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Simple version. Full version located here

Constant Brightness LED Stroboscope - For measuring the speed of small motors

CONTINUITY TESTER. Among the essentials for circuit design and prototyping is the continuity tester, a simple device which provides an audible indication when a sufficiently low resistance is applied between its input probes. This version has a feature which automatically turns off the tester after about two minutes, thereby saving the 9 volt battery from inadvertent discharge.

MOSFET testing

VU Meter 5 with UAA180

Mini audio spectrum analyzer

VU Meter 4 with LM3915 [10 Led] for Power Amp.

VU Meter 3 with LM3915 [10 Led]

VU Meter 2 with LM3915-LM3916 [19 Led]

VU Meter 1 with transistor. It is a simple circuit of optical index of level of sound signals, adapted in various needs of user.

Tester for transistor, diodes and SCRs by F.V.Hughes

High Temperature ALARM

Frequency counter (0 HZ - 1 MHZ)

Frequency Meter 1HZ to 1MHZ

Digital Volt and Ambere meter

DC Voltmeter with High input impedance

Voltmeter with LED for car battery

Single-Ended vs Push-Pull. (Scott Francland) part 2

Single-Ended vs Push-Pull. (Scott Francland) part 1

A frequency meter metal detector. We have designed the metal detector, the principle of operation which one differs from the classic schemes (BFO, transmit-receive known as "two-boxes" metal detector, inductive). Our device has a simple design and one has the quite good characteristics.

A virtual measuring instrument for your PC. The virtual frequency meter is program for PC and simple measuring instrument, which is connected to COM to port of the computer. The virtual device allows to measure frequency, period, time frames and score impulses.

Mains frequency meter (simple)

Electric field detector. The circuit will come handy when you have to follow the mains wires buried in the wall or even water pipes provided they are not too far away (2-4cm max). (simple)

Sensitive geomagnetic detector. This is a rather sensitive circuit which will detect minute variations of a magnetic field, particularly the Earth magnetic field. (simple)

Seismic detector (simple)

Geomagneticfield detector (simple)

"In-Circuit" Electrolytic Tester (PIC)

PIC Logic Probe with Pulser

M-266C Multimeter Mastech

3211D Multimeter

MY-68 Multimeter Mastech

MY-64 Multimeter Mastech

MY-62 Multimeter Mastech

MY-61 Multimeter Mastech

M-9502 Multimeter Mastech

M-93A Multimeter Mastech

M-932 Multimeter Mastech

M-93 Multimeter Mastech

M-890G Multimeter Mastech

M-890F Multimeter Mastech

M-890D Multimeter Mastech

M-890C+ Multimeter Mastech

M-838 Multimeter Mastech

M-832 Multimeter Mastech

M-830B Multimeter Mastech

M-3900 Multimeter Mastech

M-320 Multimeter Mastech

M-300 Multimeter Mastech

M-266F Multimeter Mastech

Vertical Deflection Amplifier - Oscilloscope

Analog Switch - Oscilloscope

Sweep Generator - Oscilloscope

Oscilloscope Block Diagram and Schematics

3 Phase - 3 Wire Phase Sequence Indicator - A very useful gadget to find out the order in which the phases are appearing.

220V live wire-in-wall scanner

Wire tracer

Heartbeat transducer

Visual metronome

Strain gauge sensor

ELF monitor

Adjustable continuity tester

Noise generator

Audible metronome

Video detector

Resistance tester

Electronic stethoscope

Ultrasonic motion detector

Geiger counter

Low voltage DC speed controller

Event counter


Darkness monitor

Ion detector

IR body heat detector

Air flow detector

RF Detector

Audible continuity tester

Electronic air flow detector

Field-strength meter

Electromagnetic field detector

Some portable digital multimeters (DMM)

Repair Memories

Wall Wart Information

Nifty Original Ideas: / Test Probes Too Big? / Wristwatch Hell / Phone Line Indicator

"Super Octopus" & ESR Test Adapter Project

Sine Wave Generator Project

99 Cent ESR Test Adapter

ESR Testing

Function Generator. This kit is limited to < 100 kHz and has an output impedance of 600 ohms.

"Octopus" Oscilloscope Test Adapters

Digital Mulimeter MASTECH M266C

Digital Mulimeter MASTECH M266F

Digital Mulimeter MASTECH M9502

Digital Mulimeter MASTECH MY-64

Digital Mulimeter MASTECH MY-62

Digital Mulimeter MASTECH MY-61

Digital Mulimeter MASTECH M3900

Digital Mulimeter MASTECH 3211D

Digital Mulimeter MASTECH M320

Digital Mulimeter MASTECH M300

Digital Mulimeter MASTECH M890G

Unilogic v1.42- "realtime" oscilloscope, frequency meter (LPT)

SWR - Meter

Lightning Detector

Seismic Detector

Geomagnetic Field Detector

UltraSonic Radar

Contactless AC Mains Voltage Detector

Frequency Measurements Using PC

Simple Sensitive Remote Control Tester

Handy Zener Diode Tester

Water Level Indicator With Alarm


Metal Detector






Fluid level detector

Designing Transistor biasing Circuits Using QBasic

Electromagnetic Field Probe with Meter

InfraRed Remote Control Tester

Zener Diode Tester

Electromagnetic Field Detector

Temperature Monitor

Static Electricity / Negative Ion Detector

Simple FSM- Field Strength Meter

FSM- Field Strength Meter

EpromProgrammer HardwareTester

Battery Discharge Monitor

Audio Noise Sources for Generating Phase Noise (22k)

Low Noise Amplifier for Phase Noise Measurements (33k)

Reducing Vibration Induced Phase Noise - Some Research Ideas

Vibration-Induced Phase Noise and Vibration Isolation (includes links to spreadsheets for vibration calculations)

Finesse Regulator Noise

VHF Oscillator and Multiplier AM Noise

Low Phase Noise Systems - Hints and Tips

Phase Noise, Harmonics and Sub-Harmonics

Low-Cost Phase Noise Measurement

Liquid Barometer. This liquid barometer features a temperature-controlled air chamber for excellent accuracy. Weather Circuits.

