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Electronic circuits
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Article in electronics
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Electronic circuits archive 

Electronic circuits -> Meters

Line Output / Flyback transformer tester
"In-Circuit" Electrolytic Tester (PIC)
"Octopus" Oscilloscope Test Adapters
"Super Octopus" & ESR Test Adapter Project
120MHz frequency counter
12V Lead-Acid Battery Monitor
220V live wire-in-wall scanner
220V live wire-in-wall scanner
3 - 12 MHz Signal Generator
3 Phase - 3 Wire Phase Sequence Indicator - A very useful gadget to find out the order in which the phases are appearing.
3211D Multimeter
4-channel DSO for oscilloscope
555 go / no-go tester
555 Timer IC Tester
99 Cent ESR Test Adapter
A frequency meter metal detector. We have designed the metal detector, the principle of operation which one differs from the classic schemes (BFO, transmit-receive known as "two-boxes" metal detector, inductive). Our device has a simple design and one has the quite good characteristics.
A sensitive crystal diode checker of field-strenght meter using an af transistor as dc amplifier
A thermistor bridge
A virtual measuring instrument for your PC. The virtual frequency meter is program for PC and simple measuring instrument, which is connected to COM to port of the computer. The virtual device allows to measure frequency, period, time frames and score impulses.
AC Line Current Detector

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