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Self made data-logger V2.5 (second edition)

Example: Infrared control system
Electronic circuits archive 

Self made data-logger V2.5 (second edition)


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Latch, Data bidirectional

Data switch and indicator, bidirectional

Smart lock (12C508A). The base sends a data sequency (the password) which is recognized by the key. The key checks the sequency and -if it recognises it -sends to the base another data sequency, as an answer to the password. At the time when the base gets a correct answer (which means that the key has been introduced), the relay is put into action, and it can command a number of consummers.

DIGITAL NOISE GENERATOR. This circuit produces a repeating sequence of serial data that contains attributes useful for emulating audible noise.

Digital Remote Thermometer. Remote sensor send data via mains supply. Temperature range: 00.0 to 99.9C

433.92 MHz RF Remote Control. Use the BASIC Stamp or PicBasic serout commands to control the transmitter and serin for the receiver to create powerful communications links, robotics control applications, you name it -- With an operating range up to 400+ feet, these tiny RF modules make the addition of RF remote control or wireless data communications very affordable, and they are incredibly simple to use. The TWS-434 & RWS-434 TX/RX combination can be used with direct asynchronous serial data, and are an excellent choice for BASIC Stamp, PIC, 8051 applications, and home remote control systems. Build remote data-logging applications, or robot colonies that communicate via RF links..

Laser Link / Transmitting audio or data over a laser beam (105 kHz carrier) !!!

Fibroptic transmitter (Experimental Data Transmitter for Fiber Optics)

Experimental laser data link

Nokia FBus cable: For the special DAU-4S cable (DAU for MBUS): put the RX and TX data lines from the MAX 232 IC together to the MBUS pin of the Nokia connector.

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