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Electronic circuits
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Article in electronics
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Oscillators | Electronic circuits

Example: Infrared control system
Electronic circuits archive 

Electronic circuits -> Oscillators

Oscillator circuit to find value of transistor ft
PcGenerator. Turn your PC into a low frequency signal generator. Frequency range from 0.5-25000 Hz
Phase Locking and Tuning
Phase Noise, Harmonics and Sub-Harmonics
PIC logic probe with pulser
PLLs using ULN Oscillators
Power-Off Time Delay Relay Circuit
Power-On Time Delay Relay Circuit
Precision 1Hz Clock Generator using Chip-on-Board
Precision Metronome and Pitch generator. Precision Frequency generator 1 to 999 Hz. Precision Metronome 1 to 999 beats per minute
Push Button Switch Debouncer
Quadrature (sine/cosine) oscillator (voltage controlled)
Ramp generator (separate + & - ramps)
Reverse Bias Oscillator
Reversebias oscillator (simple)
Sawtooth wave oscillator
SCR oscillator. Silicon controlled rectifiers (SCR) can easily oscillate if there is an inductor (a speaker coil in this case) which gives just enough extra voltage to completely switch off the sustain current. (simple)
Self-powered Sine to Square wave Converter. Converts sine to square waves without a power-source
Signal generator
Simple Divide-By-N using 161s (9k)

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