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Datasheets starting 2SK-2 in part number
2SK2727 datasheet
2SK2728 datasheet
2SK2730 datasheet
2SK2731 datasheet
2SK2734 datasheet
2SK2735(L) datasheet
2SK2735(S) datasheet
2SK2736 datasheet
2SK2737 datasheet
2SK2750 datasheet
2SK2751 datasheet
2SK2753-01 datasheet
2SK2754-01L datasheet
2SK2754-01S datasheet
2SK2755-01 datasheet
2SK2756-01R datasheet
2SK2757-01 datasheet
2SK2758-01L datasheet
2SK2758-01S datasheet
2SK2759-01R datasheet
2SK2760-01 datasheet
2SK2761-01MR datasheet
2SK2762-01L datasheet
2SK2762-01S datasheet
2SK2763-01 datasheet
2SK2764-01R datasheet
2SK2765-01 datasheet
2SK2766-01R datasheet
2SK2767-01 datasheet
2SK2768-01L datasheet
2SK2768-01S datasheet
2SK2769-01MR datasheet
2SK2770-01 datasheet
2SK2771-01R datasheet
2SK2775 datasheet
2SK2778 datasheet
2SK2779 datasheet
2SK2788 datasheet
2SK2796(L) datasheet
2SK2796(S) datasheet
2SK2798 datasheet
2SK2799 datasheet
2SK2800 datasheet
2SK2802 datasheet
2SK2803 datasheet
2SK2804 datasheet
2SK2805 datasheet
2SK2806-01 datasheet
2SK2807-01L datasheet
2SK2807-01S datasheet
2SK2808-01MR datasheet
2SK2809-01MR datasheet
2SK2826-S datasheet
2SK2826-ZJ datasheet
2SK2827-01 datasheet
2SK2828 datasheet
2SK2832-01 datasheet
2SK2833-R datasheet
2SK2834-01 datasheet
2SK2844 datasheet
2SK2846 datasheet
2SK2848 datasheet
2SK2849-01L datasheet
2SK2849-01S datasheet
2SK2850-01 datasheet
2SK2851 datasheet
2SK2857 datasheet
2SK2858 datasheet
2SK2859 datasheet
2SK2862 datasheet
2SK2864 datasheet
2SK2865 datasheet
2SK2869(L) datasheet
2SK2869(S) datasheet
2SK2870-01L datasheet
2SK2870-01S datasheet
2SK2871-01 datasheet
2SK2872-01MR datasheet
2SK2873-01 datasheet
2SK2874-01L datasheet
2SK2874-01S datasheet
2SK2875-01 datasheet
2SK2876-01MR datasheet
2SK2877-01 datasheet
2SK2879-01 datasheet
2SK2885(L) datasheet
2SK2885(S) datasheet
2SK2887 datasheet
2SK2889 datasheet
2SK2890-01 datasheet
2SK2891-01 datasheet
2SK2892-01R datasheet
2SK2893-01 datasheet
2SK2894-01R datasheet
2SK2895-01 datasheet
2SK2896-01L datasheet
2SK2896-01S datasheet
2SK2897-01 datasheet
2SK2897-01MR datasheet
2SK2898-01 datasheet
2SK2899-01R datasheet
2SK2900-01 datasheet
2SK2901-01L datasheet
2SK2901-01S datasheet
2SK2902-01MR datasheet
2SK2903-01MR datasheet
2SK2904-01 datasheet
2SK2905-01R datasheet
2SK2906-01 datasheet
2SK2907-01R datasheet
2SK2908-01L datasheet
2SK2908-01S datasheet
2SK291 datasheet
2SK2911 datasheet
2SK2912(L) datasheet
2SK2912(S) datasheet
2SK2916 datasheet
2SK2918-01 datasheet
2SK2919 datasheet
2SK2922 datasheet
2SK2925(L) datasheet
2SK2925(S) datasheet
2SK2926(L) datasheet
2SK2926(S) datasheet
2SK2927 datasheet
2SK2928 datasheet
2SK2929 datasheet
2SK2930 datasheet
2SK2931 datasheet
2SK2933 datasheet
2SK2934 datasheet
2SK2935 datasheet
2SK2936 datasheet
2SK2937 datasheet
2SK2938(L) datasheet
2SK2938(S) datasheet
2SK2939(L) datasheet
2SK2939(S) datasheet
2SK2940(L) datasheet
2SK2940(S) datasheet
2SK2941 datasheet
2SK2941-ZJ-E1 datasheet
2SK2941-ZJ-E1(JM) datasheet
2SK2941-ZJ-E2 datasheet
