorder power supply Samsung VB-900

Videorecorder power supply Samsung PK-992R

Videorecorder power supply Samsung PK-991R

Videorecorder power supply Samsung PK-990R

Videorecorder power supply Samsung PK-982R

Videorecorder power supply Samsung PK-981R

Videorecorder power supply Samsung PK-980R

Videorecorder power supply Panasonic NV-05REU

Videorecorder power supply Panasonic NV-05REE

Videorecorder power supply Otake VCR-555

Videorecorder power supply Otake VR-44

Videorecorder power supply Otake V-33

Videorecorder power supply Orion VP-688

Videorecorder power supply Orion VH-4010

Videorecorder power supply Orion VH-300RC

Videorecorder power supply Orion VP-300R

Videorecorder power supply Orion VH-821

Videorecorder power supply Orion VH-888

Videorecorder power supply Orion VH-730

Videorecorder power supply Orion-388

Videorecorder power supply Orion VH-2966

Videorecorder power supply Orion VH-530

Videorecorder power supply Orion VH-630

Videorecorder power supply JVC HR-D521EE

Videorecorder power supply JVC HR-D520EE

Videorecorder power supply JVC HR-D320EE

Videorecorder power supply JVC HR-170EE

Videorecorder power supply JVC HR-D150E

Videorecorder power supply Hitachi VT-410

Videorecorder power supply Hitachi VT-M619EM

Videorecorder power supply Hitachi VT-P88

Videorecorder power supply Hitachi VT-P75

Videorecorder power supply Hitachi VT-P70

Videorecorder power supply Hitachi VT-P60

Videorecorder power supply Hitachi VT-M747GK

Videorecorder power supply Hitachi VT-M727E

Videorecorder power supply Hitachi VT-M827

Videorecorder power supply Hitachi VT-400E

Videorecorder power supply Hitachi VT-M747UK

Videorecorder power supply Hitachi VT-M747AU

Videorecorder power supply JVC HR-P78K

Videorecorder power supply JVC HR-29A

Videorecorder power supply Hitachi VT-498EM

Videorecorder power supply Hitachi VT-M757

Videorecorder power supply Hitachi VT-416

Videorecorder power supply Hitachi VT-415

Videorecorder power supply Hitachi VT-425E

Videorecorder power supply Hitachi VT-416E

Videorecorder power supply Hitachi VT-410E

Videorecorder power supply Daewoo DVR-1161D

Videorecorder power supply Daewoo DVR-1181D

Videorecorder power supply Goldstar VCP-4356

Videorecorder power supply Goldstar VCP-4355

Videorecorder power supply Goldstar VCP-4345

Videorecorder power supply Goldstar VCP-4325

Videorecorder power supply Goldstar VCP-4315

Videorecorder power supply Goldstar VCP-4310

Videorecorder power supply Goldstar VCP-4305

Videorecorder power supply Goldstar GHV-1246W

Videorecorder power supply Goldstar GHV-1245W

Videorecorder power supply Goldstar VCP-1110P

Videorecorder power supply Goldstar VCP-4300

Videorecorder power supply Goldstar GHV-1295WG

Videorecorder power supply Goldstar GHV-1290

Videorecorder power supply Hitachi VT-P50

Videorecorder power supply Funai VIP-8000K

Videorecorder power supply Funai VIP-5000HC

Videorecorder power supply Funai VIP-3000HC

Videorecorder power supply Elekta EPL-30EE

Videorecorder power supply Elekta VCP-5950EMK

Videorecorder power supply Daewoo DVR-5776D

Videorecorder power supply Daewoo DVR-5576D

Videorecorder power supply Daewoo DVR-5376D

Videorecorder power supply Daewoo DVR-5176D

Videorecorder power supply Daewoo DVR-4773D

Videorecorder power supply Daewoo DVR-4571D

Videorecorder power supply Elekta VC-R14EMK

Videorecorder power supply Daewoo DVR-6158D

Videorecorder power supply Daewoo DVR-4153D

Videorecorder power supply Daewoo DVR-4379D

Videorecorder power supply Daewoo DVR-4177D

Videorecorder power supply Daewoo DVR-1363D

Videorecorder power supply AKAI VS-465EM

Videorecorder power supply AKAI VS-P150EDG

Videorecorder power supply AKAI VS-P150EM

Videorecorder power supply Goldstar VCP-R1010P

Videorecorder power supply AKAI VS-G45EOG

Videorecorder power supply AKAI VS-G44EOH

Videorecorder power supply AKAI VS-40EM

