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Simple version. Full version located here

Flickering Fire Light - LED or Bulb flicker shimmer randomly like candle flame or fire

Personal Alarm - These handheld piezo screamers are also known as rape alarms. They are a very loud siren.

Flashing Flashlight - Meant for use as an emergency flashlight for your glove compartment.

Flashing Road Barricade

Stun Gun

High Temperature ALARM

Electronic Siren

Electronic Security door key 2

Electronic Security door key 1

Basic RDS Encoder Unit

FM Telephone Bug


Small Radio Transmitter

Parallel port dongle (12C508A) By using the PIC 12C508 MCU from Microchip, we can make a cheap and simple hardware protection key (dongle).

Dongle -serial port (12C508A) This device is NOT a professional dongle. You can use it to protect your software , but you must agree with its major disadvantage: it needs one of the COM ports on your PC. The advantages are the low cost and simplicity.

Small Radio Transmitter

FM Transmitter

Telephone line monitor. If you feel that somebody is tampering with your telephone line you might find this little circuit useful. It detects if there is another telephone connected to the line, if there is a short or an open line. (simple)

Economy radar detector

Bootstrp/ PLL ( Phase Locked Loop) (Metal detector theory) (33 Kb)

Cheesemd2 (Metal detector theory-BFO) part2 (328Kb)

Cheesemd1 (Metal detector theory-BFO) part1 (181 Kb)

Aircore (Metal detector theory) (162 Kb)

Metal Detector Description James Trevelyan (Metal detector theory)

BFO Theory (Metal detector theory) (59 Kb)

Electronic door codelock (PIC projects)

FM bug

Electronic "snap"

Electronic lock

Car indicator alarm

Dummy alarm

Two tone siren

Electronic siren

Geiger counter

Metal detector

Tiny 2-zone alarm

Doorphone intercom

Smart lock (12C508A). The base sends a data sequency (the password) which is recognized by the key. The key checks the sequency and -if it recognises it -sends to the base another data sequency, as an answer to the password. At the time when the base gets a correct answer (which means that the key has been introduced), the relay is put into action, and it can command a number of consummers.

UltraSonic Radar

Transmiter Detector

Electronic Card- Lock System

Automatic Emergency Light

IC Controlled Emergency Light with Charger


Fire Alarm

Car Anti-Theft Wireless Alarm

Electronic Code Lock

Magnetic Gun

Audio Perimeter Monitor

Digital Combination Lock

Frost Alarm or Cold Activated Switch

Gate Alarm Circuit

Deer Repellent (18k) This seismic sensor can detect and frighten away intruders.

Fridge Alarm (9k) Alerts you when the refrigerator door is left open.

The Surfer’s Preserver. It is a simple device that prevents other phones in the house from disrupting your critical Internet session by disconnecting them from the line while you surf! It is also useful in preventing eavesdropping from other extensions.

Fridge door Alarm. Beeps if you left open the door over 20 seconds. 3V battery operation, simple circuitry

Garage Door Opener Scanner

FM Telephone Bug

Barry's Magnetic Levitation. Magnetic levitator. The pages include complete design details for an antigravity relay to levitate small iron parts.

One-IC two-tones Siren. Double tone Police sound. Single tone old ambulance sound

Stun gun (3)

Stun gun (2)

Stun gun (1)

Door knob alarm (PDF)

Electronic door codelock (PIC16F84)

Personal silent alarm system

Digital entry lock

Toxic Gas Detector

Moisture alarm

Proximity switch

Ultrasonic remote control & alarm system

Proximity alarm

Micro-power over temperature alarm (PDF)

Fridge door alarm

Water seepage alarm (PDF)

Wire loop alarm

Electronic lock

Simple alarm system

Enhanced 5 Digit Alarm Keypad

Miniature loop alarm

Novel Buzzer

RF Alarm

Single Zone Alarm

Modular Burglar Alarm

Home security project

5 Zone alarm circuit

PIR motion detector

Active IR motion detector

Gate alarm circuit

A Basic RF Transmitter for PIR Sensors

Enhanced 4 Digit Alarm Keypad

Motorcycle alarm

Combination Lock (PIC16F84)

Low power RFID transponder

Almost Ultrasonic Motion Sensor

Touch activated alarm system

Alarm control keypad

Digital combination lock

Perimeter monitor

Water level alarm

Water Activated Alarm

Alarm Circuits

Enhanced Alarm Keypad

Gate Alarm

Miniature Loop Alarm

Modular Burglar Alarm

Motorcycle Alarm

Radio Wave Alarm

Water Activated Alarm

5 Zone Alarm

Buzzer Circuit

Water Level Alarm

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