2SK2941-ZJ-E2(JM) datasheet
2SK2951 datasheet
2SK2954-MR datasheet
2SK2955 datasheet
2SK2956 datasheet
2SK2957(S) datasheet
2SK2958(L) datasheet
2SK2958(S) datasheet
2SK2959 datasheet
2SK2969 datasheet
2SK2973 datasheet
2SK2975 datasheet
2SK2977LS datasheet
2SK2978 datasheet
2SK2980 datasheet
2SK2981 datasheet
2SK2981-E1 datasheet
2SK2981-E2 datasheet
2SK2981-T1 datasheet
2SK2981-T2 datasheet
2SK2981-Z datasheet
2SK2983 datasheet
2SK2983-S datasheet
2SK2983-ZJ-E1(JM) datasheet
2SK2983-ZJ-E2 datasheet
2SK2983-ZJ-E2(JM) datasheet
2SK2984 datasheet
2SK2984-S datasheet
2SK2984-ZJ-E1 datasheet
2SK2984-ZJ-E1(JM) datasheet
2SK2984-ZJ-E2 datasheet
2SK2984-ZJ-E2(JM) datasheet
2SK2995 datasheet
2SK2998 datasheet
2SK3000 datasheet
2SK3009 datasheet
2SK3012 datasheet
2SK3013 datasheet
2SK3018 datasheet
2SK3019 datasheet
2SK3022 datasheet
2SK3023 datasheet
2SK3024 datasheet
2SK3025 datasheet
2SK3026 datasheet
2SK3027 datasheet
2SK3028 datasheet
2SK3029 datasheet
2SK303 datasheet
2SK3030 datasheet
2SK3031 datasheet
2SK3032 datasheet
2SK3033 datasheet
2SK3034 datasheet
2SK3035 datasheet
2SK3036 datasheet
2SK3037 datasheet
2SK304 datasheet
2SK3042 datasheet
2SK3043 datasheet
2SK3044 datasheet
2SK3045 datasheet
2SK3046 datasheet
2SK3047 datasheet
2SK3048 datasheet
2SK3049 datasheet
2SK3053 datasheet
2SK3054 datasheet
2SK3055 datasheet
2SK3056 datasheet
2SK3056-ZJ datasheet
2SK3057 datasheet
2SK3058 datasheet
2SK3058-Z datasheet
2SK3061 datasheet
2SK3062 datasheet
2SK3062-S datasheet
2SK3062-Z datasheet
2SK3064 datasheet
2SK3065 datasheet
2SK3069 datasheet
2SK3070(L) datasheet
2SK3070(S) datasheet
2SK3072 datasheet
2SK3076(L) datasheet
2SK3076(S) datasheet
2SK3080 datasheet
2SK3081 datasheet
2SK3082(L) datasheet
2SK3082(S) datasheet
2SK3092 datasheet
2SK3105-T1B datasheet
2SK3105-T2B datasheet
2SK3107-T1 datasheet
2SK3107-T2 datasheet
2SK3108 datasheet
2SK3109 datasheet
2SK3109-S datasheet
2SK3109-Z datasheet
2SK3109-ZJ datasheet
2SK3110 datasheet
2SK3111 datasheet
2SK3111-S datasheet
2SK3111-Z datasheet
2SK3119 datasheet
2SK3120 datasheet
2SK3124 datasheet
2SK3133(L) datasheet
2SK3133(S) datasheet
2SK3134(L) datasheet
2SK3134(S) datasheet
2SK3135(L) datasheet
2SK3135(S) datasheet
2SK3136 datasheet
2SK3140 datasheet
2SK3141 datasheet
2SK3142 datasheet
2SK3147(L) datasheet
2SK3147(S) datasheet
2SK3148 datasheet
2SK315 datasheet
2SK3150(L) datasheet
2SK3150(S) datasheet
2SK3151 datasheet
2SK3152 datasheet
2SK3153 datasheet
2SK3154 datasheet
2SK3155 datasheet
2SK3156 datasheet
2SK3157 datasheet
2SK3158 datasheet
2SK3159 datasheet
2SK3160 datasheet
2SK3161(S) datasheet
2SK3163 datasheet
2SK3176 datasheet
2SK3204 datasheet
2SK3207 datasheet
2SK3209 datasheet
2SK3212 datasheet
2SK3214 datasheet
2SK3215 datasheet
2SK3216-01 datasheet
2SK3218-01 datasheet
2SK3219-01MR datasheet
2SK322 datasheet
2SK3224 datasheet
2SK3224-Z datasheet
2SK3225 datasheet
2SK3225-Z datasheet
2SK3228 datasheet
2SK3229 datasheet
2SK3233 datasheet
2SK3262-01MR datasheet
2SK3270-01 datasheet
2SK3271-01 datasheet