Videorecorder power supply AKAI VS-G45

Videorecorder power supply AKAI VS-G44

Videorecorder power supply AKAI VS-G43

Videorecorder power supply AKAI VS-G40

Videorecorder power supply AKAI VS-462EOH

Videorecorder power supply AIWA HV-CX8

Videorecorder power supply AIWA HV-CX7

Videorecorder power supply AIWA HV-SX1

Videorecorder power supply AKAI VS-R120EM

Videorecorder power supply AIWA HV-G150

Videorecorder power supply AIWA HV-G110

Videorecorder power supply AIWA HV-G100

Videorecorder power supply AIWA HV-DK975

Videorecorder power supply AIWA HV-DK925

Videorecorder power supply AIWA HV-XE100

Videorecorder power supply AIWA HV-XE10

Videorecorder power supply AIWA HV-E295DK

TV power supply Thomson A135M/MT

TV power supply Thomson A125M

TV power supply Telefunken Galaxy36K/KV

TV power supply Telefunken 51MT11/X

TV power supply Telefunken 36MK18,MK10X,MT19

TV power supply Supra STV-2054

TV power supply Supra STV-1454

TV power supply Sony KV14

TV power supply Sony KV-28WS4

TV power supply Sony KV-G25M11

TV power supply Sony KV-G25M1

TV power supply Sony KV-M2181KR

TV power supply Sony KV-X2163

TV power supply Sony KV-X2162

TV power supply Sony KV-X2161

TV power supply Sony KV-X2160

TV power supply Sony KV-V2155K

TV power supply Sony KV-M1431K

TV power supply Sony KV-M14

TV power supply Sharp 21 FN1

TV power supply Samsung CS-5342Z

TV power supply Samsung CK-7202

TV power supply Samsung CK-5062Z

TV power supply Samsung CK-5035Z

TV power supply Salora28K77

TV power supply Samsung CK-6202

TV power supply Salora 24K77

TV power supply Salora 24K70

TV power supply Salora 28K70

TV power supply Salora 21K70

TV power supply Salora 21K77

TV power supply Recor RC4029

TV power supply Panasonic TX-32WG25C

TV power supply Panasonic TX-28WG25C

TV power supply Panasonic TC-2155

TV power supply Panasonic TC-2150

TV power supply Panasonic TX-21S1

TV power supply Panasonic TX-14S1

TV power supply Panasonic TX-25V70

TV power supply Panasonic TX-21F1T

TV power supply Panasonic TX-2170

TV power supply Nokia 7164 VT EE

TV power supply JVC C-2155EM

TV power supply JVC C-140MU

TV power supply JVC AV-20ME

TV power supply JVC AV-J210T

TV power supply Goldstar CF-29C32J

TV power supply Goldstar CF-25C32J

TV power supply Goldstar CF-29C20J

TV power supply Goldstar CF-29C36

TV power supply Goldstar CF-25C36

TV power supply Goldstar CF-21C22X

TV power supply Goldstar CF-29C44

TV power supply Goldstar CF-25C44

TV power supply Goldstar CF-21D10Y

TV power supply Goldstar CF-21E20B

TV power supply Goldstar CF-20E20B

TV power supply Goldstar CF-14E20B

TV power supply Funai MS14A

TV power supply Funai MS14VN

TV power supply Funai MS14VN MKII

TV power supply Funai MS14A MKII

TV power supply Funai TV-2500A MK8

TV power supply Funai TV-2500T MK8

TV power supply Funai MS20

TV power supply Daewoo CTV-2895

TV power supply Daewoo CTV-2595

TV power supply Daewoo T-694

TV power supply Daewoo T-594

TV power supply Daewoo DTY-2970

TV power supply Daewoo DTY-2999

TV power supply Daewoo DTY-2895

TV power supply Daewoo DTY-2890

TV power supply Daewoo DTY-2595

TV power supply Daewoo DTY-2570

TV power supply Daewoo DTY-2599

TV power supply Daewoo DTY-2590

TV power supply Daewoo DTK-2013VM

TV power supply Daewoo DTK-1413VM

TV power supply Daewoo DTK-2018VM

TV power supply Daewoo DTK-1418VM

TV power supply Beko(TVT)

DC/DC 12-220V

DC/AC 12-220V 50Hz 100W

AC/DC/AC 12-220V 50Hz for cordless phone UPS

DC/DC 12-300V

DC/AC 20W 230V output for fluorescent tube

DC/DC 8/20 - 28V

DC/AC 24-220V

DC/DC 12 - +30/-30V (Auto amplifier 4*40W)

Power Supply Schematic Diagram Panasonic KX-F130BX

Battery Charging (article from National Semiconductors)

Battery characteristics (article from National Semiconductors)

Battery testers - 2 simple schematics for onboard monitoring of the battery's charge condition.


