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Long Range Infrared Remote

Example: Infrared control system
Electronic circuits archive 

Long Range Infrared Remote


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Radio Controlled Remote Control

Five projects for April Fools Day! (77k) Build a mysterious lamp, maddening dripper, TV remote control blocker, rattle box, and a truly smelly project.

Infra Red Remote Transponder

Build an Infrared night scope

Decoding IR Remote Controls

Bachelor project. Computerised house control. Room control. Wide physical dimension measuring range (temperature measuring range from Ц10 to +50 0C, light intensity measuring range from dark to high brightness)

Basic infrared TX-RX (IR) (simple)

Whistle Switch. Remote control by whistling. Turn appliances off and on.

Infrared gate 2. This is an infrared gate with two sensors planned to use in the wall in the way behind a door.

(RF) remote control encoder/decoder (PIC projects)

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