2SK3272-01L datasheet
2SK3272-01S datasheet
2SK3273-01MR datasheet
2SK3280 datasheet
2SK3285 datasheet
2SK3287 datasheet
2SK3288 datasheet
2SK3289 datasheet
2SK3290 datasheet
2SK3291 datasheet
2SK3292 datasheet
2SK3293 datasheet
2SK3298 datasheet
2SK3299 datasheet
2SK3299-S datasheet
2SK3299-Z datasheet
2SK3299-ZJ datasheet
2SK3304 datasheet
2SK3305 datasheet
2SK3305-S datasheet
2SK3305-ZJ datasheet
2SK3306 datasheet
2SK3324 datasheet
2SK3325 datasheet
2SK3325-S datasheet
2SK3325-Z datasheet
2SK3325-ZJ datasheet
2SK3326 datasheet
2SK3338-01 datasheet
2SK3339-01 datasheet
2SK3340-01 datasheet
2SK3341-01 datasheet
2SK3348 datasheet
2SK3349 datasheet
2SK3353 datasheet
2SK3353-S datasheet
2SK3353-Z datasheet
2SK3354 datasheet
2SK3354-S datasheet
2SK3354-Z datasheet
2SK3355 datasheet
2SK3355-S datasheet
2SK3355-Z datasheet
2SK3355-ZJ datasheet
2SK3356 datasheet
2SK3357 datasheet
2SK3358 datasheet
2SK3358-S datasheet
2SK3358-Z datasheet
2SK3359 datasheet
2SK3359-S datasheet
2SK3359-Z datasheet
2SK3360 datasheet
2SK3363-01 datasheet
2SK3364-01 datasheet
2SK3365 datasheet
2SK3365-Z-E1 datasheet
2SK3365-Z-E2 datasheet
2SK3366 datasheet
2SK3366-Z-E1 datasheet
2SK3366-Z-E2 datasheet
2SK3367 datasheet
2SK3367-Z-E1 datasheet
2SK3367-Z-E2 datasheet
2SK3377 datasheet
2SK3377-Z datasheet
2SK3378 datasheet
2SK3380 datasheet
2SK3385 datasheet
2SK3385-Z datasheet
2SK3386 datasheet
2SK3386-Z datasheet
2SK3408 datasheet
2SK3411 datasheet
2SK3412 datasheet
2SK3413LS datasheet
2SK3414LS datasheet
2SK3415LS datasheet
2SK3430 datasheet
2SK3430-S datasheet
2SK3430-Z datasheet
2SK3431 datasheet
2SK3431-S datasheet
2SK3431-Z datasheet
2SK3432-Z datasheet
2SK3433 datasheet
2SK3433-S datasheet
2SK3433-Z datasheet
2SK3434 datasheet
2SK3434-S datasheet
2SK3434-Z datasheet
2SK3435 datasheet
2SK3435-S datasheet
2SK3435-Z datasheet
2SK3448 datasheet
2SK3449 datasheet
2SK3495 datasheet
2SK3520-01R datasheet
2SK3521-01L datasheet
2SK3521-01MR datasheet
2SK3521-01S datasheet
2SK3521-01SJ datasheet
2SK3523-01R datasheet
2SK359 datasheet
2SK360 datasheet
2SK363 datasheet
2SK366 datasheet
2SK367 datasheet
2SK40 datasheet
2SK404 datasheet
2SK427 datasheet
2SK435 datasheet
2SK436 datasheet
2SK439 datasheet
2SK443 datasheet
2SK444 datasheet
2SK445 datasheet
2SK494 datasheet
2SK522 datasheet
2SK536 datasheet
2SK543 datasheet
2SK544 datasheet
2SK545 datasheet
2SK546 datasheet
2SK583 datasheet
2SK59 datasheet
2SK669 datasheet
2SK679A datasheet
2SK679A-T datasheet
2SK679A-T/JD datasheet
2SK679A-T/JM datasheet
2SK679A/JD datasheet
2SK679A/JM datasheet
2SK680A datasheet
2SK681A datasheet
2SK715 datasheet
2SK724 datasheet
2SK727-01 datasheet
2SK740 datasheet
2SK771 datasheet
2SK897-MR datasheet
2SK900 datasheet
2SK901 datasheet
2SK902 datasheet
2SK905 datasheet
2SK906 datasheet
2SK932 datasheet
2SK937 datasheet
2SK947-MR datasheet
2SK949-MR datasheet
2SK950 datasheet
2SK951-MR datasheet
2SK952 datasheet
2SK957-MR datasheet
2SK960-MR datasheet
2SK961 datasheet
2SK975 datasheet

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