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Simple version. Full version located here

DECT phone schematics Samsung SP-R1500

Cordless phone schematics SONY SPP-S9101

Cordless phone schematics SONY SPP-S9003

Cordless phone schematics SONY SPP-S9001

Cordless phone schematics SONY SPP-S9000

Cordless phone schematics SONY SPP-A976

Cordless phone schematics SONY SPP-A975

Cordless phone schematics SONY SPP-A974

Cordless phone schematics SONY SPP-A973

Cordless phone schematics SONY SPP-ID971

Cordless phone schematics SONY SPP-ID970

Cordless phone schematics SONY SPP-A968

Cordless phone schematics SONY SPP-SS966

Cordless phone schematics SONY SPP-SS965

Cordless phone schematics SONY SPP-SS964

Cordless phone schematics SONY SPP-SS955

Cordless phone schematics SONY SPP-A941

Cordless phone schematics SONY SPP-ID910

Cordless phone schematics SONY SPP-904

Cordless phone schematics SONY SPP-901

Cordless phone schematics SONY SPP-888

Cordless phone schematics SONY SPP-884

Cordless phone schematics SONY SPP-874

Cordless phone schematics SONY SPP-861

Cordless phone schematics SONY SPP-851

Cordless phone schematics SONY SPP-811

Cordless phone schematics SONY SPP-801

Cordless phone schematics SONY SPP-123

Cordless phone schematics SONY SPP-124

Cordless phone schematics SONY SPP-121

Cordless phone schematics SONY SPP-114

Cordless phone schematics SONY SPP-111

Cordless phone schematics SONY SPP-98

Cordless phone schematics SONY SPP-68

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-9520-B

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T9500

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T9410-G

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T9320-G

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T9300-G

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T9280-LA

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T9280-BX

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T9250-G

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T9220

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T9200-BS

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T9180-BX

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T9150-G

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T9080-BX

Cordless phone schematics PANASONICKX-T7980-BX

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-A69X

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T7900-BX

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T4600

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T4550-B

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T4410

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T4400

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T4350

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T4340

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T4316-AL

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T4300

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T4026-AL

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T4025-AL

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T4000

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T3967-B

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T3920

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T3910-R

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T3905-B

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T3855

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T3730-1

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T3720-1

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T3710-1

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T3710

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T3610

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T3000

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-TC1700

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-TC1450

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-TC1400

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-TC1045-RUB

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-TC1025-RUB

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-TC1005

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-TC993-B

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-TC976-BXB

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-TCD951-RUB

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-TCD955-GC

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-TCD951-GB

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-TCD951-RUB

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-TCM940-B

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-TC935-B

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-TC928-BX

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-TC910-B

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-TC908-BX

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-TC900-B

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-TC419-BX

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-TC418-RU

Cordless phone schematics PANASONIC KX-TC409-BX

Phone schematics SONY IT-B9

Phone schematics SONY IT-B2

Phone schematics SONY IT-B1

Phone schematics PANASONIC KX-TS17-W

Phone schematics PANASONIC KX-TS15-W

Phone schematics PANASONIC KX-TS10-W

Phone schematics PANASONIC KX-TMC97-B

Phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T3281-BX

Phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T3185

Phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T3175

Phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T2740

Phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T2710

Phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T2661-BX

Phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T2470

Phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T2427

Phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T2395-1

Phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T2388-B

Phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T2365-SU

Phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T2335

Phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T2315-1

Phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T2315

Phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T2310

Phone schematics PANASONIC KX-T2260

TELEPHONE OFF-HOOK TONE GENERATOR. This circuit generates the sound that many telephone companies use to attract the customer's attention to their phone when they leave it "off hook." It is also refered to, in telephony jargon, as "ROH," for "receiver off-hook."

TELEPHONE OFF-HOOK INDICATOR. This circuit provides a steady logical "high" indication when the telephone is off its hook.

