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Electronic circuits
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Article in electronics
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DDS using AD9835
DIGITAL NOISE GENERATOR. This circuit produces a repeating sequence of serial data that contains attributes useful for emulating audible noise.
Divide By 1-1/2 Circuit
Divide by 1.5 counter (PFD)
ECHO TONE OSCILLATOR. This simple circuit amplitude-modulates a single tone in such a manner to approximate the echo effect one might obtain, for instance, with sonar apparatus. Any reader who has been on a sonar-equipped vessel will realize that some imagination is required to appreciate the similarities among this simple scheme and the "real thing." However, this circuit might adjunct a small model (of a submarine, perhaps) to add the dimension of sound.
Flasher Circuit (16k) This two-transistor, two-wire circuit finds numerous applications.
Flasher Ideas
FM Oscillator
Frequency generator with 7 standard step
Frequency Tripler using the CA3028 (15k)
Function Generator. This kit is limited to < 100 kHz and has an output impedance of 600 ohms.
Generating -5VDC from +5VDC
Generating a Delayed Pulse With a dual 555 Timer
Generating a Delayed Pulse With a dual 555 Timer
HCMOS Gates Make Frequency Multipliers (27k)
High-output square wave generator (PDF)
Highvoltage generator. Easy to build, this high voltage generator is capable of generating up to 50KV but the breakdown voltage of the coil limits the voltage to a value somewhat lower. (simple)
Intermittetly Pulse Generator

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