Small Ni-Cd Charger

Pd batteries auto charger

High and Low Voltage Cutout with Delay and Melody

Auto Reset Over/Under Voltage Cut-Out

Low Current, High Voltage Power Supply


33-Volt Tunning Voltage


UPS For Cordless Telephones

Solidstate auto power-off on mains failure

12 Volt 30 Amp Power Supply

Nicad Battery Charger (NiCd)

Logic PSU with Over Voltage Protection

Boosting Regulator Current

Dual Regulated Power Supply

Unregulated Power Supply

Fuse Monitor / Alarm. It came to me in a flash. A simple way to see if a fuse has blown without removing it from its holder.

Regulated 12V Supply

L200PSU Regulator Circuit

Rectification using a Gyrator Circuit

Power supply unit Scheme XT/AT (scheme and description) (variant 2)

Scheme and power supply unit description XT/AT (variant 1)

Tube Power Supply

Pedal Board Power Supply

Peak Power Indicator

Stepper Motor Experiments

Battery Discharge Monitor

Simple Power Supplies and Regulators

High Voltage Generator for Low Current Applications (16k)

High Voltage Generator for Flash and Geiger Tubes (24k) Features very low battery current

Lantern Flasher/Dimmer (12k) Add this circuit to an existing lantern or build your own and your batteries will last much longer.

Battery Saver (161k) Automatically turns off flashlights, toys and other devices operating on voltage as low as 3 volts.

Cockcroft-Walton Diode Voltage Multipliers (36k)

Finesse Regulator Noise

Generating -5VDC from +5VDC

12V RMS to 10V Voltage Regulator (EE 332 Design Project)

Discrete low-drop voltage regulator (5V, 1A max)

Power-Off Time Delay Relay Circuit

Low Voltage , High Current Time Delay Circuit

Generating Negative 5 Volts from 9 Volt Battery

Varying Brightness AC Lamp

12 Volt Lamp Dimmer

6V to 12V Converter

Voltage Inverter II

Fixed Voltage Power Supply

Car Battery Charger

Precision rectifier circuit

Precision rectifier circuit

Test Equipment - power supply (2)

Test Equipment - power supply (1)

Power supply for the diode noise source

DC filament supply with series transistor control (Noise measurements)

HV supply 12VDC in, 12KV out

12 volt D.C. Power Supply

SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) Control Circuits

The Full Bridge Converter

The Half Bridge Converter

The Push Pull Converter

The Flyback Converter

The Forward Converter

The Cuk SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply)

The Flyback Regulator

The Current-Boosted Boost Regulator

The Boost Regulator

The Current-Boosted Buck Regulator

The Buck Regulator (or Forward Regulator)

Three-terminal regulators #1

Three-terminal regulators #2

Op Amp Power supply- Dual +/- power supply.

Battery Low Voltage Disconnect Circuit

Solar Panel Charge Controller Circuit

Temperature Controlled NICD Charger

Voltage Inverter

LASER Power Supply

Power supply, regulated, tripped

Battery low indicator

Simple Variable Voltage Source

LM317 Variable Voltage Regulator

LM317 Regulator With Pass Transistor

Variable 3 - 24 Volt / 3 Amp Power Supply

Variable Voltage and Current Power Supply

2 watt switching power supply

Low Power DC to DC Converter

Constant Current Battery Charger

Interfacing 5 volt CMOS to 12 volt loads

Transformerless Power Supply

High Voltage High Current Power Supply

High Current Power Supply

Dual Polarity Power Supply

Portable CD Player Adapter For Car

12VDC To 120VAC Inverter

Solid State Tesla Coil/High Voltage Generator

Power Supply

Simple 5V Power Supply

Wireless local network for PalmPilot (large PDF)