Rain Detector (15k) Stick this out the window instead of your hand. Weather Circuits.

Simple MIDI tester

Digital Remote Thermometer. Remote sensor send data via mains supply. Temperature range: 00.0 to 99.9C

LED Display controller

Digital/Standard Phone Line Tester

Simple Polarity Tester

Light/Dark Detector

Ultrasonic Intruder detector

Thermometer and thermostat for Room temperatures

MOSFET testing

MOSFET current sensing

Leakage detector

Precision Audio Millivoltmeter. Measures 10mV to 50Volt RMS in eight ranges

Circuit of rf impedance bridge

Noise bridge measuring both R and X

Circuit diagram of the noise bridge

A sensitive crystal diode checker of field-strenght meter using an af transistor as dc amplifier

High-gain field-strength meter by WA4DXP

Circuit diagram of the meter swithing for a mounted reflectometer

Circuit of coupler unit

Circuit of in-line rms/p.e.p. wattmeter

Method of measuring p.e.p output in relation to mean output with two-tone source

Method of using thermal converter for higher powers

Method of application of rf to the bridge

A thermistor bridge

Suitable two-lamp comparator

Test Equipment - power supply (2)

Test Equipment - power supply (1)

Oscillator circuit to find value of transistor ft

Transistor tester

Tester to measure mutual conductance of FETs

Suggested arrangement for simple valve tests

Circuit of linear-scale capacitance meter

Circuit diagram of the simple direct-reading capacitance meter

Circuit of linear scale resistance meter

The amplifier and detector circuit


Noise factor comparator

Noise diode circuit suitable for unbalanced input

Noise diode circuit suitable for balanced input

Power supply for the diode noise source

DC filament supply with series transistor control (Noise measurements)

Zener diode reference noise source

Noise generator using reverse-biased diode

V/I Curve Tracer. Convert an oscilloscope into an indispensable component tester and troubleshooting tool. Test Equipment.

Lightning Detector. Detects radio pulses from approaching lightning storms! Weather Circuits.

Cloud Charge Monitor (59.4k) Watch the electrical charges dance in the clouds above during a thunderstorm! Weather Circuits.

Frequency and Capacitance meter

TTL Pulse Reading Logic Probe

Rain Detector

Simple Lie Detector

VU LED meter

Mains Wiring detector

Electric Field detector

Taxi phone automatic dialler

Audible continuity tester

Wire tracer

Signal generator for signal tracer

Electronic level

Digital volt meter

Adjustable continuity tested

Frequency counter

Tri-Waveform Generator

220V live wire-in-wall scanner

Owens Bridge Inductance Measurement Device

ESR Meter

Line Output / Flyback transformer tester

Simple 6-Digit 40MHz Frequency Counter Module

Automatic stud detector

Capacitance meter

Capacitance meter

AC Line Current Detector

Triangle and Squarewave Generator

Signal tracer / injector

Voltage probe

Live line detector

Grid dip meter

PCB VSWR bridge

Electric field & leakage detector

Simple polarity detector

RCM710 Electronic Scale

3 - 12 MHz Signal Generator

Some simple test equipment to build

RF Power Meter for the QRPer

Dip Oscillator for HF

Two Tone Audio Oscillator (use for SSB tests)

Simple pH meter

Temperature compensated pH meter

pH meter with calibration

Four Channel Oscilloscope Adapter

Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Digital Pressure Gauge

Remote Field Strength Meter

Digital frequency counter

Function generator

High / Low indicator

AC/DC LED Indicator

Micro ohm meter

Micro volt probe

MOSFET tester

Power factor meter

Ramp generator

LASER/LED light output intensity meter (PDF)

Frequency and capacitance meter

Resistor decade box

Simple light sensor adapter for oscilloscope

Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR)

pH Meter

Multi Wire Cable Tester

Connection tester

EMF field probe

Function generator

Logic probe

Zener diode tester

Mini DDS (direct digital synthesizer)

LCD frequency counter (PIC16F84)

Pulse Reading Logic Probe

Pink Noise Generator for Audio Testing

Audio Millivoltmeter

Audio Test Oscillator

Full Featured Transistor Tester

Opamp Design and Test Board

Microphone Circuit Test Oscillator

Distortion Analyser

Self Oscillating Amplifier for Distortion Testing

120MHz frequency counter

Capacitance meter that connects to multimeter

Transistor tester and signal injector

Continuity tester

Square wave oscillator (555)

Build a Magnetic Field Immunity Tester

555 Timer IC Tester

555 go / no-go tester

12V Lead-Acid Battery Monitor

Continuity tester 2

Continuity tester

Logic probe

4-channel DSO for oscilloscope

In-circuit electrolytic tester

PIC logic probe with pulser

Cable Tester

Infra Red remote control tester

Zener Diode Tester

EMF Probe with Meter

Function Generator

Logic Probe

Milligauss Meter

Square Wave Oscillator

Sine Wave Generator

Connection Tester

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