Cordless Phone Sony: 3810, 6110, SPP-58, SPP-90, SPP-111

Cordless Phone Sanyo: 29, 35, 55, 330

Cordless Phone Panasonic: KX-TC100, KX-TC155, KX-TC280, KX-TC408, KX-TC900, KX-TC1005, KX-T2316, KX-T2427, KX-T3610, KX-T3710, KX-T3730, KX-T3855, KX-T3908, KX-T3920, KX-T3967, KX-T3970, KX-T4026, KX-T4046, KX-T4410, KX-T4450, KX-T5100

Voyager_CL1000XP Cordless Phone

Sony_SPP-SS966 Cordless Phone

Sony_SPP-SS965 Cordless Phone

Sony_SPP-SS964 Cordless Phone

Sony_SPP-SS955 Cordless Phone

Sony_SPP-S9101 Cordless Phone

Sony_SPP-S9003 Cordless Phone

Sony_SPP-S9000_9001 Cordless Phone

Sony_SPP-Q123 Cordless Phone

Sony_SPP-ID975_ID976 Cordless Phone

Sony_SPP-ID970_ID971 Cordless Phone

Sony_SPP-A973_A974 Cordless Phone

Sony_SPP-A968 Cordless Phone

Sony_SPP-A941 Cordless Phone

Sony_SPP-98_99 Cordless Phone

Sony_SPP-904 Cordless Phone

Sony_SPP-901 Cordless Phone

Sony_SPP-888 Cordless Phone

Sony_SPP-874_884 Cordless Phone

Sony_SPP-801_811_851_861 Cordless Phone

Sony_SPP-77_97 Cordless Phone

Sony_SPP-68 Cordless Phone

Sony_SPP-58 Cordless Phone

Sony_SPP-121 Cordless Phone

Sony_SPP-114 Cordless Phone

Sony_SPP-111 Cordless Phone

Sanyo_CLA-4550TW Cordless Phone

Sanyo_CLA-1380 Cordless Phone

Samsung_SP-R920 Cordless Phone

Samsung_SPR5150 Cordless Phone

Samsung_SPR5100D Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-TG2570 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-TG2500 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-TCM940b Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-TCD961rub Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-TCD951rub Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-TCD951 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-TC993b Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-TC952eb Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-TC935b Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-TC928bx Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-TC910b Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-TC908bx Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-TC900b Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-TC419bx Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-TC418ru-b Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-TC409bx Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-TC328bx-b Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-TC180-b Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-TC1700 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-TC150w Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-TC1450 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-TC1400 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-TC109w Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-TC1045rub Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-TC1025 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-TC100w Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-TC1005 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-TC100 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T9550-b Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T9520b Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T9500 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T9410g Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T9380bx Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T9350bx Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T9320 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T9300g Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T9280bx Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T9250g Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T9220 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T9200bs Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T9180bx Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T9150 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T9080 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T7980 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T7900 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T7880 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T4600 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T4550 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T4410 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T4400 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T4360 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T4350 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T4340 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T4316 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T4310 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T4300 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T4046 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T4026 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T4025 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T4000 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T3970 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T3967 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T3920 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T3910 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T3908 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T3860 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T3855 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T3730-1 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T3720-1 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T3710-1 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T3710 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T3610 Cordless Phone