Power supply provides +5VDC regulated, +10VDC unregulated and 7.5VAC

13.5KV power supply

Kirlian device supply

LM317 adjustable power supply

LTC1265 Nicad charger

Single cell lithium battery charger

Smart battery charger

Battery charge indicator

Lead acid trickle charger

12B Battery condition indicator

Alkaline battery charger

Power Tool Torque Control

Generating Negative 5 Volts from 9 Volt Battery

LED Battery Condition Indicator

LM317 Variable Voltage Regulator

LM317 Regulator With Pass Transistor

High Current Regulated Power Supply

Simple Variable Voltage Source

Various switching power supplies

Variable 3 - 24 Volt / 3 Amp Power Supply

2 watt switching power supply

Variable Voltage and Current Power Supply

Low Power DC to DC Converter

Constant Current Battery Charger

Intelligent NiMH/NiCd switched mode fast charger

Variable DC power supply

Nicad battery charger

Simple power supply

Voltage converter

Bench power supply

Easy power supply

Valve power supply

6V to 12V Converter

Tesla coil / HV generator

High Current Power Supply

Dual Polarity Power Supply

High Voltage High Current Power Supply

Transformerless Power Supply

Fixed Voltage Power Supply

Voltage Inverter

Voltage Inverter

Dual power supply

1A Variable Regulated Power Supply

Negative voltage generator

12V battery capacity tester

NE555 Low Voltage Battery Disconnect Circuit

33 Volt DC To DC Converter

Automatic AC voltage (110/240) selector

Variable 0-5A Current Source

Ground Fault Interupter

Intelligent battery charger

12 Volt DC Load Control and Battery Protection

Low battery indicator

Variable power supply

Switching Power Supply

Low Power DC Quadrupler

Surge protector

Ultimate power supply

Variable Regulated Power Supply

Power reminder beeper (PDF)

Unplugged power cord alarm

Machine power loss beepter (PDF)

Low-dropout 12V regulator (LM324)

HV supply: 12VDC in, 12KV out

Generating -5VDC from +5VDC

Filtering PC bus POWER

Bidirectionall power inverter

Nagative voltage generation using 555 timer

High current regulated power supply

One 9V battery gives +18, +25, +33V

+9V *and* -9V from one battery

Battery charger

Adjustable power supply using LM317

Simple +5V power supply circuit

12 Vdc - 120 Vac Inverter Schematic

+12V/-12V Power supply unit

+/-12V -> +/-5V Power unit

+5V Switching regulator (1)

Switching regulator (2)

Electric power controller

+30V power supply with +5V

+30V DC-DC converter

DC/AC inverter (2)

DC/AC inverter (1)

PIC16F873 DC motor speed controller

12V 30A power supply

Dual regulated power supply

Fuse blown indicator

Gyrator circuit

Variable power supply

LM317 Regulator Circuit

Nicad battery charger

Regulated 12V supply

Unregulated power supply

Snowmobile GPS power adapter

Simple switching power supply

Assorted power source and control circuits

12 volt battery monitor

12 volt power supply

5 volt power supply

Battery voltage monitor

LM3914 battery monitor

Multiple voltage power supply

Voltage doubler

Voltage inverter

PWM Motor Speed Controller / DC Light Dimmer

PWM Motor/Light Controller

Low Power LED Voltmeter

PWM Motor/Light Controller

PWM Motor/Light Controller variants

Low Power LED Voltmeter

Temperature Controlled NICD Charger

Simple Capacitance Multiplier Power Supply For Class-A Amplifiers

Simple DC Adapter Power Supply

Variable Dual Lab Power Supply

Battery Charger Ideas

Power control for arc welders and other inductive loads

Charger for gel lead acid batteries

Nicad battery cycler

Battery Characterizer

Nicad Battery Discharger/Capacity Indicator

200 Watt Modified PC Power Supply 13.5 Volt 14 Amp

Alarm PSU

Current Limiting Power Supply

Nicad Battery Charger

Power Control Circuits

Dual Regulated PSU

Fuse Blown Indicator

Output Adjustable Flyback Converter

Gyrator Circuit

LM317 Voltage Regulator

Logic PSU with Over Voltage Protection

L200 PSU

Over Voltage Protection for LM317

Unregulated PSU


12V 30A PSU

13.8V 20A PSU

Regulated 12v PSU

Boosting Regulator Current

Variable Voltage Regulator

Uninterruptable Power Supply

Universal DC-DC Convertor

Variable PSU

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