Panasonic_KX-T3000 Cordless Phone

OSAWA Cordless Phone

LG_GT-9110A Cordless Phone

Funai_SCT1000 Cordless Phone

Ringer and Indicator for a Telephone Line

Clue engaged telephone line

Telephone Line Monitor

FM Telephone Bug

Phone SONY TAM-100

Phone SONY IT-B9

Phone SONY IT-B7

Phone SONY IT-B2

Phone SONY IT-B1

Phone SONY CM-H777RC/H888RC

Cordless phone. Panasonic KX-TC900

Cordless phone. Panasonic KX-T3970

Cordless phone. Sanyo CLT-55

Cordless phone. Panasonic KX-T9080BXH

Cordless phone. OSAWA

Cordless phone. Panasonic KX-TC408

Cordless phone. Panasonic KX-T4550

Cordless phone. Panasonic KX-T4410

Cordless phone. Panasonic KX-TC280

Cordless phone. Schematics Panasonic KX-T3967

Cordless phone. Schematics and manual Panasonic KX-T7980BX

Cordless phone. Schematics and manual Panasonic KX-T9500

Telephone line monitor. If you feel that somebody is tampering with your telephone line you might find this little circuit useful. It detects if there is another telephone connected to the line, if there is a short or an open line. (simple)

SAMSUNG Pager for POCSAG Block Diagram

SAMSUNG Pager for FLEX Block Diagram

Panasonic KX-F50 Fax

SAMSUNG SF3000/SF3000T Fax

Panaphone KX-T2316 (HT9215D, with indicator) Phone

SAMSUNG CORDED Block Diagram (Phone)

TEL 02/3SR (Phone)

Panasonic KX-T7130 (Phone)

Panasonic KX-T7055 (Phone)

Panasonic KX-T7050 (Phone)

Panasonic KX-T7033 (Phone)

Panasonic KX-T7030 (Phone)

Panasonic KX-T7020 (Phone)

Panasonic KX-T5100 (Phone)

Panasonic KX-T3155 (Phone)

Panasonic KX-T2427 (Phone)

Panasonic KX-T2395 (Phone)

Panasonic KX-T2365 (Phone)

Panasonic KX-T2335 (Phone)

Panasonic KX-T2316 (HT9115D, T5876M) (Phone)

Panasonic KX-T2315 (Phone)

Panasonic KX-T2310 (Phone)

Panasonic KX-T1000 (Phone)

Panasonic KX-T1000 (Phone)

Galax UP-722TP (Phone)

Anglo 100 (Phone)

SAMSUNG Wide-band 900MHz Block Diagram (Radio Phone)

SAMSUNG Narrow-band 900MHz Block Diagram (Radio Phone)

SAMSUNG 46/49MHz (CTO) Block Diagram (Radio Phone)

Panasonic KX-T9280 hand set (Radio Phone)

Panasonic KX-T9280 base (Radio Phone)

Panasonic KX-T4550 (Radio Phone)

Panasonic KX-T4410 (Radio Phone)

Panasonic KX-T4026 (Radio Phone)

Panasonic KX-T3970 (Radio Phone)

Panasonic KX-T3967 (Radio Phone)

Panasonic KX-T3920 (Radio Phone)

Panasonic KX-T3730 (Radio Phone)

Panasonic KX-T3710 (Radio Phone)

Panasonic KX-TC900 (Radio Phone)

Panasonic KX-TC408 (Radio Phone)

Panasonic KX-TC280 (Radio Phone)

Panasonic KX-TC100 (Radio Phone)

Osawa (Radio Phone)

BELL FF-650 (Radio Phone)

Hitachi HD49423AN (Radio Phone)

Wireless IR h"phone transmitter

Telephone recording circuit

Phone Panasonic EB-GD70

Phone schematic diagram Sony SPP-111

Phone schematic diagram Panasonic KX-4410

Phone schematic diagram Panasonic KX-T7130

Phone schematic diagram Panasonic KX-T100

Phone schematic diagram Panasonic KX-T4026

Phone schematic diagram Panasonic KX-T3967

Phone schematic diagram Panasonic KX-T3920

Phone schematic diagram Panasonic KX-T3730

Phone schematic diagram Panasonic KX-T7033

Phone schematic diagram Panasonic KX-T7055

Phone schematic diagram Panasonic KX-T7050

Phone schematic diagram Panasonic KX-T7030

Phone schematic diagram Panasonic KX-T7020

Phone schematic diagram Panasonic KX-T2427

Phone schematic diagram Panasonic KX-T2335

Phone schematic diagram Panasonic KX-T5100

Phone schematic diagram Panasonic KX-T2395

Phone schematic diagram Panasonic KX-T2310

Phone schematic diagram Panasonic KX-T3155

Phone schematic diagram Panasonic KX-T2365

Phone schematic diagram Panasonic KX-T1000

Power Supply Schematic Diagram Panasonic KX-F130BX

Nokia 3810

Phone master gamma

Panaphone KX-T 2316

Soft Musical Telephone Ringer

Service manuals Cellular phones GSM

PC Cable for Ericcson Phones (218/318/337/388) (Cellular phone)

Motorola MicroTAC shematic diagram (Cellular phone)

Phone "Hold" With Music

Telephone Line Monitor

Phone Indicator

Telephone Number Display

Telephone Line Vigilant

Smart Phone Light


Audio-Visual Extra Ringer for Phone






Watch-Dog for Telephones

UPS For Cordless Telephones

Simple circuit to connect telephone equipment to audio mixer

Digital/Standard Phone Line Tester

Ringing Phone Light Flasher

FM Telephone Bug

Phono Preamplifier. Simple circuitry for moving magnet cartridges

Cellular Phone Helper. Activates a variety of devices when your cellular phone is in use.

Telephone Ringer

Telephone In-Use Indicator

Hold function for Telephone

Phone-In-Use indicator

Use old phones as an intercom

Telephone Line Monitor (Plans)

Phone in-use

Phone Line to Audio

Phone Off-Hook Indicator

Phone to audio interface (SSI202 input)

(manual) Phone In-Use Light

Detecting a telephone RING

Telephone in use light

Caller ID Circuit

Telephone privacy adapter

Telephone ringing circuits

Telephone line audio interfacing circuits

Telephone Audio Interface

Telephone Ring Generator Using Switching Power Supply

Telephone Ring Generator Using 60Hz Power Transformer

Telephone In-Use Relay Circuit

Telephone In-Use LED Indicator

Ringing Phone Light Flasher

Simple Phone Tap

Telephone Recorder

Telephone Hold Button

Cut Phone Line Detector

Phone Busy Indicator

Solar powered dock lamp flasher

Telephone recording circuit

Infinity Transmitter Schematic and Plans

Digisound ring modulator

Incoming call indicator

Telephone Ring Generator Using 60Hz Power Transformer

Telephone Ring Generator Using Switching Power Supply

Telephone In-Use LED Indicator

Telephone In-Use Relay Circuit

Telephone Audio Interface

Home made PBX / PABX

Ringing Phone Light Flasher

Phone Busy Indicator

FM Telephone Bug

Cut Phone Line Detector

Simple Phone Tap

Telephone Hold Button

Telephone Recorder

DTMF Generator/Decoder

Interface cables for various cell phones

Telephone music on hold box

Telephone ring controlled relay

1-line telephone status indicator (PDF)

Line in use indicator (PDF)

4-line telephone status indicator (PDF)

Caller ID decoder

Telephone in use light

Detecting a telephone RING

Phone In-Use Light

Phone to audio interface

Phone Off-Hook Indicator

Phone Line to Audio

Phone in-use

Telephone Line Monitor

Use old phones as an intercom

Phone-In-Use indicator

Hold function for Telephone

Digital/Standard Phone Line Tester

Caller ID decoder part 1

Caller ID decoder part 2

DTMF decoder / logger

FM telephone bug

Universal telephone hold

Talking phone dial monitor

Telephone line simulator

Telephone privacy adapter

Telephone ringing circuits

Simple circuit to connect telephone equipment to audio mixer

NCDS Interface Schematic for Nokia 3110, 8110, 8110i

Assorted telephone circuits

Greek telecard reader

Phone ring circuit schematic

Cut phone line detector

Telephone autodialler

Taxi phone automatic dialler

Telephone ringing circuits

Telephone privacy adapter

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